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File Overview: The Foundation is not the only group with an interest and investment in the paranormal and metaphysical. There are many other groups in existence who possess, use, or attempt to create SCP objects, either for their own personal gain or for the protection of mankind. Some are rival organizations, some are splinter groups of the Foundation, and some are trusted associates of the Foundation. In any case, it has been deemed necessary to create and distribute a brief on what agencies the Foundation knows about, and our stance towards them.

The Civilian


Overview: The large group of civilian protester in Thailand which has a clear purpose for destroying and resisting the remaining of the supernatural anomalies. (Even though they might sometimes take advantages from the supernatural anomalies which they occupied.) Their action has been started to become more violent such as creating situations and protesting since 1981 until nowadays. They live in the variously countries in East Asia countries. There is no clear identification for their main lair. It is said that The Civilian is the group of civilian who have the effect from SCPs objects or from the Foundation’s operation or not completely being amnesia.

The Civilian has the desire to build the power structure and add more members, including doing by all means for occupying SCPs objects, such as pretending to join or red-handed stealing, or even by force to invade and occupying then destroying those objects by themselves. The benightedness of The Civilian often causes many tragedies and losses. Moreover, The Civilian has the school which is used for practicing and destroying, including the quite well handle methods of many SCPs objects form. It is seemed that The Civilian has the supporters who back up about searching people, budgets, places and anomalous sources from the group of people which we cannot investigate now. (They might be an old political group.)

The Civilian used to send the request for purchasing the amount of SCPs objects. It was certainly that they were refused. Therefore, they use the violence methods instead. The Foundation used to be the target of The Civilian for many times. Nevertheless, besides their many numbers of their members which are hard to be all terminated, The Civilian did not has its horrible that can causes the SCP Foundation to be worried.

“The Civilian is like the annoyed insects which like to attract the attention. If they have too many numbers, we only use insecticide sprays to terminate all of their lairs. However, the question is how many members do they have?”

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The Millionaire, Mr.Royer


Overview: One of mysterious people who give supporting budgets to support the SCP Foundation of Thai branch. The Foundation is hardly to have the information which is related to this man. It is only known that he is the millionaire who lives in Thailand and the UK, and always gives the supporting budgets to the Foundation by the unknown cheque. No one knows where Mr.Royer lives, but he has many houses and a lot of real estates which are related to SCPs objects. It is impossible to find Mr. Royer. It is seemed that he has his only one heir, Jason Royer, one of members of the Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd., and he does not get along well with his father.

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Association of Mutants


Overview: The group is formed up with the assemble of human(inhuman) and living supernatural anomalies things, which escaped from the chasing and controlling of SCP Foundation or other groups which attempt to terminate them or use them as the tools. The thing which the Association of Mutants wants is safety living without any fears in the middle jungle community, where the ordinary human can never find them. They called that place as “the hidden city”. That place has the strict rules and anyone or which objects that cause the trouble in the community will be banished.1

Even though the Association of Mutants does not cause any troubles to the SCP Foundation, but they will announce to be the opponent to all groups if they are under attacked or cannot live safely.

For now, the SCP Foundation cannot calculate how many of them or their dangerous level. However, the assembly of the Association of Mutants might be the problem of human and other living things’ security in the future.

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The Association of Black Magic Power Users

Overview: All members of this group are people who are related to the black magic from various countries across the world, and they have various related SCPs objects types in their possession.

This group is established by ██████, who is the leader of black magic worshipers of Thailand. Early members are only members who are black magic worshipers for South East Asia branch. Then, the number of members is increased until they have both of worshipers and people who are interested from across the world. This is why the black magic of this group has the various types from the information exchanging and exchanging of related SCPs objects.

Members had ever requested the Foundation for purchasing various SCPs objects which might be useful for them such as SCP-001-TH SCP-666-TH and etc., in exchange to stop the revenge on personnel whom the Foundation had been sent to terminate SCPs objects and members who had to be terminated by the Foundation. Nevertheless, the Foundation refused them, which cause for having the reports for sometimes that members of this group attempted to bring the SCPs objects out from the Foundation and/or attempted to attack the Foundation personnel.

The raid of members will be only done by the SCPs objects which might be in the ordinary form, which the Foundation personnel might not even thinking about, such as by foods, beverages until daily-life stuffs. Personnel who was received any things from members, will be suggested to bring those things to the Foundation to examine the hidden effects every time. If the suspected person who might be the member of this group is found, the report to the O5 Council must be done immediately.

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The Aesthetic of Music Sound

Overview: It is said that the Aesthetic of Music Sound is the company which produces a lot of musical anomalies. It is established by Adalric Medelstein, who is Austrian and his elder granddaughter got married with a grandson of the Knowing Publishing. Medelstein has enough budgets to expand his business across the world, and the first country which he expands his business is Thailand. No one knows where that place is, even in Thailand or at other countries. He is established the music school which name is The Music Foundation of Aesthetic, for music teaching and sending members to join the music performance and music competition fairs by using anomalies which they created. The members of this group have the immunity to every SCPs objects which are related to the sound and music.

No one knows the exact number of SCPs objects which members have in their possession. The Foundation only know that SCPs object which is one of their masterpieces is SCP-030-TH which the Foundation can obtained from the [DATA REDACTED] concert.

The Aesthetic of Music Sound is announced to be the opponent to the Foundation after the Foundation obtained a SCPs object which belongs to them without the permission. Besides, they are announced to be the opponent to any groups which bring their SCPs objects away without the permission. Therefore, sometimes the Foundation is received the report that they attempted to invade into the Foundation to bring back their SCPs objects. Other groups which members allow them to use their SCPs objects are only members of the Knowing Publishing.

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Knowing Publishing


Overview: We hardly know about the Knowing Publishing. It is only known that it is the producer of anomalies printing media and digital media to the public. No one knows where it is located or who spreads its media. The printing media will have the author’s name(and author’s address) which is fake, also people’s names in some of the criticism pages of some books. They will produce the printing media as the order of customers who ordered from the leaflets, which can be found around libraries or many books charity places which they claimed that it is free to produce. They also produce the printing media in the excess amount than the ordered amount. In addition, some of the printings media are distributed or being placed at the public places without anyone noticing.

According to the leaflets which were found, they produced the printing media which has the expenses and its effect will be more impact than the free printing media.

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