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MTF: Lambda-5 (“White Rabbits")███

After the destruction of ██████ at █████████ High School in █████████, ██████, USA, a large anomalous energy surge was detected. After initial observation, the newly formed wormhole was determined to lead to a previously uncatalogued dimension.

A fireteam from Lambda-5 was assembled to explore the anomaly after initial robotic exploration. Each operative is issued recording equipment, primary and secondary firearms, standard lightweight field uniforms with built-in audiovisual equipment, and a harness with a tether measuring 1200m attached to a base station.

The feeds are activated for MTF L-1, L-2, L-3, and L-4

L-1: AV feed check.

L-2: Feed’s good.

L-4: Feed operational.

L-3: Command, I’m not getting any audio from my feed.

Command: L-3, we’re rerouting your radio to 4’s feed, stand by.

Command: L-3, your feed is live.

L-1: Alright, safeties off. Our little robot pal from our first trip got ripped to shreds, and we aren’t gonna make another mistake.

All operatives feeds show doing a quick inspection of their primary and secondary arms.

L-1: Central, we’re breaching the portal now.

L-1’s feed turns to white as he crosses the threshold of the wormhole.

The remaining MTF members also lose feed as they follow L-1 into the wormhole.

The following █ minutes are mostly comprised of static, with the occasional burst of a bright, rainbow-like pattern

When the full video returns, all feeds show a forest scene similar to unmanned drone footage from the first exploration. The fireteam stands on a loosely formed dirt trail, overgrown with non-anomalous vegetation.

Command: Nitrogen-Oxygen atmosphere; temperature stable.

L-1: Gravity feels normal… not seeing any movement. Three, hack off a sample of that log; lab boys are gonna wanna take a look at that.

L-3 complies, using a field-order pocket knife to cut off a branch from an overturned log before placing it into a plastic sample tube.

Command: Proceed forward; once you reach the end of the tether you can turn back.

L-1: Uh, Command? Looks like our tethers got snapped on the way in.

L-3 holds up his tether, revealing it to have been cleanly severed 1m from his harness.

Command: Copy. Proceed, but stay on the path.

L-1 begins to advance down the path, followed by the other operatives in a diamond formation.

L-4: Seems… too calm. Don’t like it.

L-2: [Laughs] What, you scared of the wittle biwdies?

L-3: [Laughs]

Command: Focus. Whatever took out your drone could still be close by.

L-2: You guys ain't any fun, ya know that?


L-1 stops, gesturing for the other operatives to do the same.

L-1: I heard something in the bushes. Weapons tight.

The rustling noise reported by L-1 can be heard in the bushes approximately 10m down the path; the operatives aim their weapons at the vegetation.

A glowing green pair of eyes are seen from inside the bushes.

L-3: [Whispering] The fuck is that…?

A large creature, similar in appearance to Canis lupus occidentalis except with a brown coloration bursts from the bush, lunges toward L-1.


All operatives open fire on the wolf. After a brief moment, the creature seemingly collapses into non-animate lumber.

L-3: The fuck was that?!

L-1: Three, four! Move up!

The operatives move up towards the site the wolf “died”. L-3 nudges the pile with the barrel of his gun, although failing to provoke a reaction from the wooden pile.

L-3: Whatever the [EXPLETIVE] that was, sure ain’t moving now.

L-1: Command, we just got jumped by a… wolf, I guess. Thing was made of wood, glowing green eyes. You think that was what took out our drone?

Command: Very well could be. Grab a sample of the anomaly; we’ll see how it matches up with the log your team recovered.

More rustling can be heard near where the last anomaly appeared. All operatives ready their weapons.

Two more instances of the creatures emerge, turning to attack L-1 and L-3.

L-3: Fucking! Fucking thing’s got my fucking arm!

L-4 opens fire on the instance attacking L-3, causing it to collapse into a non-animate lumber pile similar to the previous two.

L-3: FUCK! Hurts like a motherfucker!

L-1: Four! Get a fuckin' medkit on Three now!

L-3 is heavily wounded on his right arm, beyond the capabilities of the medkits issued.

L-1: Command, Three just got his fucking arm gnawed off!

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