Item #: SCP-096-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Only one copy of the document containing SCP-096-JP is to be kept. All other copies are to be incinerated. When an incident seemingly caused by SCP-096-JP occurs, MTF A1-4 "Blackboard Monitors" is to be collected. Class B amnestics are to be administered to those involved in the incident. For the treatment of civilians affected by SCP-096-JP, please refer to document 096-05.

Description: SCP-096-JP refers to characters which affect cognitive ability. SCP-096-JP have a similar shape to known kanji, and 6 instances have been confirmed so far. Characters similar to SCP-096-JP are designated as SCP-096-JP-A. In most cases, SCP-096-JP appears due to a mistake in writing of SCP-096-JP-A.

The effects of SCP-096-JP will manifest when a subject attempts to recognize it as a whole. When recognition is attempted, the subject will undergo gestaltzerfall and become unable to recognize the character. These anomalous effects also affect other characters, causing many characters to soon appear "unstable," and after █ hours, all characters will become unrecognizable. This effect only applies to characters, and does not affect recognition of figures other than characters or verbal communication. For example, a subject is able to draw a vertical line, but if told to write the number 1, will show confusion and stop writing.

Experiment Log 096-JP-1-1:

Subjects were asked to identify SCP-096-JP-1 within a sentence containing SCP-096-JP-1.

<Begin log>

Dr. ████████: Please read the radicals2 of the characters one at a time while shifting the paper.

D-1382: Ah… Um… ⺅ on the left… What should I call this one? Hey, Doctor, this is… 僕's right side3

Dr. ████████: As long as you explain it clearly.

D-1382: Ahh, thanks. 僕, ら, の4…学, 木 on the left, 交 on the right5 [REDACTED] on top…

Dr. ████████: What's wrong?

D-1382: Nothing, it's just…What? That's strange, I thought I knew this character…

Dr. ████████: I understand. Thank you for your cooperation.

<End log>

█ hours after the experiment, D-1382 lost the ability to read.

Experiment Log 096-JP-1-2:

The difference between SCP-096-JP-1-A and SCP-096-JP-1 was covered by the piece of paper.

<Begin log>

Dr. ████████: After I shift the paper a little, please describe the structure of the radicals.

D-1399: Yes, that… this is [DATA EXPUNGED.]

Dr. ████████: That's all?

D-1399: What? Oh, it's a bit different, there's one more dot above it.

[10 seconds of silence]

D-1399: Hey, did you hear me?

Dr. ████████: Sorry, I'll stop the experiment.

<End log>

The nature of SCP-096-JP became evident due to this incident. █ hours after the end of the experiment, Dr. ████████ lost the ability to recognize words. Class A amnestics did not restore his abilities.

Dr. ████████ did not know the appearance of SCP-096-JP-1, but he seems to have "thought about it." Additional investigation on the structure of SCP-096-JP is strictly forbidden. - Dr. ██████████

Addendum: The possibility of use of SCP-096-JP-1 to -5-A has been dramatically reduced due to the revision of the list of jōyō kanji6. Because SCP-096-JP-6-A is a very frequently used character, it is difficult to remove from the list. However, the distinction between SCP-096-JP-6 and SCP-096-JP-6-A is relatively major.

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