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After thinking about this for some time I think a sub-sea station is pretty cool, but extremelly dificult to build and very expensive. Thinking of other projects of the Foundation, we cann assume that both wouldn't be a problem. We also thought about energy supply (fusion generator or something), communication (quantum comms), water supply (desalted sea water), oxygen (recycled air, snorkel, comming to the surface), food and other supplies (supply vessels and large storage) etc. So lets assume all these technical details are no problem. But what is this thing for? I mean, an INT-HQ could also be build somewhere at land. Or it could be a ship, a plane or whatever. Why building something that is as complex as a space station? Because we can?

Maybe it is meant as a last resort. A safe harbor for O5, the branches leaders and other important personnel in case of a K-event, to wait for several Thaumiel-SCPs to rebuild earth. It is equipped with scranton reality anchors and maybe other devices to stabilize normality.

Also it is an HQ for meetings of international personnel - be it in person or via holograms. It is equipped with the most advanced communication technology, and with its quantum-comms it is connected with all branches HQs and probably several communication satelites without loss of quality and impossible to track or to wiretap.

It provides backup servers for all SCP-databases of all branches. Though that means it contains digital anomalies, so it has to house a containment department, where also is room in which several Thaumiel-SCPs or other SCPs and objects could be contained, if found necessary.

Of course it isn't defenseless. It is armed with the newest and experimental over- and underwater weapons for defense and offense, as well as lauch tubes for nuklear missiles. It has hangars for a few helicopters and VTOLs as well as speedboats. It is probably escorted by one or two submarines. It can also switch to stealth mode in which it is as hard to detect as modern military submarines.

So, what does it do if there is no acutal K-event? I think primarily it drives around the world and is a prestigious object. Of course it is used for INT-meetings and as communication hub.
I think something is missing though. It wouldn't be a Foundation's project if it hadn't a twist. Maybe the reality anchors are causing resonance in the water which leads to a "hardening" of reality the longer they stay in the same place. This "hardening" can cause overlaps of different realitys, starting barelly noticeable and getting stronger and stronger, until (e.g. after a few days) they result in rifts in reality and other spatial anomalies. These are not necessarily dangerous and as long as it is moving or not stopping for to long, it is no problem. This, and the effort the Foundation has put in the project, are the reasons why the project is not abandoned yet.

To get back to the collab: I gotta say … the original idea for the collaboration was imho much better, a hub for the research and containment of SCPs, which need expertise/ressources from multiple branches.

An MTF-HQ wouldn't make for good collaborations. The initial idea was so that we would have one story per branch told from that premise, which would put the spotlight on the individual branches SCPs/GOIs/characters.

The MTF-HQ could still do that, but much more … disconnectet than it would have been with an INT-Site as I understood it to be.

Though I'm probably a bit biased, since I don't like most of the MTF-stories. Protocols from explorations of SCPs that were done by MTFs, yes, but real stories that center around them … they're much to same-y for my taste.

Again, nothing against the idea, its just not for me

A few days ago someone mentioned Atlantis. Why not a sub-sea base with multinational research teams to research into a wide sunken area of an unknown civilization, that may be and contain SCPs

The base could be relocated but not move on its own like a ship

An AI, struggling to find its place in society, with drama, hate and whatnot

We are having an MTF around an AI, dedicated for data security.
The purpose of the AI would be to take care of the stations systems. It starts socializing and we have the usual android-character like in every SciFi series.
I'd still like that.

I think if as premise, theres right from the get-go so much different stuff we need specialists for (biology, chemistry, physics etc.), that theres so many specialists needed, that it would explain why specialists from each branch are involved.

high-tech when it makes sense, but conventional when it opens up story possibilities

There already are several RL underwater-facilities with a platform. Such a platform may even be necessary for relocation, by lifting the base from the ground, moving it and then let it down to its new location.

Also a platform could house technical stuff, and staff therefore, making the station underwater smaller.

Apropos project managers: One from each branch?

about what we should write: life of people, research of atlantis, problems or dangers, everyday life and every day experiences?

