Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Because of the size and the general properties of SCP-XXXX there are no known ways of containment. Site 135 was build to monitor this anomaly. All personnel stationed must take psychological test every month.If any major differences in their answers compared with tests taken from earlier months will appear, they will be temporarily taken to holding cells not located on site 135.If the personnel proves they aren't any threat to the Foundation or general population they may return to work.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a memetic anomaly commonly referred to as the Czech language. Everybody who scored at least B1 in language proficiency tests in Czech does posses instance of SCP-XXXX. This is shown by an sight anomaly in brain wavelengths. These wavelengths are not detectable by medical machines used by general population.
SCP-XXXX does appear inactive except when threaten by death of at least 90% of the people currently affected. If the criteria is met, SCP-XXXX will try to preserve it self. Firstly by manipulating subconscious parts of the brain. If this doesn't work SCP-XXXX will simply spread to others.These people will start to understand and speak Czech in 2-3 days. Studies have shown that SCP-XXXX can affect people even across the world. When it sees no thread to it´s existence it will revert to its inactive state.
This phenomenon was first discovered by Dr.██████ after the incident involving [redacted] where large majority of Europe got destroyed. [redacted] was taken by the Foundation after showing full knowledge of the Czech language even proven by extensive search, mainly from camera feeds and questioning people who know [redacted] or do any kind of teaching of the Czech language. The subject was also subjected to many neurological tests where the special brain wavelengths were first observed.
Unfortunately any additional testing is made difficult by inactivity of SCP-XXXX unless its existence is threaten to stop. Some scientists working with SCP-XXXX theories historical events such as Czech national revival during the 18th and 19th century was created by SCP-XXXX because of the lack of Czech speakers. Some even say certain acts in world war 2, for instance the USA joining the war was because of SCP-XXXX. Unfortunately we are unable to confirm or deny these theories.

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