MayJuneJulyApril More or less ideas dump
Should I delete my wikidot account so i can put more pages up or try to I didn't see the warning on saving draft
Bunch of theorys/ideas 682 family Ideas dump
My ideas I have put up these on my deviantart and tumblr
Whats the Likeliness of these ideas going through
Tumblr-SCP 682 is addicted to humans
I think

What is an cigarette like


What does 682 describe humans as


Eating humans are like cigarettes to 682

Cigarettes are addictive

SCP 682 won’t tell the foundation cause they stick him in acid and send in SCP’s to kill him

If I send something in to the Wiki this’ll more likely be added

I think this’ll more likely to go through

then my other idea cause of how sensitive that idea is but I’ll probably incorporate this in

I think the foundation is trying to mercy kill him cause of both my other idea I imagine my other idea would end with this will not be shown even to the other researchers the knowledge interfere with the attempts to terminate.

adding to this found the song getting high on humans but it seems to suit the shy guy more

Second read dust and blood I wanna know more about Sanna I'm kinda pissed that she has an fridged feeling
Come on emotional horror is bad stuff.

Third controversial have SCP 682 an victim of sexual abuse by the scarlet king in the past
Mpreg-optional I think he only identifys as an guy I imagine he'll have the capacity to get pregnant or get anyone else pregnant whatever their biology is
682 has an bunch of origins this could work for the origins I've seen if he was ammit then scarlet king is known for "subjection" and have Anubis come back unless he's extra dead.
He could have put him in that tomb the guy was so scared about SCP 557 maybe 682 rejected him
maybe someone goes to the future to find SCP 682 in really bad shape they found an way to hold him but so has the scarlet king and he's been brainwashed
The Foundation have an track record TORTURING THOSE WHO GO AGAINST THE SCARLET KING.

He doesn't like us but I don't like the instakill line or the fact the foundation didn't do more investigating
Also it matches with how 999 nearly wasn't born.
I know the guideline state that newcomers don't dabble in stuff like that so I'm just gonna leave it since I don't know can't pick how to implement this stuff SCP 682 is certainly not going to tell them.

I wanna start An free the nice SCP group in universe cause there are very little groups trying to do good there is not much concerns for the protect part for the SCP's and want to publicly expose most other groups including the foundation.
Now that I think about it's an bit SJW might research it so I can get ideas later.
After research maybe I shouldn't have called it SJW.

Decided to put both together clicked save Draft on my other drafts by accident
[[SCP The Grouchy Harpy]]
Object class-Euclid
special containment procedures-
The SCP must have the specially designed rubber gag on at all times Unless Vocal testing or eating attempted Memetics including Personalized Memetic Silencing Agents have been met with failure.
Addendum- When immediately asked about it SCP replied "What so that was to shut me up. Later when Showed an long Lethal Memetic agent and asked about it. Researcher asks SCP to read SCP reads no affect ‘`That was to do something This is kinda disappointing.[Will be relocated redone/relocated].. Note-immune to 148 telekill that works by restricting speech and understanding

Feedings must be done 3 times with tranquilizer armed personnel with as much electricity proof equipment as possible SCP must be with specially designed non electrifier cuffs anchored to the ground SCP is omnivorous diet consists of large amount of seafood and an lesser amount of vegetation based food.
Must be kept in an enclosure as electrification resistant as possible reinforced Enclosure with an large area of air space
Claws will be be measured and necessarily trimmed each day
Wing clipping overruled by the ethics commity.
SCP is an sentient grey Colored 80% Avian with large hand less wings with the other percentage being an human female of Caucasian decent with predatory catlike fangs and and long feathers much like an eagles forming some likeness to hair.
SCP is speculated not to be fully grown on basic of her feather growth
SCP songs have an reality manipulating affect depending on the lyrics tone, and tempo humming resulting in undirected affects of the songs
[Should leave this out]
When of significant low mental health SCP Would curl up Storm clouds would form and significant levels of rain and lightning would form in an radious SCP can’t control when the clouds form but can redirect the lightning at an limited ability-See Addendum-gjufyfufytfplaceholder
It is speculated that the control of this ability would be gained overtime as the SCP gets older The SCP shows mental improvement on most Occasions after the cooling down phase.

