"Class D"

Object Class:Euclid
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4062 Is to be contained in a 6m x 8m Cell at Site █ █ with adequate furnishings within the guidelines of the SCP foundation.Security cameras are to be on in SCP 4062's cell at all times,and 2 guards are to guard the outside of the cell.Any non D-Class personnel are not to enter the Containment cell without 04 Researcher access.Any persons entering SCP-4062's Cell are to interact with SCP-4062 are to act calm and collective,without any aggressive/passive aggressive behavior.Any personnel who fail to follow these procedures are to be disciplined.In case of containment breach,SCP-4062 Euclid Class Containment Procedures are to be inflicted.No Security Department Personnel,nor MTF personnel trying to re contain SCP-4062 are not to shoot at SCP-4062 As it will have no effect.SCP-4062 Is to be fed at least 2 times every day.SCP-4062's container is to be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis.During cleanup SCP-4062 is to be Contained in a Standard D-Class Cell that is currently uninhabited.
Description:SCP-4062 appears to be a 30 year old Male at a weight of eighty (80) kg and a height of 1.95 Meters.SCP-4062 Was a D-Class personnel with the number D-9341.SCP-4062 Is shown to re appear after death of any kind and is able to solve extremely difficult situations easily.(see Addendum 4062-1 Discovery)SCP-4062 is capable of speaking English and communicating in humanly ways,as if it was a normal human being.

Addendum 4062-1 Discovery:SCP-4062 Was not directly discovered,due to SCP-4062 being a former Class D personnel.However SCP-4062's anomalous activities were discovered after a major containment breach at Site █ █ by the NTF on █ █ █, █ █ 20 █ █.

The following interview was conducted by Dr.Jonathan Karlson

Interview:Dr.Jonothan Karlson,Site █ █
Interviewee:SCP 4062

Note 4062-1:3 weeks after the interview SCP-4062 had shown signs of aggression,talking to D Class test subjects about the Foundation's injustice and inhumane conditions.

Note 4062-2: About a month and 1 week after the interview SCP 4062 Escaped from its cell by breaking trough the window.SCP 4062 Acquired a Security department rifle and shot approximately 5 Security Department personnel,killing 2 before being re contained and the windows of the containment cell were repaired and harder glass was used.
Note 4062-3:Surveillance cameras were installed in SCP-4062's cell.And two (2) guards are to guard SCP-4062's cell at all times.

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