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Item #: SCP-079-KO

Object Class: Safe - Euclid while Protocol A3 is in progress

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-079-KO consists of three types of objects that require different containment procedures; each procedure is to be followed for the appropriate objects.

SCP-079-KO-1 are to be kept in a standard safe-class storage locker. One individual should stay within 10 meters of this locker for monitoring purposes; this individual is authorized to transport the objects if necessary. Clearance Level 2 or higher is required to interact with SCP-079-KO-1.
Letting a researcher deal with it saves me from wandering around the site myself. - Site Director

SCP-079-KO-2 is parked in lot F1-G12 of Site-██. An agent is to monitor the object from the nearby office. It is recommended that only the agent in charge comes close to SCP-079-KO-2.

The orbit of SCP-079-KO-3 is to be controlled by the Foundation. Opportunities for the object to be found by or make a contact with civilians are to be prevented in advance with the cooperation of national aerospace agencies. A spaceship manned by Foundation personnel is to keep SCP-079-KO-3 in its present orbit. To ensure that the object is aware that it is contained, experiments testing its properties are ongion. In the case of a containment breach, Protocol A3 is to begin immediately to return SCP-079-KO-3 to its designated orbit.

Clearance Level 4 is required for interaction with SCP-079-KO-2 and SCP-079-KO-3.

Description: SCP-079-KO consists of three related anomalies, all composed of objects commonly called "shuttle" in English. Since their properties are seemingly unrelated, they were originally classified as SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-████, respectively. After they demonstrated an apparent desire to be contained by the Foundation, and it was noted that each object was marked with the Foundation's official seal, they were collectively redesignated as SCP-079-KO. Attempts to contain these objects in an unmanned site demonstrated that they react to the presence of Foundation personnel.

SCP-079-KO-1 are five badminton shuttlecocks, with the Foundation seal printed on their case. They are identical in form to non-anomalous shuttlecocks, but will attempt to return to the nearest Foundation site or Foundation personnel if removed from Foundation custody. SCP-079-KO-1 was first discovered in a civilian house in Gyeonggi Province, Republic of Korea, when they repeatedly rolled into a Foundation employee who was in the process of relocating a front company's offices. In all recorded tests, they have successfully returned to a Foundation site or a member of Foundation personnel. Since SCP-079-KO-1 instances are small and easy to handle, they are to be given priority for experiments involving the properties of SCP-079-KO. See Test Logs for experimental data.

SCP-079-KO-2 was a shuttle bus used by █████ Elementary School before 198█, when it crashed into Site-██, causing significant harm to Foundation facilities and personnel; it was contained shortly, and measures were taken with the school. SCP-079-KO-2 has shown no other unusual properties since then, but it will not leave leave Site-██ without Foundation personnel onboard. The driver who was operating the bus at the time of the crash reported that he had noticed a strange mark on the rear bumper of the bus on the day of the accident; this mark was the Foundation seal, printed on the rear bumper.

SCP-079-KO-3 is a space shuttle, marked with the Foundation seal, of the same general type as the Space Shuttle ████████. Like the other SCP-079-KO instances, SCP-079-KO 3 seems to have indicated that it wants to be contained by the Foundation. Unlike other instances, this has been verified by intermittent radio communication with the spacecraft; these requests have been the only communication possible with SCP-079-

SCP-079-KO-3 is a space shuttle, with a Foundation mark drawn on it, whose type is same as the Space Shuttle ████████. Alike other objects, SCP-079-KO-3 makes a request for being contained by a site or personnel of the Foundation. This is verified while communicating intermittently with the Foundation; this is the only communication possible with SCP-079-KO-3. It is presumed that there are no personnel aboard the spaceship.

The request from SCP-079-KO-3 constitutes a significant menace due to its position and mass. When the Foundation has failed to contain SCP-079-KO-3, it deviates from its orbit and tries to enter the atmosphere. After its first trial to be contained, it was suggested to reclassify its object class as Euclid. All recorded trials were successfully interrupted; for now, the Foundation personnel are stationed on the orbit to prevent its deviation. Being the ██th-year of its containment, the budget to continuously maintaining a manned spaceship on the orbit up to now amounts to [DATA EXPUNGED]. A plan to land the subject on the ground has been suggested: see Addendum 079-93 for the result. Due to its consequence, an other plan to build a temporary space station which is suitable for a long stay is being pushed forward.

- Addendum 079KO-01

The following log consists of the results of experiments regarding the homing capability of SCP-079-KO-1. "Item" below refers to SCP-079-KO-1.

Experiment 5

In Charge: Researcher Kim, ███
Purpose: To contain the item in an unmanned safe-class containment site
Procedure: The item is put into a standard safe-class container, contained in Locker 791 of the unmanned site, and was left alone.
Result: When Kim left the site to get to be a hundred meter apart from the item, it accelerated its speed up to [REDACTED] km/h to breach the containment. The item shortly rushed into Kim to give him injuries which required over three days to recover. It seems that the item reacts to not the Foundation itself or facilities but mainly its personnel.
Note: It was acknowledge right after this experiment that SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-████ has same features in common; the item was reclassified as SCP-079-KO-1.
I didn't sustain great damage thanks to its light mass, but it could end up being more than a damage if we tried the same thing with SCP-079-KO-2. A monitoring staff should be stationed within 50 meters from each item. - Researcher Kim

Experiment 6

In Charge: Researcher Kim, ███
Purpose: To identify if the item reacts only with the regular Foundation personnel
Procedure: D-194 was instructed to hold one of the item and move outside Site-██ to put it down.
Result: D-194 went twenty steps apart from researcher Kim before the item strongly "shook" his hand off and flew lightly to the researcher.

