"Musical Spyglass"

Item #: 3397

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object must be kept within a bulletproof container with a specialized lock located in Dr. Bennu's office. This lock can only be unlocked by the key that has been given to Dr. Bennu as per agreement for his assistance with the tracking, investigation, and confirmation of the object. Testing, using, or moving this object must be approved by Dr. Bennu.

Description: SCP-3397 appears to be a standard Sony Walkman MP3 Player in the color red, it comes equipped with a pair of earbuds like all other similar devices, the only noticeable difference being that there appears to be a short antenna, which is able to slide out of the object and back into it. SCP-3397 is quite resilient to many forms of damage such as fire, severe drops that would break most devices, and even survived a shot from point-blank range from a shotgun. It also appears that it does not need any form of recharging, but the main anomalous effects of the object only occur when a person, puts in the earbuds, unfolds the short antenna, and points it at a sentient object. A song will begin to play apparently based on the sentient object's emotions and thoughts. (See Addendum 3397-3)

Addendum: Recovery Log, SCP-3397-1: SCP-3397 was recovered in the town of ████████, U.S.A after reports of a "musical miracle". MTF Eta-11 ("Savage Beasts") arrived in the town and quickly located and secured the object. Class-B amnestics were administered to the town and all information about the object was erased.

Addendum 3397-2: Various "modes" have been identified on SCP-3397, which include:

  • Default: Plays a song based on the listener's emotion.
  • Browse: Listener is able to select a song from SCP-3397's colossal music library (Unknown number of music available)
  • Search: Listener is able to search a song from SCP-3397.
  • Group: Any sentient object within 15 feet is able to hear the music playing perfectly, however, the listener reports no pain from the supposed increase in noise and claims to hear the song as well as they did before.
  • Peek: Option only comes available when SCP-3397's short antenna is unfolded. All the listener has to do is point the short antenna at the sentient object and hit the Peek button.

Addendum 3397-3: Various testing with SCP-3397:

  • SCP-3397 was given to D-Class 4960. D-Class 4960 was told to put in the earplugs and listen to any music they wished. D-Class 4960 then exclaimed about how many songs were on SCP-3397 and selected "Living On A Prayer" By Bon Jovi. D-Class 4960 was instructed to then stop the song and unfold the short antenna, then point it at D-Class 3410. At this, D-Class 4960 then reported hearing the "Jaws Theme" from Steven Speilberg's movie "Jaws" It was at this time did D-Class 3410 lunge at Security Officer Johnson. D-Class 3410 was terminated and D-Class 4960 was instructed to follow to the next test.
  • While still wearing SCP-3397, D-Class 4960 was told to unfold the short antenna and point it at a standard Foundation toaster. No music was heard. D-Class 4960 was then told to fold the short antenna and hit the "default" button. D-Class 4960 then reported hearing "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell.
  • D-Class 4960 was taken to SCP-682's Containment Cell's Observing Area and told to once again, unfold the short antenna and point it at SCP-682. D-Class reported hearing the song "Die [expletive] Die" By Dope. SCP-3397 was then removed from D-Class 4960, was given to Dr. Bennu, and D-Class 4960 was then fed to SCP-682.
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