Soooo kinda like Star Trek TNG? Big stuff, small stuff, human drama, exploration etc. just with the foundation instead of the enterprise

Actual submarine have "chemical plant" to process air and recycle it. That can be some emergency stuff and the air is regenerated by plants

And to crate a human/machine interface that makes it a lot easier to communicate complex matters.

So, temporal sinks aside, to sum everything up we were talking about a sub-sea station for the purpose to explore a sunken anomalous area and to secure, contain and test objects we found there (to a limited level). The Station is crewed by an international team of many nationalities and from several branches.
The station is using quantum-comms, air- and water-recycling and is supplied with food, crew and equipment from the outside by ship/submarine, and can be relocated but otherwise is stational.
We were in disagreement wether the station has a swimming platform on the surface. Such a platform would result in the opportunity to make things like comms, air, supply and other stuff less sci-fi. On the other hand a platform is more vulnerable to GOI, anomalous ships and other threats.
I personally would prefer a solution as realistic and low-fi as possible (scranton reality anchors aside). So technically, the station would be a conglomeration of spherical and tubical modules, with a limited maximum size. What this size would be, depends on the depths and therewith the water pressure on the station.

To quote about the technical details: We were talking about a sub-sea station for the purpose to explore a sunken anomalous area and to secure, contain and test objects we found there (to a limited level). The Station is crewed by an international team of many nationalities and from several branches.
The station is using quantum-comms, air- and water-recycling and is supplied with food, crew and equipment from the outside by ship/submarine, and can be relocated but otherwise is stational.
We were in disagreement wether the station has a swimming platform on the surface. Such a platform would result in the opportunity to make things like comms, air, supply and other stuff less sci-fi. On the other hand a platform is more vulnerable to GOI, anomalous ships and other threats.
I think for an RP we need something like a cafeteria or something, where the characters can come together off duty. Maybe, if characters are working in the same department, some on-duty channels.
Also we need to decide what that anomalous area is.

I'm all for the surface platform. Just disguise it as an oil rig or aquafarm or something similar.

And about the anomalous area, what if it is yet unknown what the anomaly really is?
Somebody mentioned Atlanis, somebody a living temple, an ancient evil or something.

I was also toying with an underground build on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean.

What about either a sunken city (which would also be very clicheeic), or a large underwater installation of unknown, and maybe not human origin?
A sunken city could be the remnants of a sunken artifical island, a thousand years old.
Their priests experimented with the same powers that create anomalies. It came to a K-class event that destroyed the source of power to make the island swimm anomalously, and created an anomalous zone in the now sunken city.

or we can make a not so subtile reference to lovecraft works and placing the action close to the Nemo point. But that's don"t justifiying the whole base stuff

What about something that changes its anomalous traits? The anomalous zone could have different, sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent effects. Like a structure in which is breatheable air but no airlocks, a structure in which the occupants are still alive but moving super slowmo, random anomalous items, creepy entities and the like.

I'd say it should be on the ocean floor, but not deeper than where light gets, so you wouldn't be in absolute darkness without lights.
Also we should keep the technical aspects in mind. If it's too deep, the pressure gets too high for this to be realistic.

RE: the station itself: have we clearly ruled out the possibility of having at least part of it at sea level? If not, an idea that comes to mind is a deep sea elevator. This of course implies that there must be a station at sea level, something perhaps disguised as an oil extractor/military test base. The advantages of this is that the underwater station can be fed with air, electricity and supplies directly from the surface, while retaining the ability to enter a "conservation mode" in case of emergency (narrative expedient to avoid a TPK)

I think the suit thing is very restricting. If we want to send our men outside the relative safety of the station (which, even if it makes sense for the narration, it makes zero sense in logic and work safety imo), why use extremely weak underwater suits, where you can do most precision jobs with a (invented?) sub, little enough as to carry one or two people and with robotic arms in front for manipulation?

