Name: Daniel Mastracci

Security Clearance: Level 3

Personnel Classification: Class C

Deployment: Sito Deimos(IT)

Languages: Italian(native), English

Position: Psychology and non-human/humanoid behaviour

Reason to be at the Academy: Feeling inadequate for the Sito Deimos, he chose to join the Academy to prepare himself and learn more about the foundation.

Functions: Mastracci is a researcher


Appereance: Mastracci is a 25 year-old male. He's 175 cm tall, weighs 72 kg and his hair is brown. He usually wears a gray lab coat, black/blue jeans but, in particular events, he may wear a fancy black suit

Personality: Calm and serious alone, friendly and happy with everyone. Tries to learn more from the ones he meets, for this, he is a good listener. He thinks of not being good enough for his role, so he doesn't talk much and he usually express his thoughts with drawings.

Traits and training:

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