Experiment 7

In Charge: Researcher Kim, ███
Purpose: To identify if the item reacts only with the regular Foundation personnel
Procedure: D-194, temporarily recruited by the Foundation, repeated Experiment 6.
Result: D-194 successfully left the site with the item. D-194 immediately discarded it and ran away, but the item ran into him at a speed of 175.4 km/h to make him suffer a fracture. D-194 was caught on site and terminated.
It seems that it's all good once the staff is from the Foundation. - Researcher Kim


Experiment 31

In Charge: Agent Jeong, ██████
Purpose: To remove the containment of the item
Procedure: All items are put in a standard safe-class container which is mounted into a bedrock in ██████ County, Korea and solidly fixated.
Result: As soon as the agent in charge increased the distance from the item, an earthquake occurred on a considerable scale. At the point of the magnitude of 3.0 on the Richter scale, experiment ceased and the container is recovered.

Experiment 32

In Charge: Agent Jeong, ██████
Purpose: To remove the containment of the item
Procedure: All items are put in a standard safe-class container which attached a 200kg weight and dropped in the sky over the Pacific.
Result: During the drop, the weight was detached by resistance of the item. The container rode an air current to fly in front of the Agent Son, ██████, who was fishing during the vacation in a Hawaiian beach. The agent recovered the item and immediately returned to give it back to the Site-██.
I was the nearest — of all people — from the item, so I had to spend three days on returning and containing it from my paid vacation. I request an extension for my break or additional allowance. - Agent Son
Denied. The contain procedure allows to carry the item if necessary. You could just hold it in your hand and enjoy your vacation. - Researcher Kim

- Addendum 079KO-93

Considering the difficulties to contain SCP-079-KO-3 on its orbit, a plan to land the spaceship on the ground is made. It was decided that Shuttle #3, returning from the orbit, leads the item while returning and make it splash down in the Pacific, and that Shuttle #4 stands by on the other side of the orbit for caution’s sake. D-day was set to be 8/24/20██. All recorded date and time follows the headquarters at San Francisco; daylight-saving time is not applied.

- Communication log between captain of Shuttle #3, Agent ████, and HQ
8/24/██ 19:51:53 Agent ████: Balancing completed. Program all serene. Request to begin the entry sequence.
8/24/██ 19:52:10 HQ: Approved. Item is cruising 1350 meters behind normally. Same there?
8/24/██ 19:52:17 Agent ████: Same as usual. All serene. Beginning the sequence in thirty seconds.
8/24/██ 19:52:21 HQ: Roger.

8/24/██ 19:54:01 HQ: The item accelerated. …Too fast. Collision possible in one hundred eight-five seconds. Can I speed up?
8/24/██ 19:54:09 Agent ████: Accelerate 0.2km/s.
8/24/██ 19:54:26 HQ: Crap, it accelerated again. Impossible to put the brakes on it. Safe entry unavailable.

8/24/██ 19:55:09 Agent ████: Abandoning the entry plan! Returning to the orbit! Get ready for #4!
8/24/██ 19:55:13 HQ: Abandoning approved. #4, decelerate! Get inside its affecting area within fifty seconds!
8/24/██ 19:55:21 Agent ███: (captain of #4) Roger. Decelerating.
8/24/██ 19:55:27 Agent ████: …Damn, returning unable. The item blocks the path. Still accelerating.
8/24/██ 19:55:32 HQ: Can't help. #3, hand it to #4 and enter!
8/24/██ 19:55:49 Agent ████: Roger. #4 is visible! Entering the communication losing area in eighty-four seconds.

8/24/██ 19:56:11 Agent ███: It keeps tracking #3!
8/24/██ 19:56:15 HQ: The hell is the problem!
8/24/██ 19:56:18 Agent ███: #3 contains one more personnel than us!
8/24/██ 19:56:22 HQ: It counts the number of persons?!

8/24/██ 19:56:59 Agent ████: (sound of explosion) Fuck I’m hit!
8/24/██ 19:57:02 HQ: The item smashed #3! #3, report the damage!
8/24/██ 19:57:08 Agent ████: Vertical fin lost. Main engine exploded! Majority of TPS tiles lost! Entry unavail-(communication lost)
8/24/██ 19:57:14 HQ: ████!!
8/24/██ 19:57:20 Agent ███: #3 completely exploded! …The item changed its course! Coming close to us!
8/24/██ 19:57:27 HQ: The item is too fast. Speed up to 7km/s!

8/24/██ 19:59:52 Agent ███: It slowly decelerates. Cruising 5km/s for now.
8/24/██ 20:00:01 HQ: Verified. …Implement preexisting containment procedures. #4, maintain the current orbit in accordance with the item.

Result: Loss of Shuttle #3 and five crew members. Any attempts to make the item deviate from the orbit is prohibited. To prevent any unexpected situations, all spaceships mobilized for the containment procedure should contain at least five personnel. Four is considered to be deficient to draw its attention.

#4 was a four-seater, whereas #3 was a five-seater. Since the item ignored #4 before all personnel in #3 was expired, it seems that SCP-079-KO can sense the vital reaction, and that it prefers the bigger group. If #4 wasn't there, the item could bring down #3 and fly directly into the Founcation facilities. Site-19, the most crowded facility, was also on the possible path; an unprecedented containment breach could occur if this experiement went wrong. From now on, the total number of crew will by unified to eliminate any variables save the distance. - Researcher █████

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