Bin-shaped SCP

Item #: SCP-3148

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3148 is to be stored in Storage Site #32. No unique security measurements are necessary for its containment, as it has not proven directly hostile to any organisms it has made contact with. Unauthorized use of SCP-3148 is punishable by restricted site access for three months.

If any tests involving SCP-3148 are to be conducted, it is to be transported to Potential Hazard Testing Site #22, where it is to be constantly monitored for the duration of the test. Transportation of SCP-3148 using only its handles and wheels is permitted if it is not likely to be subject to any damage during transportation.

Description: SCP-3148 takes the appearance of a Toter brand 96-Gallon-Green Wheeled Trash Can. SCP-3148 will not reveal any anomalous properties unless it's lid is opened by an eligible1 humanoid organism.

Once SCP-3148's lid is opened, one object (hereby reffered to as SCP-3148-1) for every eligible humanoid organism within a vicinity of 15 meters will be instantly created. If each of these entities examines their respective object, they will recognise it as a childhood possession of theirs that they lost.2 All D-class testimonies report that the object is one they "forgot about until now".

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