Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a 3m x 3m x 3m cell, with soundproof tungsten walls 20cm thick. All air must be removed from the cell. The cell should be fitted with at least three (3) scranton reality anchors and incinerators. The cell is to be guarded by at least ten(10) armed guards that have a memetic trigger remembered. In case of a containment breach, the memetic kill word corresponding to the trigger will be played through loudspeakers, and the entire section will lock down and have the air be removed. If SCP-XXXX leaves the facility, the on site warheads will detonate.

Description: SCP-XXXX has never been observed before. It is suspected to be a memetic agent with an extrodinarily low hume level of [redacted]. it also has a great mass for it's size, and is catagorized as a black hole, as it's radius is a thousandth of it's Schwarzschild radius. However it doesn't seem to damage the containment cell. It is unknown if it emits radiation, since any radiation would have been absorbed by the cell, making it unmeasurable. It also seems to emit a sound at 0.02 decibles, with a frequency of 90000000 Hz. This sound seems to be a contagious meme that turns the subject deaf, and makes them repeat said word over and ovr again, potentially causing an AK class end-of-the-world event. Viewing SCP-XXXX also causes this meme to manifest. Other hazardous effects enclude, but are not limited to:

-Heats of up to three billion Kelvin in the ergosphere, and in it only.
-The ability to replicate short-lived, yet still dangerous miniture versions of other SCPs.
-AnTIM387ti83c Da7389898 corbsjhtion limite tooo TeXAJ about Thi2834s Abi3023u8ty.

These anomlies are being debated, however, as the amounts of dangerous anomalies SCP-XXXX posseses is much higher than any other SCP. It is possible that SCP-XXXX is safe in itself, and only has the memetic property to make others think it as dangerous. Although this seems very likely, SCP-XXXX should still be treated as being a Keter class SCP, as the risk of releasing it is too severe. All requests to test with SCP-XXXX are to be denied.

As the amount of scientists who wish to degrade SCP-XXXX to safe class increases, memetic triggers to the kill word have been introduced to all personell working on this site.

Addendum XXXX-1: history: How SCP-XXXX was secured by the foundation is unknown. This lead to many agreeing to the theory that SCP-XXXX makes people believe in it's anomolies. How it's properties were recorded is also currently being debated.

Addendum XXXX-2: Test results: Few tests have been run on SCP-XXXX, all of which are run before the rule against testing.

Test 1: interactions with other solids
purpose: to determine SCP-XXXX's abilities
results: Results unobtained. The ingot of iron dropped was never retrieved, as the risk of containment breach was too severe. Pressure sensors picked up the mass of said ingot.

Test 2: interactions with [redacted]

Addendum XXXX-3: Interview with researcher:

An interview was made with the current researcher Dr. Guo on [Data expunged] by site director [Redacted]. This was prior to the reclassification from Safe to Keter. For the sake of simplicity, Dr. Guo will be refered to as 1 and [Redacted] as 2 in the following log:

2:good day, Doctor.

1:Sure is.

2:Uh… So tell me, Doctor, What exactly is SCP-XXXX?

1:Well, to be honest, we are not too sure. You know how the rumors go, "Hey, SCP-XXXX should be Keter class!…"

2:What are your opinions on these rumors?

1:SCP-XXXX is has memetic properties, it doesn't matter if the rumors are correct. However I fear that is all we know for sure, other than it is rather docile mostly. Most of us think it's just some weird rock or something. The foundation is being too sensitive

2:Wait. Mostly? Are you suggesting SCP-XXXX displayed hostility before?

1:Well, the amount of annoyance it causes us could be counted as hostility, Haha.

2:Um… Ok, sure. Have you experienced any…

1 suddenly slams the table, startling 2.

2:What the [expletive removed]?

1:(indecipherable shouting, later to be determined as the memetic kill trigger, although off pitch.

2:Whoa! Guards! [expletive removed]! Calm down!

1 stops abruptly, and sits back, visibly confused.

2:What the [expletive removed] was that?

1: Please, Mister, keep this interview professional and refrain from profanity.

2:The [expletive removed]?

1 was later treated with class B amnestics and sent on a two month vacation. As SCP-XXXX seems to have manifested actual anomolous properties, it is reclassified as Keter, and everyone on site is told to assume SCP-XXXX can cause ZK-class reality failures. (Although most already think that.

Addendum XXXX-4: Weaponization of SCP-XXXX:
Denied by O5.
No, no, absolutely not, no, get away from me. -[data expunged]

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