School of Infinite Learning

Item#: SCP-5000

Object class: Euclid

Special containment Procedure: scp 5000 was possessed by the foundation after most of the students and staff were found dead in the school the rest were physiologicaly unstable. All roads leading to scp 5000 are now blocked and redirected.

The perimeter of scp 5000 is monitored at all times and guards posted every 30 meter intervals. The perimeter is also lined with a virtual fence that is triggered by anyone not equipped with a keycard.

The entrances of scp 5000 are posted with two guards and cameras. The doors are reinforced with titanium that can be unlocked with a level 3 keycard or above with the consent of 2 or more level 3 personnel.

Description: scp 5000 is a high school located in [REDACTED] USA. The school was founded in 2004 and has only shown anomalous behavior recently earliest in 2017 when multiple students went missing and were located detonated all over a classroom. Scp 5000 has five blocks from A to E with about eight classrooms per block with the E block being the gymnasium and locker rooms. Scp 5000 has two floors with the same amount of classrooms and the library.

The anomalous activity has only gotten worse since 2017 and now the decorations of the building have been changed. Paintings of a gient beast with bright yellow eyes can be seen with a label under it reading “The Lord”. The creature has not been found on earth or in scp 5000 but smaller similar creatures with red eyes have been found in scp 5000 that roam around (identified as scp 5000-1). The lights of scp 5000 have dimmed and the wallpaper is now a gradient of black and red.

Scp 5000-1 is a creature that can very in hight but is generally 121.9 to 182.8 cm tall. Scp 5000-1 has a very tough black exoskeleton that has the similar stopping power to a level lllA ballistic vest. The back and fingers of scp 5000-1 have small but razor sharp spikes that can easily break off but then grow back. The spikes if broken off in the skin can cause blisters that if not treated can grow an burst detonating the victim. It is not recommended to engage in CQB with scp 5000-1.

The classrooms of scp 5000 are all now identical excluding the size of each classroom. The desks are lined in perfectly semetrical rows on the east and west side of each classroom with large book cases at the north side of the room. The bookcases contain hundreds of books on various subjects some books even have classified documents and information from governments and the foundation. There are also tablets from an unknown brand that has ebooks and digital information on the bookshelves. (Every attempted the break or damage the books or tablets has resolted in hostility from scp 5000-1 and the item being replaced minuets later).

The more time spent in scp 5000 the more hostile scp 5000-1 gets. The first hour scp 5000-1 remains docile. After 2 hours in scp 5000 they begin to run and jump. After 5 hours scp 5000-1 begins to use any item they can get a hold of. At the ninth hour scp 5000-1 begins to spit a highly acidic substance.
Scp 5000-1 are not very intelligent though and will not check in lockers or under tables but are easily attracted to sound

Test Log#1
Lead researcher: Dr [REDACTED]
Subject: D-4021
Debriefing: D-4021 is to enter scp 5000 with a camera and record everything he sees.
D-4021 enters scp 5000
D-4021: man it’s dark in here. Is there a flashlight on this thing or something.
Dr [REDACTED]: let your eyes adjust and continue please.
D-4021 enters a classroom and picks up a book
D-4021: wow the entire history of physics how exciting. Is this a joke or something doc?
Dr [REDACTED]: no D-4021 please continue and make sure the camera gets a good like at everything.
D-4021 throws the book behind his back
D-4021: there are a lot of books here Which one should I choose?
D-4021 picks a book
D-4021: hmm the “scp foundation’s series I SCP’s” there all just random scp documents.
D-4021 throws the book behind him
Dr [REDACTED]: D-4021 please pick up the previous book and bring it back outside.
D-4021: sure thing doc.
D-4021 picks up the book and leaves the room and as he reaches the exit there is a loud scream of multiple scp-5000-1. D-4021 freezes in place and after realizing he’s in danger he runs
D-4021 jumps out the door but scp-5000-1 block the door while they kill D-4021. Once he is dead scp-5000-1 calmly stands and walks back in leaving the book and D-4021
Dr [REDACTED]: what a shame guard you should have caught one alive!
there’s a loud bang of the door closing
D-4021 is put in a body bag and brought away
Dr [REDACTED]: the book is just full of blank pages… interesting.
End Log

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