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Logo of the International Academy of the SCP-Foundation

The International Academy of the SCP-Foundation is a department of the SCP-Foundation meant for education and training of personnel from all branches under the same standards and circumstances. Skills taught here are initial- and recontainment of SCPs, design of containment cells, specialized fighting skills and use of special and anomalous weaponry, and many more. The goal of the Academy is to train personnel to be part of an international MTF, to train highly specialized skills and other specialized training that the branches deem necessary.

The training itself is somewhat different than at schools or universities. Of course, theory courses are part of the program, but most students already have passed the basic trainings of the Foundation, so the courses are more practice-oriented. A big portion of each course is simulating realistic scenarios the trainees have to solve. Like containment breaches, attacks by GOI, attacks on GOI, initial- and recontainment, and other military and scientific scenarios as well as organizational courses like site management, preparation for future directors and O5s, highly specialized fighting techniques and it is rumored that even courses inducing anomalous traits are being held. Other courses in turn, focus on the specialized education of future researchers and personnel in specific fields. A few examples would be research of Bio-, Memetic-, Cognito- and Infohazards, computer-based research and simulation, and other anomalous fields.

To train in the most different surroundings and circumstances, the Academy has training facilities with lowered, higher or no gravity, under water, in a vacuum, with unusual high or low hume-levels, and many other surroundings. They could also have capabilities for VR experiences of settings too hard to simulate in reality and employ professionals for playing opposing forces in various scenarios.

As the academy usually houses many professionals and experts in a variety of fields, it can quickly form and deploy MTFs of advanced students if necessary, and has transport capabilities to reach every point above water within 18 hours worldwide.

The Cantina

The Cantina is a section of the academy meant for recreation, spending free time, socializing and - in the more quiet corners - for work below clearance level 2. It is similar to a big bar with multiple adjacted rooms and a balcony, and has seats for up to 200 people, while fire regulations allow for 500 people im the tables are stowed away. The Cantina sells non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as well as food (the Academy also has a dining hall where non-alcoholic bewerages and food are free) and has free high speed WLAN, which - like all network accesses of the Foundation - is not restricted but logged and evaluated; Foundation personnel is probably used to that. There are no anomalies or any material above clearance level 1 allowed in the Cantina, though personnel uses to break this rule in conversations regularly. The Cantina offers room for everyone, from the loud party folk to the silent solitary prefering to remain undisturbed.


The following are possible choices for parts of the background that should be discussed and chosen by the majority of players.

Location: Where is the Academy located?

  1. At a fixed location not in a country covered by any branch (other than EN)
  2. It relocates between the branches each year or semester or so
  3. It is located on a vehicle, e.G. a ship
  4. Others (propose your idea in the chat)…

Logo: The current logo is inspired by the UNU's logo, which is under copyright so no elements can be copied directly. It seems to be lacking something. If you are having an idea how to improve the logo, or have an own proposal feel free to share it in the chat.

Rules: We currently have no playing rules for action-RP (with a dicing-bot etc.). If anybody knows a system suitable for online RP, please present it in the chat.

Roleplaying in the Academy

One of the biggest traits of RP in the Academy is that characters cannot really die in simulations. If they die during training they just leave the simulation and cannot come back unless the Gamemaster decides so. They could play NPCs then if they want and the GM has an NPC role for them.

Players characters can be all sorts of classes (RP-classes, not personnal classes), despite overpowered and high ranked characters or class D or E.

As many players probably are going to school or university, the Academy should not be like another school they go to in their free time. It probably has more similarities with a military training camp than with a classic educational insitution.

At the Academy, there are generally two kinds of roleplay. On one hand solely narrative RP in the free time of the characters (additional situations can be added later) and action-RP in a simulation or on a mission. Though before we can action-RP we need a ruleset and at least one GM.

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