Advanced AI-NCD's Personnel File
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AI-NCD Model LKL 1287-42 RRU;1 his current body.

Name: Naxin Cunningham Désirée AI-NCD

Security Clearance: Level 3

Current Model: LKL

Identification Code: 1287-42

Location: Where he is most needed.

Languages: Brazilian Portuguese/English

Position: Co-Director of the Brazilian Portuguese branch, and SCP Foundation Robotics Committee Administrator.

Functions: Maintain the functionality of the Brazilian Portuguese branch, and capture all anomalies relative to Incident-AI-NCD-0041.

Information: Advanced AI-NCD is the name given to the current body of the personnel formerly known as Naxin Cunningham Désirée. Naxin Cunningham Désirée memories are currently stored on a chip, located inside the Advanced AI-NCD motherboard.

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