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If you are a new member, please remember:

Your sandbox's URL should be your username, not the name of your draft.

Example: "Dr. Example's Sandbox" is a good title. "SCP-XXXX draft: The Example" will likely be renamed by staff.

If you want the best results for your draft, remember to use these other resources:

  • Check out the Translations, Advice and Collaborations forums. They are the most effective ways to get detailed feedback on your writing.
  • Optionally, join the SCP-INT Discord server. Not only is Discord the fastest way to get feedback on a translation you may be working on, but this is a great way to get to know your audience as well as senior staff and other veteran members of the site.

Above all, keep this in mind:

Using the sandbox is not sufficient to ensure that your article will be good.

The whole point of the sandbox is that you will give people a link to your drafts page in order for them to help you. You are strongly encouraged to use the aforementioned resources to get information and feedback before posting your article to the main site — otherwise, your sandbox didn't do you much good.

To create your sandbox page, click here.

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