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The document you are about to access is protected by a Security Clearance Level of 080-PT/4; any non-authorised individuals accessing the article will be monitored, identified, and detained. To prevent such events, the Onirium-Poderium memetic agent will be activated. You have been warned.

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Item #: SCP-080-PT

Object Class: Archon

Special Containment Procedures: With the use of mechanical-dimensional apparatuses denominated "Oneiric Captors" it has been made possible to establish the characterisation of a translucent figure, defined by a humanoid spectrum alike the one cited in interviews. The Captors extract images and figures constated in dreams, thus comprising a relatively consistent figure.

The comprised figures must be contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber measuring 2 metres of height by 4 metres of width that does not allow the passage of light or any source of illumination, natural or artificial. This Chamber must be furnished by one furniture implement suspended by kevlar chords. The ambient must be kept in a temperature of 15 ºC isolating the anomaly from any variations thereof to avoid its awakening.


Image created by one of the Oneiric Captors.

Description: SCP-080-PT is a phenomenon defined by continuous cycles of oneiric experiences. These experiences always portray significantly perilous accidents and/or incidents. These configured nightmares are similar, and occur in continuous although irregular cycles.

SCP-080-PTª Is comprised of innumerous accidents involving manifested perils directly derived from tortuous oneiric experiences; Is the continuation of SCP-080-PT, consequently materialising accidents and/or incidents presented in the dreams caused by SCP-080-PT. It is acknowledged that the cited incidents tend to occur in populous urban centres that are relatively distant from other locations — thus rapidly propitiating panic, difficulting adminiculum requests to other regions, as information related to these occurrences have not been found.

The first apparition of SCP-080-PTª was confirmed on the 14th of August 2003, when ████ █████, a functionary of an electrical distribution company in the United States, constated to their psychologist that they had an interminable nightmare cycle; after the events referred by the Addendum 5B-1, at 16:10, (UTC−4), the United States of America and Canada suffered a colossal power outage. Immediate investigations revealed the cause of such an event; FTM-Pi-1 was contacted and activated to deal with the situation.

It is known that SCP-080-PTª is an advent based in nightmares that are related to massacres and/or incidents in metropolises, nevertheless, it has been confirmed that these events are chimaeras occurring in inexistent locations; projections without similitude with any real items may be manifested if these projections are particularly and/or potentially prejudicial or perilous.

Following the partial containment of the spectrums that define SCP-080-PT, several experiences and research projects have been promoted to study the causes and effects of the object; after years of the conducted effort, it has been determined that, comprehending the complexities of the anomaly, Site PT██ possessed the best geographical proportions and mechanical-dimensional apparatuses fit for study and experimentation; significantly relevant data has been acquired in this meanwhile.

Not-obstant the continuous efforts of multiple functionaries and the knowledge gained through these analyses, on the 10th of November 2009, substantially aggravating containment breaches occurred on Site PT██, resulting in the escape of SCP-080-PT. Attempts at locating its physical-material parts have been fruitless because these instances are merely temporary; thus, individuals that witness the apparitions of SCP-080-PT or allege the manifestation of the anomalous characteristics thereof are instructed to depone their experiences before being subjected to treatment with Class-B amnestics.


Physical-materials: The hypothesis of collecting parts from incidents produced by SCP-080-PTª has been considered; facilitating the conduction of tests and experiments by comprehending a portfolio of materials which could be studied to objectively identify the substances utilised in the construction of the materialised parts. Conclusive data remains obfuscated, — though after determined circumstances, it has been discovered that the utilised materials's composition is identical to their real-life exemplars.

• Hard-concrete debris originated from several occurrences related to incomplete constructions; SCP-080-PTª utilised these materials to comprise accidents. ~7 deceased | ~29 injured. The composition of the identified debris is idiosyncratic to a singular construction site — a mixture of concrete, and minor traces of metal.

• A type of grimoire, weighing ~1 tonne and measuring ~30 metres of height by ~20 metres of length; several habitations were completely devasted, causing elevated panic levels, the agglomeration of civilians difficulting the access of public routeways, and uncommon commotions from nearby institutions. ~30 deceased | ~50 injured. The object's exterior was comprised of leather; its pages were comprised of polypropylene and recycled material.

• An inordinate amount of bridges connected amongst themselves that interconnected specific points of interest in the region where they were manifested. Thorough measurement of the structures was inconclusive because of their convolute forms, and their periodic demanifestation, re-materialisation or self-annulation. ~20 deceased | ~40 injured. The bridges were primarily comprised of birch and copper.

• A landslide two kilometres away from Site PT██, where SCP-080-PTª is hodiernally contained; no damage was identified in the local structures. Investigations pertaining to the soil and flora of the local concluded no edaphic deficiencies, thus proving the anomalous nature of the event.

• A junior researcher, in ██/██/████, constated having performed a chemical experiment whilst inert in ███ oneiric experience, in which, supposedly, the cure for [DATA EXPUNGED] was found. The researcher was advised not to perform any experiments related to such a deficiency, and the information that was obtained was transmitted for debate and validation.


• A series of suicides occurred in the municipality of ████ ████, Portugal. In all the cases, death was occasioned by asphyxia due to the insertion of an object, causing the obstruction of the trachea. ~ 7 deceased.

