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This page is an index of all the achievements you can add to your user page, provided you have met their specific requirements. The recommended command for adding an achievement badge is
[[image /achievement/FILENAME.png]].

Note: The icons displayed here (except for those already used on other branches) are meant for use solely on this wiki. For use outside the wiki, you must receive permission from either Dr OreDr Ore or a Site Admin.

Notice: Regarding the Object Class achievements, only the current object class of an article counts toward the achievement in question. An SCP cannot have more than one Object Class at once.

By articles, we mean SCPs and Tales, but not Supplements for these. Guides and Portal pages also do not count.

A successful article essentially means an article and article that does not get deleted after publishing.

Please add your name to the rightmost column yourself.

It is also possible to suggest new achievements. For such concerns, please contact Dr OreDr Ore either via private message or the Discord Chat. Be aware that using the former method, you might have to wait for up to five days to receive a response.



Achievement Icon Name Requirement Holder
Nachwuchsforscher.png Junior Researcher Publish 5 successful SCPs.
Forscher.png Senior Researcher Publish 10 successful SCPs. Dr Ore, oGER Toxic ThePencilwriter
Forschungsleiter.png Head of Research Publish 25 successful SCPs.
O5-Aufseher.png O5-Overseer Publish 50 successful SCPs.
Sicher_5.png Mostly Harmless… Publish 5 successful Safe Class SCPs. Dr Belvelski, oGER Toxic , ThePencilwriter, Dr WrongSide, Dr Ore
Sicher_10.png Better Safe than Sorry Publish 10 successful Safe Class SCPs.
Sicher_20.png Security is Paramount! Publish 20 successful Safe Class SCPs.
Euclid_5.png That seems dangerous… Publish 5 successful Euclid Class SCPs. Dr_Grom, Dr Ore, Rikjard Regreps
Euclid_10.png The Golden Mean Publish 10 successful Euclid Class SCPs. Dr Ore
Euclid_20.png Euclid's Apprentice Publish 20 successful Euclid Class SCPs.
Keter_5.png Uh oh… Publish 5 successful Keter Class SCPs. Dr Ore
Keter_10.png Crown Bearer Publish 10 successful Keter Class SCPs.
Keter_20.png I Am that I Am Publish 20 successful Keter Class SCPs.
Thaumiel.png Top of the Class Publish a successful Thaumiel Class SCP. Dr Ore
Neutralisiert.png Gone, But Not Forgotten Publish a successful Neutralized SCP. Dr Ore
Unhaltbar.png Uncontainable Publish ein successful Apollyon Class SCP. Dr Ore
EX.png Oh, that's my EX… Publish a successful Explained SCP.
[UNBEKANNT].png [UNKNOWN] = Publish a succesfful SCP, whose classification doesn't match the format. This does not include Joke SCPs. oGER Toxic
Pausenclown.png Comic Relief Publish a successful Joke SCP. Dr Ore, Robin Eichin, ThePaperMask, oGER Toxic
Hofnarr.png Court Jester Publish 3 successful Joke SCPs.
Komödiant.png Comedian Publish 10 successful Joke SCPs.
Flush.png Flush Publish at least one successful afe, Euclid and Keter Class SCP each. Dr Ore, Rikjard Regreps, oGER Toxic , TPS-Geronam, ThePencilwriter
Straight_Flush.png Straight Flush Publish at least one succesful Safe, Euclid, Keter Class and Joke SCP each, as well as at least one Tale. Dr Ore, oGER Toxic
Royal_Straight_Flush.png Royal Straight Flush Publish at least one successful SCP of each class, as well as at least one Tale. Dr Ore


