Welcome to the SCP International sandbox! You can use pages on this site to practice formatting, store works in progress, or simply have a place to put drafts so you can show others and get feedback before posting to the INT Wiki.

Joining the sandbox

To join the sandbox, please see this page.


  • Do not edit a sandbox page that is not yours without its owner's permission. Even if you're trying to be helpful and fix something, please check that this is okay before doing anything.
  • This site is optimized for you to have two sandbox pages: a public and a private one. You should try to keep these two only, as most people really don't need more. If you do have many projects at the same time or need to test special code (e.g. fragments for an article) though, you may contact staff to make sure it's okay to create more. Keep in mind you can store multiple drafts on one sandbox page by using the tab code below on this page.
  • In the same spirit as the point above, do not create a sandbox with an SCP number or article title as its URL: no SCP-1002-JP, SCP-4321, or "Deep Space Canon" pages. Having a sandbox with your username makes navigation much easier.
  • Staff reserve the right to remove material that violates our site rules and guidelines.
    • Staff may also remove heavy files that take a lot of the sandbox's storage, especially if your sandbox hasn't been used for a long time. Be aware that the site should not be used to store files indefinitely.
  • Happy writing! :)

To create (or go to) one of your sandbox pages, click on one of the links below:


If you have multiple drafts to order on the same sandbox page, you can use the following code to split them in different tabs:

[[tab Title 1]]
Text goes here. Pretend this is a draft.
[[tab Title 2]]
More text in another tab! You can add lots of tabs.

It will give you something like this:

Text goes here. Pretend this is a draft.

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