SCP-[TBA] "Vending machine"

Item #: SCP-[TBA]

Object Class: Safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-[TBA] is to be placed in an Security Level 2 area with easy accessibility for staff. SCP-[TBA] should NEVER be given to a Class D personnel for ANY reason nor should it be given to any other SCP with Euclid or Keter Classes unless approved by over 50% of the O5.

Discovery: SCP-[TBA] was found twice and named SCP-[TBA]-1 and SCP-[TBA]-2, SCP-[TBA]-1 was found under SCP Site #[REDACTED] which was approximately 1500 miles into the Atlantic ocean SCP-[TBA]-2 was found 1.3 miles away from Alert Nunavut Canada. as the "salesman" says and what is said on the side of both SCP-[TBA]-1 and SCP-[TBA]-2 there are over 3000 versions of SCP-[TBA] that exists, current measures are being taken to find the other versions of SCP-[TBA].

Description: SCP-[TBA] is an vending machine about the avrage size of most vending machines, it has only one drink in stock called [Redacted]. The drink is in a can about 4.83 inches high, 2.13 inches in diameter at the lid, and 2.60 inches in diameter at the widest point of the body and has no label outside of the name and claims, attempts to analyze the contents of the drinks proves ineffective.

SCP-[TBA] has advertising for itself everywhere on itself, SCP-[TBA] has no power cord or any form of power and any attempts to open or dismantle SCP-[TBA] have proven to be ineffective, attempets listed at [REDACTED]. SCP-[TBA] has speakers on both sides around the top of the machine with some form of microphone that is yet to be found.

SCP-[TBA] has a "salesman" who talks about SCP-[TBA] in a very enthusiastic way trying to tell anybody nearby to purchase a drink from SCP-[TBA] the "salesman" talks via the speakers on the side of the vending machine and can hear what people are saying. The "salesman" does not express the ability to form thought or be able to hear what people are saying nearby, but seems to be prerecorded adverts, this was later found not to be the case.

The drink found inside SCP-[TBA] is some form of soda with odd properties, when given to subject D-xx68-x he began acting abnormal before disarming the armed guards nearby with ease and making an escape attempt, D-xx68-x was terminated shortly after the event. After inspecting the body of D-xx68-x traces of [REDACTED] were found in D-xx68-x 's blood.

SCP-[TBA]'s effects are as follows (according to our knowledge)

-More reactive senses
-Improved thinking
-Abnormal behavior of the subject feeling the need to move around more
-Inability to feel pain
-Subject become unconscious after 8 hours of consumption

These affects will be caused for 7-8 hours after consumption of SCP-[TBA]

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