Black Bunny SCP Test (ongoing)

Item #: SCP-4429

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No personnel are allowed to be within forty five (45) meters of SCP-4429's containment chamber without permission, the area outside SCP-4429's contaiment chamber must be monitored at all times through video camera feed.

Any Foundation personnel assigned to SCP-4429 must answer a questionnaire about their previous and current intimate relationships prior to entering SCP-4429's containment chamber, the answers must then be submitted to Dr.██████ for reviewing.

SCP-4429 must be kept in a completely shut cell, locked by a electronic steel door which can only be opened with 3 Key-cards. Dr.██████; Dr.█████; and Dr.███ have been entrusted to carry them. Any interaction with SCP-4429 must be approved by Dr.██████ beforehand.

After Incident 4429/002, all photographs and recorded videos of SCP-4429 must be secured and contained or discarded. Any visual representations of SCP-4429 will only be produced via technical sketches and/or artistic drawings. Any Foundation personnel found to possess unauthorized photographies or videos of SCP-4429 will be punished.

Description: SCP-4429 is a immolated cadaver of a female human; apparently in her forties, fixed to a double-bed raging roughly 5 x 3 meters in diamaters, the mattress is almost completely burnt and only the metallic structure and springs remain. SCP-4429 has been impaled by a sharp metal object through her abdomen and almost reaching the ground, attempts to remove the metal object have been met with failure.

SCP-4429 posesses the ability to cause visual and auditory hallucinations unto people who have been unfaithful to their partners (boyfriends, girlfriends, or spouses[See Incident 5XXX/001])[See Experiment Log 4429/004], This ability has a range of forty (40) meters and can also become active through direct or indirect visual contact with SCP-4429. Personnel that have been subjected to SCP-4429's hallucinative abilites (now reffered to as SCP-4429-01) testify to have seen a "gorgeous woman" in the corner of their eye and start chasing after her, in some cases, SCP-4429-01 instances claim to sucesfully hold a conversation with SCP-4429-02. (this “woman” is reffered to as SCP-4429-02), experiments has proven that SCP-4429-02's appareance changes and adapts to SCP-4429-01 desires. Personnel unaffected by SCP-4429's abilities are unable to perceive SCP-4429-02, even when SCP-4429-01 instances claim SCP-4429-02 is talking directly to and about them.

48 hours after SCP-4429's effects set in, SCP-4429-01 will be led by SCP-4429-02 into SCP-4429's cell in an attempt to copulate with SCP-4429-02. The victims climb onto SCP-4429's bed, and are unable to perceive the sharp metal object impaled into SCP-4429's abdomen. During the intercourse, especially in certain attempted positions, SCP-4429-02 instances are unknowingly cut and punctured by the metal object and suffer critical damage resulting in extreme blood loss and disembowelment. SCP-4429-01 loses consciousness until they are clinically dead, when they jolt back into consciousness, only to attempt to continue to perform sexual intercourse with SCP-4429, seemingly against their own desires as SCP-4429's visual hallucations appear to have weared off, causing SCP-4429-01 to panic until they are completely decomposed as the remains are gradually "consumed1" by SCP-4429.

In cases where the current SCP-4429-01 is Non-Foundation Personnel (in most cases a civillian) has been exposed to uncontained phtographs or videos and is unable to enter SCP-4429's cell 48 hours after they have been affected, they become extremely irritated and will attempt to perform a Breach in order to get into the cell, most likely getting neutralized by the MTF Units of the Site SCP-4429 is currently contained in or becomes extremely depressed and commits suicide through a plethora of means.

Due to this, a MTF Unit has been deployed to procure and contain photographs and videos of SCP-4429 throughout the World Wide Web2 and a R&D Team has been assigned to develop an amnestic capable of countering SCP-4429's effects, as any and all attempts of doing so have turned SCP-4429-01 extremely suicidal3.

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