The endless game

Description : scp-[redacted] is two old men, both causian, one bald, one white haired, both wearing jumpers sitting at a Central Park table playing a game of chess.
Contentment: the men are to be kept deep within facility [redacted]. Their game is not to be interrupted. If one of the the kings are defeated, 20 d-classes are to rush inside, terminate both of the men, burn the chessboard and the table, and be terminated themselves. The floor of the building is to be destroyed.

The game between the two men started in 1863, a day after the American civil war ended. Since then neither of them have been able to beat the other. Sometimes, for years at a time, they will just sit there, thinking about their next move. Over the course of the game, the men have aged slowly, and appear to be in a state of immortality. Every time a pieace on the board is destroyed, a massive cataclysm has occurred on earth. To date there has been 5 incidents surrounding the old men.

1. In 1919, a bishop was defeated. The next day, Franz feurdan was shot, starting world war 1.
2. In 1939, a pawn was taken off the board, beginning the holocaust.
3. In [redacted] a rook was defeated, beginning China’s Great Leap Forward.
4. In [redacted] the scp learned of the existence of the game. A few field agents were mobilized to get them. They were found using a sra deep in Central Park, explaining why they had yet to be found in so many years. The agents attempted to aprhand them, but when one of the old men was forced to look away, [redacted] eventually, they were loaded into a truck and taken to [redacted], all while looking at their game.
5. [redacted]

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