As for decompression upon returning to the surface, the article linked above contains few information about the scenario and the way of getting to the surface. Afaik military submarines don't decompress when going up, because they maintain an air pressure of ~1 bar absolute. In the end it's all about pressure, not some magical influence of the depth you are in. So with a pressurized underwater elevator or transport-sub, supply from the surface wouldn't be a problem.
Also the article says that anything below 300 m is unrealistic because of the thickness of the walls etc. I agree with this. At last we're not talking about a station for two people. We're talking about a long term habitat for 50-100 people. We want some room.
And I oppose magical walls. Scranton Reality Anchors use fictional physics. Pressure is pretty real.
And the pressure is ~ depth / 10, so at 300 m the pressure on the hull is 29 bar (at 1 bar air pressure inside).

So I'd say we best go with a station at like 200-300 m, somewhere in the open ocean, with a surface platform disguised as a scientific platform (so Greenpeace doesn't show up) from which air, communications, energy and supplies are sent down by cables, elevator or submarine. The platform is armed with hidden anti air, anti ship and anti submarine weapons. The station may have some micro-subs and drones as well as atmospheric diving suits (maybe it is located near a rift) and scuba equipment. It is capable of independency from the surface for a few hours or maybe days in case of an emergency. It is made from modular tubic elements that can be rearranged or extended. The modules usually are having a diameter of like 3 m, only a few meant for socializing or technology being larger. I mean, submarines can go to 600 m or so. But bigger means more expensive.

Don't really agree. I see the necessity of a station even without divers. The very fact that we are having anywhere from 50 to 100 people means that we'll need the corresponding space, vehicles and resources. These can't be stored in the offshore facility at sea level as to protect secrecy. A mobile platform (e.g. a ship) would also be unfeasible, for the same reasons plus storage space.
I'm really not into the 300 meters thing. The piece of article I read at least remarked that we would probably stick to 1000 m because of budget, not because of physical limitations. If need be, the Foundation would surely be able to cover such costs. I'd surely prefer to avoid fantasy physics too, but I'd prioritise narration over accuracy in this scenario.
All this because of depth. I'd settle for 300 m normally, but not for an undercover, semi-militar, highly technological structure.

That's because it's hiding a tree in a forest. One offshore facility is pretty noticeable instead, and much less emergency proof (little to no escape routes)
Plus, maybe it has been said before, but I just want to state that light become insignificant beyond 250 m ca.

The Foundation also manages to hide sites and areas in the middle of nowhere.
You would be pretty limited in matters of RP-missions in great depths, where you can leave the station only in a submarine. And as such a station would probably need a surface platform, it would always be vulnerable, regardless of the depth. A good disguise and counter measures are most important against GOI. And in the end, we always fend them off. That's what the Foundation does. Most site locations are probably known to most GOI anyway.

Not quite. Suits can't go deeper than 700 meters and I imagine that installing sensors or other arrays would be pretty troubling. However, since as you said it is not really needed to go further down than those 300 ca, fine. Still not fully sure, but why not
As for the location: if the underwater base is in fact linked to a sea level plant, I was thinking of something, even though I don't know how much it is doable. I was thinking of not making it touch the sea floor, not necessarily at least. The idea would be that the buoyancy is so perfectly calculated that the whole thing can just stay stationary at a given depth. This would eliminate the problem of "where to put it", as virtually any place would be fine.
As for the anomaly, I'm not sure. I feel it'd depend a lot from the story arch itself, and not having it yet makes it difficult to determine it. LadyKatie mentioned an underwater city, which I may have lost in the previous wave of messages. I also don't know how much I can suggest on this: @LadyKatie-EN how much would you like to create in this story? I'm not practical, so I'll ask: will you be something on the lines of a Dungeon Master? Or more like a simple moderator of the game, without actually writing the story?

Anomaly? Leave it to me. I love the sunken island, and imagine there could be a whole civilization under there, with stuff for academics, scientists, and solders.
I love creative projects, so I would take both roles, moderator and DM. However, I would love more creative people to work with on the game, as well as other moderators to deal with any issues that will likely arise.

I'd say for the depth we have two options with pros and cons:
~200-300 m; much possibilities for missions and stuff to do; technically pretty plausible

1000 m; fewer pissibilities and less plausible, might need Foundation-magic; much darker, depressing and scary scenario.

If we can't find consensus, we can also vote^^

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