Before containment SCP was affiliated with the Free the Nice SCP's?Chaotic good? Nice group? an organisation that wishes to expose the SCP's as well as any organisation associated with them.
It is speculated the object came from Redacted[The timeline where greeks ruled] investigations in whether the SCP came from Alexylva University cannot currently be done but it is heavily possible.
[Drew SCP 999 as an Yandere Ounce cause most popular Cute Characters have one and now I'm just thinking that the Greek run universe is an swap universe-Concept from undertale but that would put my education oppressive Harpy civilization as opposite to our myths I should draw 682 in 999's position maybe I could just switch around some of the SCP's]

Testing involves attempting and recording the affects of vocalizations aerial testing [Don't wanna hurt my self insert but I can't think of anything to use other then electricity but judging by what they did to the water person they'll likely do something shitty to] They'll likely just watch her flying in her pen or use the records they have of her when she was free.

Addendium-SCP as witnessed interacting with other groups including
The Chaos insurgency intersecting and conflicting with [ward of Zerphr] Redacted?
Willsons Wildlife Solutions-Came across an conflict where The nice group accidentally told people trying to kill the SCP's there they agreed that these SCP's should remain secret. Harpy was reported to have an more relaxed demeanor there.
Harpy hid moved at high speeds and cut through attempted containment there.
Serpents hand-friendly contact
The Global Occult Coalition (GOC)- Harpy Was Brutally injured the Nice Group has fled to tend to their dead wounded
{I should actually think of what happened but this is an dump plus I've got very little idea}
SCP was Contained with tranquilizers Redacted at Redacted after The conflict with the GOC SCP Injuries made Containment significantly easier
SCP-Is Known for throwing SCP 173 with her talons
In an breach SCP Harpy found he's throw-able by Kicking SCP 173 down stairs[Wanted to do so ever since I first played the game after that I found he was something really easy to throw at hated people <SCP Harpy technically an self insert I got her from an dream I had
My Harpy stopped throwing the statue guy if 628 accidentally blurted out the statue was trying to fuck him SCP Harpy is trying to avoid statue now.

Addendium-My family My flock we only had one song ever taught that was for drowning and
The harpy shows forms of aggression mating ‘`Are you indicating the species you came from had an discriminatory culture.

[Need to think of an Harpy myth poem to indicate that SCP 682 is an human addicted potential Scarlet king rape victim any ideas guess this is an placeholder Harpy culture was the only way I could think of since she’s new but It doesn't suit her culture
Maybe it's better to have the foundation investigate after he blurted that out
this is definitely unfinished but I accidentally clicked save draft in the first Sandbox so I felt like I had to use this one the last ones an ideas dump]
Also how will edit it again later
Found SCP 746 maybe they can hang my idea seems less valid now oh well maybe they can hang

Someone please contact me about these ideas
Am working on using these ideas mostly trying to think of how my group would interact I think they'll just have the belief that the scarlet king is after 682 trying to also work my Harpy SCP idea into their group since sirens are from Greek Mythology I think she'll be from the other timeline where greeks are more prominent but learn't from my group she would likely hate where she came from.

My group would likely not be taken seriously and likely to be put down but secretly the foundation is just that cause their right but it messes with the foundations plan.
They were originally planning on faking the big lizards death but them failing to secure contain and protect gets in the way of that.

Also I found out why I can't make another page I'll try not to make the same mistake again
note to self I feel like I'm using this as an blog. Should stop using it as an blog.

Okay I need an Bunch of Human OC's and something reasonable to tic my group off with into hating the foundation.

My Group Chaotically good?Free the Nice SCP's?Nice Group?

I think my group would be good natured wants to reveal the SCP's to the in universe public but is along the lines of people who die first due to their inexperience and them possible being mostly civilians? Likely previously Amnestied loved ones they hate secret organisations- Secret organisations in that world mostly are badly morale and have anti amnesics. So They'll have an bunch of uncritical failures and or accidentally ruin some lives with their learning curve I used thios premise for something else probably cause of personal experiences.

Example-Not knowing all the info so nearly messing up the foundations plans with the Willsons Wildlife Reserve.
and-Is Stile unsure how they would know about SCP 682 and the Scarlet king Since my Harpys Culture is information learning oppressive-Harpys with sing song and angry lightning powers are in the minority but I don't think my Harpy would tell them that.
Possible it's an swap universe and the Harpys are actually very intelligent but Hoard information they definitely have distinct forms of Sexism.
Maybe I should use what I was originally gonna put in-
I decided to put this in since I didn't wanna out us viewers and makers so yer I made an theory and is gonna use the theory.

The death of time from the Scarlet kings Poem is Actually SCP 999's name going on tumblr

Me reading quiet days gave me the push to put these ideas up seriously nobody concerned there's not much concern that an whole bunch of people got silently genocided.

