Dr. Graph

Name: Alessandro Draghi

Security Clearance: Level 3

Personnel Classification: Class B

Deployment: Sito Vittoria(IT)

Languages: Italian(native), English

Position: Lt. of SSM-IV "Pugnus Ferri" (IT)

Reason to be at the Academy: Lt. Draghi chose to join the Academy after his commander chose him as his successor. Feeling inadequate, he wanted to improve himself so that he could lead his men as best as he possibly could.

Functions: Lt. Draghi is the strategist of SSM-IV "Pugnus Ferri", the strike force of the Italian Branch. He is the strategist of the team and plans almost every single mission. During missions, he usually stands on the sidelines, controlling the operations and giving order to his men, but doesn't hesitate to move to the frontlines if the situation calls for it.

Career: Lt. Draghi was born in 1985 in Rome. After finishing high school, he enlisted in the army. He was recruited by the Foundation in 2011 and assigned to SSM-IV. He quickly ascended through the ranks and was appointed as a lieutenant after only three years. He has also been chosen as the next leader of MTF-IV by his commander.

Appereance: Draghi is a 29 years old male. He's 185 cm tall, weighs 75 kg and has a slim figure. He has dark brown hair and greyish eyes, which contrast with his pale complexion. He usually wears dark clothing, preferring formal attires.

Personality: Lt. Draghi is a calm and collected individual. He is very rational and rarely shows his emotions as he thinks they could interfere with his planning. He is often nervous around people he doesn't know and prefers not to interact with them. This side disappears when he discusses about something he likes or during strategic discussions: in those moments, he becomes extremely loquacious, losing whatever form of self-restriction he has. Usually, after this "outbursts", he turns very friendly with those who listened (or, at least, pretended to) and will try to learn as much as he can about them.

Traits and training:

  • Trained in the Italian military for 4 years.
  • Extensive training with short range weapons, such as shotguns, and melee weapons.
  • Poor aim in long and mid range.
  • He gets easily annoyed by stupidity.
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