Achievement Icon Name Requirement Holder
Vor_unserer_Ära.png Before Our Time Publish a successful SCP that originated sometime before the appearance of anatomically modern humans. oGER Toxic , TPS-Geronam, Dr Ore
Aufstieg_der_Menschheit.png Rise of Humanity Publish a successful SCP that originated sometime between the appearance of human behavioural modernity and the 6th century CE.
Im_finsteren_Mittelater.png The Dark Ages Publish a successful SCP that originated in Europe during the Middle Ages (between the 6th and 15th centuries CE). Dr Belvelski, ThePaperMask, Dr Ore
WW1.png The War to End all Wars Publish a successful SCP that originated sometime during WWI.
WW2.png The Largest War Publish a successful SCP that originated sometime during WWII. oGER Toxic
Eiserner_Vorhang.png Iron Curtain Publish a succesful SCP that originated sometime during the Cold War. Dr_Grom, Dr Ore, ThePencilwriter
Everett.png Everett Was Right Publish a successful SCP that originated in a parallel or alternate universe. Dr Belvelski, Dr_Grom, Dr Ore
Märchen-Onkel.png Storyteller Publish an SCP based upon folklore or a fairy tale. ThePaperMask, Jannik18, Dr Ore
Der_Bildschirm_wird_dich_nicht_beschützen.png The Screen won't Protect You Publish a successful Meta-SCP. Dr Ore, oGER Toxic
Ist_das_normal.png Is that Normal? Publish a successful SCP that somehow breaks the standard article format. Dr Ore, oGER Toxic
Zeit.png Roads? Where we're going we won't need any… roads! Publish a successful SCP that affects time, or which enables time-travel. Dr Ore, TPS-Geronam, ThePencilwriter
Unendliche_Weiten.png To Boldly Go… Publish a successful SCP that is located in Space. Dr Ore, oGER Toxic , TPS-Geronam
Was_haben_wir_getan.png What have we done? Publish a successful SCP that originated with the Foundation. oGER Toxic
Apocalypse_How.png Apocalypse How Publish a successful SCP that could cause a K-Class scenario. Dr_Grom, Dr Ore, oGER Toxic , TPS-Geronam ThePencilwriter
001.png I Am Number One Publish a successful SCP-001 proposal. oGER Toxic , TPS-Geronam, ThePencilwriter

Groups of Interest

Icon des Achievements Name Bedingung Inhaber
XXV.png Stasi Mole Publish a successful Section XXV article.. Dr Ore
Aktenzeichen_XXV.png File Nr. XXV Publish 5 successful Section XXV articles. Dr Ore
4R.png Riche Demonologist Publish a successful 4R article. Rikjard Regreps, Dr Ore
Das_neue_tausendjährige_Reich.png Das neue tausendjährige Reich Publish 5 successful 4R articles. Rikjard Regreps
R.T.I..png Artistic Genius Publish a successful Raptor Tech Industries article. Dr Ore, oGER Toxic , ThePencilwriter, Dr_Grom
Schwarzmarkthändler.png Black Market Dealer Publish 5 successful Raptor Tech Industries articles.
Magierakademie.png Magister Magus Publish a successful Magic Academy article. Dr_Grom, ThePaperMask
Magieforscher.png Arcanologist Publish 5 successful Magic Academy articles.
CC.png Beneath the Boughs Publish a successful Caecus Carneliana article. Dr Ore, TPS-Geronam
Für_die_Krone.png For the Crown Publish 5 successful Caecus Carneliana articles. TPS-Geronam
Schneller_höher_weiter.png Faster, higher, farther Publish a successful IMBW article. Dr Ore
Übermensch.png Superhuman Publish 5 successful IMBW articles.
Joint-Venture.png Joint Venture Publish a successful article in which two or more Groups of Interest are working together. ThePencilwriter
Ketten-Kombo.png Chain Letter Publish a successful SCP in which the object has been in the possession of two or more Groups of Interest. Dr Ore, ThePencilwriter
Battle_Royal.png Battle Royal Publish a successful article, in which two or more Groups of Interests are fighting one another. Dr Belvelski
Verschwörer.png Conspirator Create a successful Group of Interest. Dr Belvelski, Dr Ore, Rikjard Regreps, oGER Toxic , TPS-Geronam, Dr_Grom
Doppelagent.png Double Agent Publish a successful GOI format article. Dr Belvelski, Dr_Grom, oGER Toxic , TPS-Geronam, ThePaperMask


Achievement Icon Name Requirement Holder
Weltenbummler.png Worldtrekker Publish three successful articles for one or more canons. Dr Belvelski, Dr_Grom
Kanonenkugel.png Canon Ball Publish ten articles for one or more canons.
Universumsspalter.png Reality Splitter Create a successful canon. Dr_Grom, TPS-Geronam, Dr Ore
SKP.png Evil Twin Publish a successful SKP counterpart of an SCP article. Dr Belvelski, Dr_Grom, Dr Ore
VSO.png V for Vendetta Publish a successful PSW article. Dr Belvelski
Viva_la_Resistance.png Vive la Résistance! Publish 5 successful PSW articles.
Roboter-Kopie.png Robo-copy Publish a successful ASP counterpart of an SCP article. Dr Ore
Gegen_die_Menschlichkeit.png Against Humanity Publish a successful Anti-Human Faction. Dr Ore
Sie_hatten_ihre_Chance.png You had Your Chance Publish 5 successful Anti-Human Faction articles.
Für_die_Menschlichkeit.png For Humanity Publish a successful Initiative for the Restoration of Man article.
Es_lebt.png It's alive! Publish 5 successful Initiative for the Restoration of Man articles.
Kanonschweißer.png Welder of Worlds Publish a successful article connecting two or more canons with each oter or the baseline universe. Dr Belvelski, Dr_Grom, Dr Ore, ThePaperMask


