Item #: SCP-287-KO

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedure: Hello everyone! This is researcher ███ holding SCP-287-KO! SCP-287-KO has to be stored in a stadium called Storage ██.

As soon as I said that, an agent enters a 5m² room! One agent defends a locked locker containing SCP-287-KO. Oh, the researcher enters the room and asks the agent for a verbal competition! But as soon as the researcher and the agent started competing, the winner was already chosen by the agent's rejection. The researcher's purpose just appeared was for testing with SCP-287-KO. However, now only researchers who have competed directly against agents can obtain SCP-287-KO. Agent continued in the interview before the game that he would refuse any request.

Also, only one agent may be in charge of the game when moving or retrieving SCP-287-KO! What researcher can win the game and win over SCP-287-KO?

Description: As I've just said it before, you can only describe SCP-287-KO by the way an announcer or host would describe. Either way, SCP-287-KO's ability is unstoppable. SCP-287-KO has such an amazing aspect! However, knowing the contents of SCP-287-KO has no effect beyond the description when the body is not visible. Too bad. So let me explain SCP-287-KO.

SCP-287-KO is a trophy award made of pure ██k gold material that can only be gained by those who have won over the defeated in the stadium! The material itself is golden! Isn't it really worth the victory? If two or more players have been exposed to SCP-287-KO for more than 30 minutes, they would like to have SCP-287-KO.

But you can't just have it. They will play a game worth having SCP-287-KO. And the more people there are, the method of game gets greater and varies too! And even if you don't have the equipment you need for the game, you're in full swing! At the end of the game, only one victorious survivor will have SCP-287-KO. After SCP-287-KO gets a winner, players who have seen SCP-287-KO will challenge the winner! Oh, I forgot this. In fact, there is no standard of players! Regardless of your exercise experience, the legs that keep you moving and the hands that help you play are enough! But after the winner appears, only professional players can challenge the winner!

For reference, at the ██████ Stadium, in the soccer final match where SCP-287-KO were left outside, the players who watched the stadium tried to play in the same match in groups. Even the camera recorder who was watching the game had to go off the bench and get stuck in the stadium. [DATA EXPUNGED] Only after one person was sent out or vomited blood, one player reported to the police. Shortly after this event, the Foundation immediately used their intelligence to win SCP-287-KO, which was kept in a police evidence archive.

Experiment Record KO-287-1

Record Date: 2001/0█/12
Host: Researcher ███
Participants: D-287-1 and D-287-2 with exercise experience are waiting in the waiting room.
Experimental Procedures: D-287-1 and D-287-2 face SCP-287-KO for a long time.
Content: This is Researcher ███ who will be conducting this experiment. There's a D-class player in the arena next door. As soon as I said, the game started. Light hook of D-287-1! D-287-2 knows this and avoids it! The upper cut of D-287-2 which follows! [REDACTED] Ah, D-287-2 can't fight anymore and has spilled blood. The winner of this match is D-287-1! Oh, but what is this? D-287-2 is not moving. He has to go to the hospital as soon as possible! D-287-1 was rewarded amnestics after the match!
Result: This was boxing. It is condition to win by beating without rule. But it's surprising to see the game terms coming out. For reference, D-287-1 tried to compete with the agent who was wanting the reward but rewarded immediately without any success.

Experiment Record KO-287-2

Record Date: 2001/0█ /13
Host: Researcher ███
Participants: Place 10 D-Class players on the wrestling arena.
Procedures: Ten D-Class players are to be placed in front of SCP-287-KO for at least one hour.
Contents: There are no weapons, but they are using a variety of wrestling skills to play the game. However, because they had never learned wrestling, they used it incorrectly and 8 players broke bones and hospitalized. The remaining two players, D-287-5 and D-287-3, are playing. Oh, the moment D-287-5 grabs D-287-3 and casts a file driver! And he couldn't stand the skill, and D-287-3 broke his neck and can no longer move. Five players, including D-287-3, died after the match. D-287-5 received amnestic rewards after victory.
Result: If you are near a sports-related place or equipment, you play a match accordingly.

Experiment Record KO-287-3

Record Date: 2001/0█/14
Host: Researcher ███
Participant: One D-Class player D-287-11, 15 years old. There is an amazing record of burning five houses in a house burning game last year?

Procedure: Asked D-287-11 to describe SCP-287-KO. In fact, D-287-11 doesn't know SCP-287-KO.

Content: D-287-11 knows nothing and doesn't know what to say. That player busts!
Results: If you don't know the object correctly, there is no effect!

Experiment Record KO-287-4

Record Date: 2001/0█/15
Host: Researcher ███
Participants: Two D-Class players D-287-12, D-287-13
Procedure: When D-287-12 competes with D-287-13 and wins, D-287-13 returns to the waiting room and is replaced by D-Class D-287-14. He contacted D-287-12.
Contents: D-287-12 just treats D-287-14 as an audience and starts being sarcastic about D-287-14. He is not like a player! Yet he didn't mean to compete. D-287-12 was awarded amnestics as the winning prize and D-287-14 was also rewarded amnestics as a special prize.
Results: Is the game starting from now on? Researchers related to athletic occupation are not allowed to contact SCP-287-KO after the event.

Experiment Record KO-287-5

Record date: 2001/0█/15
Host: Researcher ███
Procedure: Place D-287-11 in front of SCP-287-KO and lock them in a windowless room for a long time.
Content: D-287-11 was not affected. Since then, D-287-11 has been treated execution as an experimental reward.
Results: Is it because there are no people in the game? That's too bad. It is fortunate that the containment rules have been made easier with just one person. After this, we'll lower the Object Class to Safe. So far, this was Researcher ███, in SCP-287-KO's containment. Thank you for watching.

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