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If I had to talk about those ghost stories, they were non-sense things. When they were compared to anomaly things which I found for the whole life, they hardly had the meaning. However, people were still fear at them.

There were a lot of decreased in the past at places which I worked. At every single room, floor and department, there were a lot of daily decreased before I took my task as a boss. You did not know that the underground where Famous, Tomson and I stayed, was the place for detained Class-D personnel, they were cruelly tested before there were rules changing and developed to look well like nowadays.

The ghost legend stories in the Site-29 were not only at the underground. I could say that they existed at every place. It depended on your luck if you were lucky to find them.

Workers’ Ghosts at the Parking Lot (the Eastern Side)

At the period when there was recently built the building, workers who died while they were working, would be buried here. Their corpses were buried. Then, there was funeral ceremony once. Nowadays, if you noticed it well, you would find that there was the small spirit house at the parking lot. This eastern parking lot was the place where people frequently found the ghosts, but a lot of cars were parked because there was no other parking place. The one who found them often saw as workers with hanging their head and their feet stood on the ceiling, or the turned on noise of huge machines. You also did not worry that parking here and your valuable things would be lost.

Dr. Lieat

Dr. Lieat was very hard-working. She dedicated her whole life for the job, the job, and the job. I never saw her came back home, took a shower or ate anything. She was very moody. One day, there was someone found her hanged herself in the office of 2nd floor front corridor. (Nowadays, there was no that room anymore.) The night-shift personnel often saw Dr. Lieat walked at the corridor. The one who passed at the corridor at the late night often saw Dr.Lieat stepped backwards with the 360 degree face to them.

The Spirit House at the Middle of the Site

Every room in the Site was used. There was no empty room, except one room. I knew where it was but I would not tell, because there would be those senseless people who attempted to find the way to enter to that room. The characteristic of the room was the same as a small office. There was no thing, except the spirit house. It was the room for religious1 ceremony purposed. It would be done when there were things that were too haunted2 to be tolerated. You could even call them as the major local spirits. The door was closed with the woods, which were painted in the same colour as the wall for making it unable to be noticed. However, if you wanted to know, so you asked about the lady in Thai traditional dress with those who did about chemistry by yourself. They found it until they were familiar with it.

The Ghost Bridge

The way before reaching at Site-29, crossing 10 metres bridge was a must. In the past, under the bridge was the place of the Foundation personnel’s houses and it was exploded at the Second World War. All of them who lived there at that time were dead. Most of them were families of the personnel. Therefore, the one who crossed it, actually, it was everyone whom had to cross it. If you were lucky, you would see a group of people who walked on the air and went towards you at beside of the bridge. Sometimes, you would saw them walked under it where was a canal for nowadays.

The Prisoner Ghosts

As I told you at the beginning that the underground was the place to detain the prisoners to death, even though there was a renovation, there were still people who saw the spirits. In the past, it was very haunted as you could not stay which was different at the present that you hardly found them. The personnel often heard them hit a wall, the chain dragging noise, the shouting noise at the corridor at night. There was also the one who saw them with his or her own eyes. Could you remember agent Philosafix? He used to work at this Site in the past. He also found the feet which were chained up to at the knees, were stepping in front of the lift. Yes, the lift which others thousand, you and me always used it. Umm…I did not know that was this the reason which caused him to ask for the transfer to another Site?

A-37 Conference Room

The conference room which made from woods for the whole room, it looked classic. There was no mirror to allow people who stayed outside to see. Air-conditioners were cool. Sofas were comfortable. It was also located in the area which few people passed by. Those laziness personnel always slacked off here, and they always found it. They were pulled, dragged, saw a body. They were likely to find it. I did not often go there, but I heard that it was a headless ghost.

Moreover, this was a final story.

Nicolas Zheniche Sawellton

If you went to the canteen at the back of the Site and passed the circle way among 4 separated corridors, there was a black-and-white photo of a foreigner in among of other photos. The name plate was written as Nicolas Zheniche Sawellton. He was one of people of the Foundation of main branch. He built a SCP Foundation in Thailand. Others and him controlled and hired Thai workers with high wages for managing with SCPs object and died instead of them. Nicolas sent SCP-014-TH to the Foundation of main branch for co-operation representative from Thailand. In 1939, Nicolas was sick and later decreased. His body was burnt and his ashes were thrown away. After that, there were people who saw Nicolas in the Site. His spirit never went anywhere. Nowadays, there were still people who saw him but few people who knew him, and there were a lot of foreigners in the Site. Therefore, if you found a foreigner whom you did not familiar, so you took a look at Nicolas’s photo. Perhaps, you might found him.

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