Dr. Grom's Character-Sandbox

Name: B.Eng. Dirk Stoltefuß

Security Clearance: Level 2

Personnel Classification: B

Deployment: Site-DE4

Languages: German (native) | English

Position: Technical designer for containment cells and machinery at Site-DE4

Reason to be at the Academy: He was sent to the Academy by E&TS for general training in securing and containment of anomalies and combat techniques. He suspects that this is either a preparation for a promotion or he is being prepared for MTF-duty, or both. But his superiors refuse to tell him the real reason. He trusts them though and sees his deployment as a test of his skills, dedication and loyalty.

Functions: Designs containment cells and other equipment, manufactured by the Foundation and supervises manufacturing the material he designed. In his job he has several object-specific clearances, the highest being Level 4/███-DE. He has access to initial containment protocols and consults containment specialists and researchers to get the most information required to design successful containment cells. He also has access to ongoing research protocols to enhance and redesign existing containment cells if deemed necessary. He is under direct supervision by the head of the Technical Design Department of the site, which belongs to the Foundations Engineering and Technical Service Department, under governance of Dr. Grom who also has his office at Site-DE4 and therefore supervises the E&TS department at the facility himself, so Stoltefuß is in regular contact with him.

Career: Dirk Stoltefuß was born in 1987 in the town of Sundern in the Sauerland/Germany. After he left the gymnasium he was in the Bundeswehr for 12 months of basic military service, then he studied Engineering with a focus on technical design (Bachelor of Engineering). He was recruited by the foundation after he applied to a job ad from a front company of the foundation and has been working there as A/0 personnel for two years, to test his personality and qualification, without him being aware of the true nature of his job at all. When he was told about the Foundation he even remained calm when the recruiter demonstrated anomalous object [REDACTED]. He agreed on a testing period at Site-DE4, in which he could quit and just be amnestized. Not only did he not quit when he found out the Foundation and anomalies where really real and the recruiter did not trick him, he quickly settled in the design department.

Among other projects, Stoltefuß was part of a team revising the containment cell of SCP-062-DE and was one of the main designers of Area-04/058, where SCP-058-DE is contained.

Appearance: He measures ca. 190 cm and has a normal figure. He has short dark-brown hair, full beard and brownish eyes. He always wears blue jeans and a shirt in decent colors, when he is not wearing combat- or other protective gear. He speaks German without dialect but has a noticable German accent in English. He prefers to speak rather slowly in calm situations "to have time to think about what to say", but can speak decent English in a normal pace.

Personality: Stoltefuß is a very pragmatic person and is problem-solving oriented. To the annoyance of his surroundings he is a huge wise-ass, even when he doesn't really know much about a topic, though he never tells made up stories. He can be involuntarily intimidating, but he is a generally friendly and helpful person, though he sometimes shows a rough and dry humor and tone. He hates dishonesty from the heart and tries to never lie. He will always try to help others, but will hesitate to take risks, especially those he deems unnecessary or not worth the price, and his behavior in very dangerous situations can be seen as cowardly. He is always respectful to everybody, and especially patient with people who need a little longer to understand his lectures, or those he deems in need of an extra portion of patience and respect. It is really hard to make him angry or emotional and he remains calm in many stressful situations; though when he crosses the line he is not helpful anymore at all, until he calms down. He always tries to solve problems and settle conflicts by seeing all perspectives.

Traits and training:

  • Has no allergies or contraindications to any amnestic.
  • Knows how to fire normal assault rifles from his military training. He is bad with pistols.
  • Has passed the basic combat-training for class-B personnel.
  • Has passed an anti-memetic training class Ψ-1, which is a little outdated but he refuses to refresh it because the training is really unsettling.
  • Can explain nearly everything to everyone, given the time and knowledge.
  • Children, animals and rather unintelligent people like him almost instantly for some reason.
  • Can read and understand any manual for everything if it is written in German or English (as he writes manuals for his work himself).
  • Can understand problems (especially of technical kind) quickly and provide one or more pragmatic solutions.
  • Has a great technical understanding and knowledge on multiple fields of technology.
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