• A series of attacks occurred in the city of █████, São Paulo, Brazil. In all the cases, the assaulted individuals described the sudden materialisation of "an aggressive psychedelic annelid"; the traumatic experience caused paranoia and insomnia. Before treatment, the affected individuals were unable to relax, rest or sleep, aggravating their state of health. ~40 injured.

• A series of hallucinations that occurred in the city of Varginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The collective hysteria resulted in the death of 5 animals, and 1 human being before riot forces controlled the commotion.


Interview log:

Addendum 5B-1

Interviewee: ████ █████
Interviewer: Dr. Bismarck

Dr. Bismarck: Well, may you please repeat for clarification what exactly did you see during your nightmare?

████ █████: As I've told your people numerous times, today I dreamt of something incredibly weird… [the individual paused briskly, continuing with a trembling voice] …it seemed so… real, it seemed as if I were inside my own home when the lights flicked off suddenly, and…

Dr. Bismarck: Proceed when you're calm enough.

████ █████: I know… just after the lights went out, I saw the silhouette of someone entering in through the front door… [the individual started panting, forcing a momentary pause] …when I saw that silhouette, I couldn't move myself so I just stood there, and that thing also just stood there as if taunting me…

Dr. Bismarck: And did you come into physical or verbal contact to that silhouette?

████ █████: No. I wasn't just physically paralysed but also mentally.

Dr. Bismarck: You did not try to contact the hallucination because of the circumstantial terror?

████ █████: It's not that, it was not like a hallucination, it seemed that the thing WAS THERE, and I was wide awake, lucid, like a completely normal day, and it seemed that the thing was gesticulating with the shadows.

Dr. Bismarck:: Could you, please, explain these movements?

████ █████: The shadows acted in different forms. Just as if they spoke, somehow, through that; just so many forms. One of those resembled my workplace. When I say that, I suddenly managed to point to the silhouette… but…

Dr. Bismarck: Do you have any recollection of what happened after that?

████ █████: …yes. After that, one of the forms the silhouette created, a circular form, I think… started vanishing, the other forms just in tandem. You probably think I am crazy for having seen shadows dancing in a completely dark room but I am sure that that wasn't a dream… it was real. I swear.

End of the transcription.

Entrevista com o pesquisador júnior que experimentou uma anomalia onírica:

Entrevistado: Patrick Santos
Entrevistador: Dr. Geovanne

Dr. Geovanne: Você poderia descrever exatamente os detalhes de sua experiência onírica?

Dr. Patrick Santos: Claro, mesmo sendo um pesquisador inexperiente da Fundação, eu consegui me acalmar e observei o máximo que pude, o primeiro detalhe notado por mim, é que o tempo que se passa dentro do sonho desacelera, e isto dá o aspecto que não é mais um sonho…

Dr. Geovanne: Algum problema? poderia prosseguir?

Dr. Patrick Santos: Posso, é só que… Eu lembrei de como tudo aquilo parecia tão vívido… [Após uma breve pausa, ele continuou] bem, eu estava sonhando que conversava com minha esposa. Quando tudo começou, ela parou de falar e a iluminação da sala se apagou, e então ele chegou.

Dr. Geovanne: Poderia descrever quem é ''ele''?

Dr. Patrick Santos: Ele era uma sombra… Assemelhava-se a uma silhueta de um indivíduo mais que qualquer outra coisa, quando eu me virei e observei-o diretamente, tudo ao meu redor estava iluminado mais uma vez, e eu não estava em minha casa, mas no laboratório, e ao lado onde ele estava estático, tudo se emergia em um profundo breu.

Dr. Geovanne: É o laboratório do Sítio onde você trabalha?

Dr. Patrick Santos: Sim, tudo era igual, sem uma mínima diferença, o único detalhe diferenciado era um amontoado de papéis depositados em minha mesa.

Dr. Geovanne: E o que estava escrito nos documentos?

Dr. Patrick Santos: Em circunstâncias normais eu não me recordaria das palavras, mas eu me lembro delas perfeitamente…. Irei transcrevê-las:

Não sou qualquer um, Doutor. Na verdade, posso lhe assegurar que cada parte minha está enraizada no subconsciente das pessoas, — enquanto elas repousam, eu estarei realizando seus desejos mais bestiais e atrozes, aqueles representados nos pesadelos. Contudo, tenho uma fraqueza: se duvidarem continuamente de minha existência, e atribuírem demasiadas causas naturais aos incidentes causados, eu posso enfraquecer. E da mesma maneira que a Fundação utilizou aquelas quinquilharias e geringonças para compor uma das minhas silhuetas, vocês poderiam diluí-la, utilizando um processo inverso. Este é meu calcanhar de Aquiles; minha mais temerosa fraqueza.

Não, não tente fazer isto.

Darei-lhe apenas um motivo, e creio que será o suficiente: Da mesma maneira que causei destruições, também proporcionei avanços e incitações à sociedade. Se me matar, todas as criações relacionadas aos sonhos irão desaparecer, e todos entrarão em colapso; a teoria da relatividade, a tabela periódica e o Google, são frutos de sonhos. Aposto que você não sabia, certo? E se tudo isto sumir, trabalhos e descobertas que utilizavam estes utensílios como alicerces, não existirão mais.

Não tente me conter; não irá ser vantajoso. E sei que vocês não irão arriscar, não é mesmo?


Em decisões conjuntas de entidades da Fundação, a diluição e contenção completa de SCP-080-PT não foram autorizadas; isto se deu por conta da provável veracidade do documento descrito pelo Dr. Patrick.

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