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  • Naptime In progress. This is what happens when you forget to claim a translation
  • Guardianship In progress.
  • Stranger In progress.
  • When an FTL Spaceship crashed In Foundation Universe, it is written by aliens and the article is not that clinical as SCP articles. Easier to translate, perhaps. Nov 2017 featured tale of SCP-CN.
  • OB media entry (KS is doing it)


SCP基金会信息查询终端v1.6.1 请登陆
SCP Foundation Information Inquiry Terminal v1.6.1. Please Login

login usn=ucnsld122 pwd=***

欢迎 3级研究员
Welcome, Level 3 Researcher

read SCP-CN-994

已查询到 1 篇名为 SCP-CN-994 的 文档 0 篇相关的 报告
Found 1 file with the name SCP-CN-994 and 0 related reports

Item #: SCP-CN-994

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No effective ways to prevent SCP-CN-994 incidents have been found, since no pattern has been determined among these incidents. In the time being, the containment procedures mainly focus on easing the consequences it caused. The newly-affected individuals should be psychology evaluated on a weekly basis in case of suicidal tendency, and amnestics can be applied if necessary as a method of reducing the effects of the incident. Mobile Task Force-GengWu-23 ("Out of Sight") have been be put on standby to rescue personnel affected by SCP-CN-994. Further research is ongoing regarding to the information of SCP-CN-994, such as its origin and frequency of occurence. Staff of Site-CN-34 should minimize their chance of staying alone in a confined space.


Description: SCP-CN-994 is an abnormal phenomenon that occurs in Site-CN-34. During the occurrence of an SCP-CN-994 incident, the affected individual will be unable to open the doors and windows which connects to outside of the confined space (such as an office or a bathroom with door closed) they are staying in from the interior. At the same time, a large number of eyeballs, designated as SCP-CN-994-1, will appear on the walls, floors and other partitions of the room. No successful sampling of SCP-CN-994-1 has been reported. In rare cases, the affected person reports that mass meaningless characters appear on the electronic device screen they are using, and a low, thudding noise can be heard from all directions around the room. When the space under SCP-CN-994's effects is forced open from the exterior, SCP-CN-994 incident will cease to occur, as SCP-CN-994-1 instances disappear together with other anomalous effects inside this place.


Currently, the affected individuals will commit suicide by various methods in four hours to two weeks after the incident. Such effect can be eased by amnestics, but they will regain relevant memories when staying alone in a confined space again. This usually leads to a stronger suicidal tendency.


Translator note: The article contains a Javascript that constantly replace random characters by "I see you". After a previous defined period of time, a message will be displayed on the screen:

Site-CN-34监控系统发现你可能已受SCP-CN-994影响。请在原地保持不动并保持镇静,机动特遣队MTF-庚午-24“目不可及” 已经看到你了

Site-CN-34 Monitoring System finds that you are probably suffering the effect of SCP-CN-994. Please keep calm and stay still at your position. Mobile Task Force - GengWu - 23 ("Out of Sight") have already seen you


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