Dr Aisenberg

Name: James Aisenberg (or simply Aisen)

Security clearance: Level 3

Personnel classification: Class B

Deployment: Site Asclepio(IT)

Languages: Italian, English.

Position: Anomalous biological entity and anomalous technology.

Reason to be at the accademy: Aisenberg submitted the request to join the accademy because he wanted to try something new than remain behind a desk all the day and expand his own mind to new experiences.

Functions: James is one of the main researcher in the site Asclepio and a good-skilled psychologist. He was recruited in the Foundation with a misterious approach from an agent. And assigned to his site. He collaborate with many other sites for another projects that helps to dont bore him too much.

Career: He have some degree in psychology, computer technology and a master in advanced biology, he pubblished some anonimous scientific articles that helped him to have a good reputation inside the labs.

Appearence: He's 26 years old, 1,88 m and weighs 68 kg. he has blond hairs and an heterochromia in his eyes which they're yellow and blue. While working he dress an white evening dress, a white tophat, a black papillon and a stick.


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