Dr. Grom's Sandbox No. 4 - SCP-076-DE

Unix-Name: scp-076-de
Title: SCP-076-DE
Name: Face-Swap App
Tags: recording exchange de electronic euclid metamorphic oo scp

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Logo of SCP-076-DE

Item #: SCP-076-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In all known app-stores for smartphones in which an entry for SCP-076-DE has been found, this is to be rated as low as possible with fake accounts and is to be reviewed very negatively, so that the average rating is always below 10% and users are incited not to use this app.

New users of SCP-076-DE are to be located by their connection data via the app-store operators, the effect is to be reversed, all concerned individuals as well as witnesses are to be amnestized, SCP-076-DE is to be unsubscribed and to be deleted from the app-history. On smartphones of users who are showing a bias to using such apps, non-anomalous apps of the same kind are to be installed.

SCP-076-DE-2a, -2b and -3 are to be taken into custody and been offered the choice between permanent internment as class E personnel or euthanization. It is permitted that instances of SCP-076-DE-2a that choose internment may be integrated into the active personnel of the Foundation, as they pose no acute anomalous danger. In any case they are meted with psychological care. SCP-076-DE-2c are, if opportune, to be taken into custody, to be examined and put under observation; the head of research can order their termination anytime.

Description: SCP-076-DE is a cost- and advertisement-free “Face-Swap” app for smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows operating system. It regularly is published in anomalous ways in the most popular app-stores for these systems, often with normally fee-based placement on top of the search results. In the databases of the providers no information about when and how this app has been added to the app-stores can be found, nor payment information. It only requires access to the camera and has multiple optional options to connect to many social media. As the app is re-uploaded within hours, should it be deleted from an app-store, it was decided to lower the risk of exposition instead of removing it. The author of the app is also listed as “Dr. Chaos”.

If two or more individuals are using SCP-076-DE their faces are, as usual for a face-swap app, exchanged live in the camera feed. For multiple individuals it is possible to choose who exchanges the face with whom. As soon as a photo is taken the anomalous effect occurs: The face-exchange is manifested on the affected. In addition to the face, the consciousness is exchanged. The affected (SCP-076-DE-1) use to suffer a heavy shock, panic attacks are also common. Exchanging in the body of the other sex often also results in nausea and emesis.

The affected do not show any other physical anomalies, the “new” face adapts the skin color of the body, there is no visible blending. Facial features typical for the sex as well as facial hair are preserved. The rest of the body including the brain show no changes. Face and body are having different DNA, though no rejection reaction occurs. The effect on SCP-076-DE-1 can be reverted by using the app again, without leaving permanent damage. If the app is deleted after use, before the effect can be reverted, it is impossible to undo it, neither by reinstalling the app nor by usage on another device. Then the app shows a generic error message. The affected then are designated SCP-076-DE-2a.

It is possible to use the app on humans and animals. The effect is irreversible then. After the affection the affected are showing, in addition to the extreme shock, panic, stress and aggression. After a settling-in phase both the entities with human consciousness (SCP-076-DE-2b) as well as those with animalist consciousness (SCP-076-DE-2c) are showing a mix of behavior typical for both races. The abilities of SCP-076-DE-2c to use the human body depends on the intelligence common for their normal race and does not depend on the bigger capacity of the human brain; also, the intelligence of SCP-076-DE-2b is not decreased. Tests with D-class personnel and apes have shown the ape located in the human body was adopting behavior patterns of a lesser-intelligent human and was able to rudimentary verbal communication. Though if the consciousness of a dog is transferred in a human body, this is unable to use a toilet and whines until it may use a designated piece of indoor-lawn to relieve themselves, is showing a great affinity to dog-toys and an aversion against wearing clothes and against cats but is walking upright.

From humanitarian considerations it was decided, to grant SCP-076-DE-2a and -2b the choice between internment and euthanization. Furthermore, qualified SCP-076-DE-2a can be used as level 1 personnel for several tasks in technology, maintenance and site-management, which do not involve contact to other anomalies.

If the app is used on a person and an inanimate object depicting a face, like a puppet or a portrait, the face is being exchanged but the object remains inanimate and the human body dies within moments from asphyxiation.

In case there is no other face than that of the user in front of the camera, the app usually displays an error message. In rare cases (< 1.3%) though, the face is exchanged with a seemingly random, not attending person; the instance is henceforth designated SCP-076-DE-3. They are showing significant disorientation and often massive memory gaps up to the loss of their identity. Often, they are people of high age, though all age groups occur. Some faces are showing traces of disease or considerable injury. Responsive SCP-076-DE-3 report of long lasting experiences up to the use of SCP-076-DE, which seem similar to out-of-body experiences. The subjects also report though, that the memories thereof fade quickly, like memories of a dream, and they have proven unable to echo their experiences.

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