I feel like the protect part should count for SCP's as well

Hey wrote an mission statement for my group well not exactly it's an poem I was listening and based it on the foundations mission statement so hear it is i'll probably try to put this up first-

To shame the foundation -title

You are very gracious for defending those huddled around the fire
Those who live in the light don,t face the dark
But whose of human might live in the dark get blinded by the light
The dark may conceal the fright and spite
And the beauty and the fight
An torch is needed in those huddling night
Aid from the torches fire spread
To those freezing in the dark in prideful stride
Then maybe you can see the beauty in the night
Unless those hide outta sight may not be able to use the fire
To change fiends to friends
And ice to water
Fire and water is live with life
To ward off the dying in the night
Signed the rest of humanity

You know what maybe I should name my group the rest of humanity but that’s an fit pretentious maybe another group popped up cause the foundation seemed extremely arrogant in assuming they actually knew what it was like in the dark ages the fact the anomalys falling and humanity rising shows that not all are fearfull and was victorious and those were among all of humanity

Also read the story where 173 made more of him and killed everyone I felt like if he had agressive feeling towards 682 then he'll use them not I'm not sure yet how to finish it

Not dead lives very slowly
The many crunch the bone smear the flesh and tear the skin
Statue want lizard
THE many crunch the bone smear the rest and tear the skin
Statue want lizard
The many crunch the bone smear the rest and tear the skin
The many is the statue
The many want the not dead

I think 173 spends a lot of time just tearing 682 apart cause he refused to join him and/or is indecisive of what he wants to do
After that how do you put teabagging and more indecent stuff in poem form
Also scarlet king would likely keep the reptile in an mush to

An Quick note I think the organisation about giving humanity an voice to the secret organisations is older do things that make them die less and likely the one who taught /gave the anti amnestics and the SCP rights group came outta them my ideas change a lot
The foundation seems non humanoid discriminatory

My thoughts on SCP imprisonment thinking on the usual super moral POV
682-most of above an human addicted hating potential victim unwarrantable badly treated think of this logic random big lizard like things eats farmers random animals have been doing that for ages instantly puts in acid something painful and torturous.
My first thoughts when I found out he existed was the Fuck put that back where it came from

SCP 079-imprisoned just for existing also doesn't make sense he's not anomalous in my opinion he's to directly made by human hands and would have been made anyway if the anomaly's didn't exist
He shouldn't have disappeared in Quietimes unless he's an magic AI.
Both 682 and him hate humanity lots of humans hate humanity to why does everyone have to love humanity misatropy is an thing you know it even sounds like it could be it's own religion.

SCP 096-Shy guy haven't memorized his number-may have messed up some ecosystem by containing him unless their food source is humans if so then the ecosystem is already fucked by him being gone. There might be lots of Shy people in the wild somewhere so his home system may be fine without him.

SCP 049-Plague Dr keep fluctuating in and out in remembering his number eh SCP numbers for names can be stupid anyway I'm okay with his imprisonment for now with him ambiguously making zombies out of people and all

SCP 106-Why did I forget Radical Larrys number another one I'm fine with killer methods and all

SCP 035-Possessive mask haven't memorized number but I say it's not his fault he melts peoples face off or needs to overide people if he didn't have the goo he would be like Dr light and his immortality charm maybe I should change it around in another universe to have dr light be the corrosive thing instead of switching him with the plague dr. imprisonment okay.

173- The sculpture is fine he's pretty simple he's like plague Dr and radical larry imprisonment cause he's out to murder. Through after watching him I think it'll be cool to just build him an big ass obstacle course it'll be fun for anyone seeing him actually as well as himself. As for above not even people trying to force themselves on lizards do not deserve to be insane from boredom like that also the obstacle course could probably be used for an bunch of different SCP as well.

Swamp women-SCP 811 shes treated fine-Number at the corner of my memory

SCp 999-Like 999 have no reason to hate him but I did turn him into an shit monster in one of my artwork {swap/mirror version people may find startrek mirror better example} also an yandere in another artwork I find corrupted innocent characters awesome as well. Since I think of their overly extreme response to him and his potential brother 682 wondering if things are more grey in saying with them.
Also wondering if the foundation have an conspiracy that is different from my ideas about 682's origins.
Scarlet king may actually want the foundation to torture and in prison 682 there is no indication that 682 on the scarlet kings side

SCp 231_7????!!!!!!!!!! hope she went home

SCP 939_ Many voices lizards read there story they seem more like animals and should be respected like animals through they seem to turn human and seem to need to eat human flesh but it stile seems an bit human supremist to kill them just as their born but spare the one human looking one.
They also went out and slaughtered them in their homes and when the more human one stopped looking human they took them apart and stuck em in an freezer. If they were just keeping them in an box and doing non painful stuff to them and they were just eating cause things eat then I'll be fine with it but now I'm not.

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