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Drawing of Dr. Aloices, made by Duke Lox

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Alices Adriane Aloices

27 years old

B-Class personnel.
Level 3 accreditation.

Scientific Department, Biology sub-department, Genetic and Molecular Biology section; Medical Department, child psychiatry section

Researcher and child psychiatrist, Aleph-Site.

Pale skin, shoulder-length blond hair, straight fringe. Green eyes, red squared glasses. Fifty-six kilogrammes (56kg), a meter and seventy-five centimeters (1m75).

Calm and composed at first sight, Dr. Aloices is in fact pretty exuberant. Naturally outgoing with her colleagues and the lesser-grade personnel, she displays a flawless loyalty and a deep respect for the authorities or her superiors, despite not being hesitant to be friend with them.
Her fashion style is varied, from strict pull-over with little to no skin showed, to dotted skirts, and she doesn't hesitate to wear short or colorful clothes, according to her mood of the day or her general personality.
Dr. Aloices shows no trouble expressing her affection in a random manner, and is therefore forbidden from asking every new female recruit if they would like a "welcome hug".

Dr. Aloices possesses a PhD in "Molecular Biology, Populations and Organisms Genetics ", and a diploma in Child Psychiatry, both obtained abroad. Considering this, Dr. Aloices can be assigned to humanoid SCP objects exhibiting childish traits, and biological SCP objects or those requiring anatomic, molecular or genetic expertise. She has also expressed the will to help any person needing her skills, without regard for supplementary work hours.
Dr. Aloices can speak French and English, and also says she hasn't learnt any foreign language, despite having studied 7 years in Sweden.

Dr. Aloices is currently diagnosed with minor concentrational difficulties, hypersensitivity and hyperemotionality. Any personnel finding her crying in an uncommon place when she isn't supposed to work is advised not to signal their presence and leave her alone: noticing someone would only aggravate her state, and she can calm herself only when she's left alone. It is also strongly recommended not to scare her, in any way (e.g. jumping on her in the hallway, screamers, stupid jokes, etc.). However, any reminding her of the rules is advised if she's seen not working when she's supposed to.

Despite those pathologies, Dr. Aloices says she can "be strong" inside the Foundation, and no incidents have been attributed to a lack of attention or professionalism from her. Her being forbidden to supervise humanoid SCP objects can be pronounced at any irregularities in her behaviour resulting in an incident or a containment breach . - Director-Garrett

Dr. Aloices is currently single in a relationship single in a relationship it's complicated single.
You don't need to mention your relationship status. - Dr. ██████


Favorite expressions:

  • "I have an idea."
  • "I must wriiite!"

Who invented this section and why do I need to fill it ? Help ;_; - Dr. Aloices
Any useless smiley will be reprimanded, Dr. Aloices. - Director Garrett


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