abfg616 sandbox

Object class: euclid

Special Containment Procedures

scp xxxx-1 is surrounded by a steel wall, with a height of 5 meters and a radius of 450 meters to prevent accidental citizen witnesses. If any citizens view scp xxxx they are to be hunted down and given class A amnestics. Due to the nature of scp xxxx images and videos of it are not an issue. there are to be 2 security personnel stationed at each of the four entrances as well as 20-meter high watchtowers staffed with 3 security personnel each every 20 meters along a perimeter 5 meters away from the site-xxxx. no electronic devices are to be brought within 5 meters of site-xxxx. any and all databases outside of the IntSCPFN are to be scrubbed of the location of scp xxxx

Object description

The term scp xxxx refers to the town of [Redacted], USA. scp xxxx is made up of 3 major components, these being scp xxxx-1, scp xxxx-2, and scp xxxx-3. None of scp xxxx is viewable by means of images or video, digital or otherwise, as it will appear invisible in video or images. scp xxxx-1 is a humanoid entity of an unspecified age or gender. scp xxxx-1 appears to be in constant physical and emotional pain and has been observed on multiple occasions to attempt self-harm as well as self-termination. It also appears that scp xxxx-1 returns to scp xxxx-2 whenever it leaves scp xxxx or is terminated. Scp xxxx-1 also will return to scp xxxx-2 approximately every 3-5 hours. This "reset" appears to cause scp xxxx-1 extreme physical and emotional distress. Scp xxxx-1's truly anomalous properties manifest whenever matter that has not been converted into scp xxxx-3 comes within a 5-meter radius of scp xxxx-1. If any non-anomalous matter reaches the 5-meter radius around scp xxxx-1, or comes in physical contact with an existing instance of scp xxxx-3, it becomes an instance of scp xxxx-3. Instances of scp xxxx-3 appear "Glitched" and are prone to random propulsion, spontaneous combustion, phasing through solid matter, floating, becoming invisible, teleporting, and changing molecular structure, along with many other dangerous side effects. Instances of scp xxxx-3 also cannot leave the border of scp xxxx. It has been noted, however, that inherently anomalous objects are immune to the effects of scp xxxx. scp xxxx-2 appears to be a commodore 64 computer that is in the exact center of scp xxxx.

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