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1st. Lieutenant Rieper; in service of 750th Intelligence Combatant Unit ("Deflect the Darkness").

File Number: EKZTU#013255.

Full Name: Blake "Constantine" Rieper.

Date of Birth: 14th June 1991 in Chicago, Michigan.

Gender: Male.

Languages: [Native] English, German, and Japanese.

Department: Intelligence Agency.

  • Position: Intelligence Analyst.

Personnel Classification: +C.

  • Security Clearance: Level 2 Clearance.

Appearance: Mr. Rieper is currently twenty-seven (27) years old and measuring at 5'9 foot (175 cm) and weighing at 92 kg (202 lbs). He has dark-navy hair, brown eyes and has no facial hair. At times, he mostly wears a black ring at his right hand; whether during in the field or in office.

Career: Attended the University of Michigan and got an honors degree in Criminology & Sociology. Left the University of Michigan to join the United States Armed Forces, and fight for his country in September ██████. During his enlistment, he was at the second top of his class, to where he met Ms. █████████. Furthermore, he was recruited by the U.S Military's 750th Intelligence Combatant Unit ("Deflect the Darkness").1


Personality: During his time within the 750th Intelligence Combatant Unit, he was reported by many of his colleagues to be Calm, Observant, Self -Controlled, and oddly Quiet.2 Mr. Rieper doesn't make any contact with any of his previous colleagues at the University nor his family that now currently presides in [REDACTED]. Initially, he is a person who is anti-social and doesn't make conversations unless they are important, such as Information or Operations. He is a quick learner and is the type who would do anything to protect others so that they may live.

Reason in the Academy: He attended the Academy to learn and understand more about the History of the SCP Foundation. After he was recruited and assigned to the Intelligence Agency, he requested to take a leave of absence to join the academy for the aforementioned reasons.

Traits & Experience:

  • Education: Honors Degree in Criminology & Sociology.
  • Military Experience: Basic Combat Training, Hand-to-Hand Combat Training, Close Quarters Combat Training, High Altitude Low Opening Training, and Hostage Rescue Extraction. SERE Program.
  • Psychologically: Serious at all time, Cautious, and Paranoid.
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