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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently being kept at Site-2S, its cell consisting of two cubes within each other, spaced 4m apart. The outer and inner cell are composed of mu-metal, the inner cell serving as the main containment area for SCP-XXXX. The dimensions for the outer cell are 8m by 8m by 8m, while the inner cell is 4m by 4m by 4m.

Description: SCP-XXXX is humanoid standing at 3m 1.2m tall and weighing 130kg 82kg. SCP-XXXX's body is black and glass-like in composition, making it very fragile. SCP-XXXX's body is almost entirely smooth, the only exception is a human-like mouth placed in the center of the face. When speaking, the portion of SCP-XXXX's head that's above the mouth moves like a jaw. The only language it's shown to know is English.

Tube-like tendons (visible from the outside) line the underneath of its skin, several running the length of each limb before looping in circles once reaching the head. These tendons act as housing and production areas for synthetic magnetosomes, allowing SCP-XXXX to see with Earth's magnetic field. SCP-XXXX can perceive any objects/entities that are currently interacting with the field regardless of distance and is able to differentiate between objects/entities by the frequency they give off. Magnetic shielding is incapable of preventing this effect, but does reduce the range to about 3m outside the container that's holding it.

When SCP-XXXX perceives an anomalous entity it will enter an alternative state (A.S.), and attempt to destroy the perceived anomalies. Upon entering A.S. the frequency magnetsomes explode, the residue chemically reacting with the tendons causing them to harden. This effect increases with the amount of anomalous objects perceived however they must be done so simultaneously, any objects after the initial contraction are ignored until the first are destroyed.

If enough trauma is inflicted on SCP-XXXX while it's in A.S., the tendons will release and it will collapse, entering a state similar to a coma. The state in which it stays comatose is directly related to the severity of the initial contraction, varying from several months to several years. Each time SCP-XXXX receives damage while in A.S., pieces off its body are dislodged, this effect is related to the strength of the first contraction and how much trauma is received during A.S.

Upon waking out of the coma SCP-XXXX has shown to have no memory of the events that took place during the duration of A.S.

Recovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered in a lab located in ████, Pakistan on █/██/████. This lab was located via satellite imaging when a G.O.C. task force and another unidentified group were found fighting outside it. In concerns of anomalous objects that might be present, a MTF along with a containment unit were dispatched to the area to bring the situation under control and to investigate the lab. Once arriving, the G.O.C task force was found to have been eradicated by non-anomalous means. On orders from the Foundation, MTFs were instructed to breach and clear the lab. This resulted in the retrieval of SCP-XXXX and its transportation to Site-2S.

Along with SCP-XXXX, several tissue samples of SCP-XXXX were also brought in, having been dislodged during its recovery. Deeper analysis of these samples showed that SCP-XXXX is made of high carbon-content glass-like substance of unknown make or origin, the atomic structure failing to match up to any known substances. The closest match that could be found was to that of obsidian and other variations of volcanic glass, however these similarities were distant. Pieces of this tissue also showed to be fragile, shattering when removing the objects lodged in them. As a result of the fragile composition of these samples, not enough testing could be done to gather conclusive information.

Incident-AO: Once brought back to Site-██ SCP-XXXX was placed in steel cell, located in an isolated wing. SCP-XXXX lay dormant for two months before waking and breaching containment, breaking through the solid steel walls. SCP-XXXX then quickly made its way through the wing, ignoring the guards who were shooting at it and all personnel in its path. Soon it reached a steel shutter that had been dropped when the wing went on lock down, halting its progress. SCP-XXXX assaulted the shutter continuously but to no effect. Guards fired on SCP-XXXX until it was rendered unconscious, wherein it was re-contained in a re-enforced cell.

Incident-AO-2: Two months after the first incident SCP-XXXX woke up and then proceeded to try and breach its cell. Guards had been placed inside at the time and immediately began firing at SCP-XXXX. After about 20 seconds of sustained fire, SCP-XXXX was rendered unconscious. No sizable dents were made to its cell wall.

Note: I suggest we send a task force back to where we found this thing. It seemed contained then and I have a feeling it could've been based on what that [REDACTED] was made of. -Dr. Finch

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