Achievement Icon Name Requirement Holder
Schreiberling.png Scribe Publish 5 Tales positively rated Tales. Rikjard Regreps
Barde.png Bard Publish 10 positively rated Tales.
Chronist.png Chronicler Publish 25 positively rated Tales.
Epic_Win.png Epic Win Secure 1st place in a contest. ThePencilwriter
So_nahe_dran!.png So close! Secure 2nd place in a contest. Dr Ore
Sieger_der_Herzen.png Winner of Hearts and Minds Secure 3rd place in a contest. ThePaperMask
An_der_Front.png On the Frontlines Publish an article that gets geatured on the frontpage. (Does not include translations.) oGER Toxic , ThePencilwriter, Dr Ore
Und_der_war_auch_dabei.png Man About Town Publish an SCP article that gets quoted in at least 5 other articles. Rikjard Regreps
Teamwork.png Team Player Co-Author an articles with one or more other users. This does not count for participating in community projects. Robin Eichin, ThePaperMask, oGER Toxic , TPS-Geronam, ThePencilwriter, Kibanashote
Twitch_schreibt_ein_SCP.png Signatory Contribute at least 5 sentences to a community project, which remain at least in concept in the end product. Dr Belvelski, ThePencilwriter, Dr_Grom
Der_süße_Duft_des_Ruhms.png Glamorous Fame Publish an article that receives 100 or more upvotes. Rikjard Regreps, oGER Toxic , ThePencilwriter, Dr Ore
Der_absolute_Hammer.png Hammer of Judgement Publish an article that receives 500 or more upvotes.
Ein_Hit_in_Übersee.png Net Exporter Publish an article whose translation receives more upvotes than the original. Dr Ore
Internationale_Zusammenarbeit.png United in Diversity Participate in a collaboration, community project or co-authored article on INT.


Achievement Icon Name Requirement Holder
Wo_alles_begann.png Where it all began Translate 5 English articles into another language. Dr_Grom, Dr Ore, ThePaperMask, Rikjard Regreps, Dreamler1433, Dr_Winde
Mütterchen_Russland.png For Mother Russia! Translate 5 Russian articles.
Gangnam_Style.png Gangnam Style Translate 5 Korean articles.
Made_in_China.png Made in China Translate 5 Simplified Chinese articles.
Auf_französisch_klingt_alles_sexier.png Everything Sounds Sexier in French Translate 5 French articles.
Polandball.png Polandball Translate 5 Polish articles. Dr Belvelski
Zeit_für_Siesta.png Siesta Time Translate 5 Spanish articles. Dr_Grom
Aus_dem_Land_der_weißen_Elefanten.png From the Land of the White Elephant. Translate 5 Thai articles.
Japanmann.png Weaboo Translate 5 Japanese articles. Dr_Grom
SCPizza.png SCPizza Delivery Translate 5 Italian articles.
Großer_Entdecker.png Intrepid Explorer Translate 5 different articles from at least 3 different Foundation branches into English.
Wir_zeigen_es_der_Welt.png The Whole World Shall See! Translate a translated article on INT into a third language. Dr_Grom
Wer_braucht_schon_Englisch.png Who Needs English anyway? Translate 5 translated articles on INT into a third language.


Achievement Icon Name Bedingung Inhaber
Künstler.png Artist Exhibit 3 pieces of SCP artwork on this wiki. ThePaperMask, TPS-Geronam, ThePencilwriter, Dr Belvelski, Robin Eichin
Lass_es_uns_hören.png Let's hear it! Voice 5 SCP article readings, published on a public video uploading platform. TempestSCP
Whistleblower.png Whistleblower Voice 15 SCP article readings, published on a public video uploading platform. TempestSCP
Süchtiger.png Junkie Receive 25 Achievements. Dr Ore
Unterwegs_in_höherer_Mission.png Towards a Greater Cause Become a Commissioner. (This achievement must be removed in case your Commissioner status is revoked.) Dr_Winde
Orden_6.png Almighty Guildmaster Perform outstanding services for the SCP community. This achievement is awarded by the admins.] Dr Ore, TPS-Geronam
Cheater.png Cheater Add an achievement to your author page, for which you haven't fulfilled the requirements. Whoever receives this achievement also loses recognition of all their other achievements for the duration of a year.
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