Object Test N1

Item#: Test Object

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
The Object must remain inside of an fully sterilized and dark lead chamber, locked with a steel door. In case of experiments, the subject within the Chamber, that had contact with The Object, must be killed and have it's body totally carbonized.

The Object is a large pile of decomposed conected organic garbage. Pieces of bones, fur, meat, skin and dry blood were found, with other substances that are too rotten for the Foundation to identificate.

The Object has an particular atraction with organic materials, and any kind of organic being that remains within a range of 3 meters of The Object will be susceptile to it's influence. In a matter of minutes, the being that was within The range will start to suffer from fast necrosis, normally begining in the fingers. 3 hours after the exposition, the subject already lost its arms and legs, and 1 hour later it will die. However, the body still rots, and 5 hours after the death, the body is totally Withered, almost liquid. 4 hours after the body totally rots, its remainings will start to be attracted to the Object, and will start to use the same effects of the Object, with less range and more necrosis speed, becoming bigger and bigger until It reaches the Object.

The Object don't affect machines or devices. The only way to stop the affected subject to becoming one with It, is to burn It until total carbonization. Burning the Object itself surts no effect.

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