The Fallen One

Item #: SCP-3147

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3147 is to be kept inside a room of 2 x 2 meters, the walls being covered with 3 cm of Graded-Z Shielding designed to protect against radiation. It uses a standard level-3 keycard door, the door itself having a tesla gate right in front of it that has to be powered at all time. The room has to be watched by two guards equipped with Level A Hazmat Suits and stun batons. In case of a containment breach one of the guards must distract SCP-3147 while the other one must try to hit it with the baton in order to paralyze it. If any of the guards come into physical contact with SCP-3147 they must immediately report to the medical bay.

Description: SCP-3147 appears to be a 2.12 meter tall humanoid wearing a black robe, unknown origin luminescent purple symbols are drawn on it, it's skin is completely grey, no mouth or nose can be seen on the face only it's purple luminescent eyes. Tests confirm that SCP-3147 emits radiation when one or more persons are surrounding him, it also does not really like electricity and it can be paralyzed for 10 minutes when comes in contact with electricity. When paralyzed a [DATA REDACTED] chemical substance begins to flow from it's robe and it can reach up to [DATA REDACTED] liters, every person that falls in contact seems to change into a [DATA REDACTED] creature, but it seems that almost every type of hazmat suit can make someone safe from it.

Additional Information: SCP-3147 has been found at an abandoned farm after a civillian reported to see a "Glowing robe falling from the clouds" after seeing it he decided to wear it, then about two days later while he was interrogated he transformed into this.

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