Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a cell with steel walls located at Site 17. Due to the unknown properties of SCP-XXXX it is to be kept under heavy surveillance in the case of sudden activity. No Special Containment Procedures are needed at this time.

With the events that transpired after retrieval of SCP-XXXX, it was moved to Area-03S in the northern region of Canada. For more information please refer to the Incident Log.

These procedures were updated by Dr. Cardinal on ██/█/████ after all testing had concluded.

SCP-XXXX is currently being kept at Area-03S, a small compound consisting of living quarters for staff and containment cell for SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX cell consists of two cubes 2m apart. The outer cube is composed of austenitic steel layered with nickel measuring 2m in thickness. The inner cube, which acts as the main cell for SCP-XXXX is composed of austenitic steel layered with nickel measuring 2m in thickness. The dimensions for the main cell are 4m by 4m by 4m.

Under no circumstances should SCP-XXXX be exposed to another SCP or personnel under the effects of an SCP without approval of 05 Council. If such event occurs SCP-XXXX can most effectively be re-contained by usage of high frequency sound emitters (H.F.S.E) fired from a distance of no less than 45m until it's rendered unconscious. If such item is not accessible conventional weaponry will work but due to the nature of SCP-XXXX it will be significantly harder to achieve the same effect.

Once unconscious, SCP-XXXX must be brought back to its containment cell before it wakes. Anyone caught attacking SCP-XXXX after being rendered unconscious or while its not in A.S will be reprimanded.


Object type: Humanoid

Height: 2m

Mass: 140kg

Physical Appearance: SCP-XXXX body is almost entirely featureless, the only exceptions being a human mouth (placed in the middle of the face) and muscle like tendons visible from underneath its "skin." SCP-XXXX body is black in color and glassy in composition, making it very fragile. The tendons that can be seen only contract when SCP-XXXX is in its A.S, leaving it unknown as to how it moves normally.

Psychological Analysis: When not in A.S, SCP-XXXX is sentient and comprehends the majority of spoken language, by what means are unknown. Its personality is timid and reserved, preferring to keep to itself and avoid conflict but will usually speak when spoken to.

Anomalous Properties: SCP-XXXX has exhibited two anomalous properties and they are as follows:

  • Modified magnetoreception: SCP-XXXX sees through a what is best described as a modified form of magnetoreception, allowing it to perceive the exact position of all objects interacting with Earth's magnetic field. The form of magnetoreception SCP-XXXX possess is potent enough that it still works even when within austenitic metals but the range is reduced to the size of the of the container holding it.
  • Alternative State: This occurs when SCP-XXXX perceives an anomalous entity, the tendons contract and it attempts to destroy the anomalous object(s) it perceived. While in A.S its physical capabilities are greatly enhanced while its psychological capabilities are greatly reduced. For more information on A.S., please refer to Addendum-S.

Recovery: SCP-XXXX was first discovered on █/█/████ in [REDACTED] after geologists found a "large indestructible metal geode" and posted a video about it on social media. The video showed them trying to crack it open with a jackhammer for over an hour with no effect. Once it reached the eyes of the Foundation a retrieval team was sent out and picked it up, bringing it to Site-17 for analysis. Usages of amnesiacs were not deemed necessary due to the lack of anomalous activity surrounding the object.

Once it was in the hands of the Foundation, it was put into a steel cell and X-Rays where performed on it to see if any internal anomalies existed. These tests showed SCP-XXXX inside in what appeared to be a comatose state, with the only other anomaly being that the 'geode' blocked and absorbed the magnetic field of the earth. Two weeks after the X-Rays were done the 'geode' rapidly deteriorated and SCP-XXXX stood up in its containment cell shortly before being rendered unconscious by a high frequency sound wave that was found to be coming from the recently decayed 'geode'. SCP-XXXX was unconscious for 2 months before reawakening and causing Incident-AO

After 2 months of inactivity SCP-XXXX awoke and immediately rushed to and through the Plexiglas window that was being used to observe it. Directly afterwards it ran at Junior Researcher ████ who was consuming the last bit of pizza she had gotten from SCP-458. However instead of attacking her, it went for the pizza promptly destroying it before proceeding then to the cafeteria, ripping through a metal security door in the process. The site was alerted to the containment breach and all guards nearby shot at SCP-XXXX as it advanced but to no effect. SCP-XXXX moved through the site by going through walls and ignored all personnel, whether they were attacking it or not. Eventually it made it to the cafeteria where its advancement was halted by the 3m thick steel shudder that had been dropped when the site went on lock down. It continued to attack the door despite making no sizable dents in it. Guards fired at SCP-XXXX and after 20 seconds it was rendered unconscious.

Note: No casualties or containment breaches occurred. After this Incident, two more occurred and ended in the same result. After the last Incident,(dubbed Incident-AO-3)consensus of the O5 council permitted its relocation to Area-03S. SCP-XXXX was moved and placed under Senior Researcher/Former MTF Member Doctor ███ Cardinal along with Junior Researcher █████ Brim.

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