Dr. Windes RP-Character

Name: Dr. Friedrich Liebrecht

Security Clearance: Level 3

Personnel Classification: C

Deployment: Site-DE17

Languages: German (native), English, Latin, a wide variaty of germanic languages (from ancient times till the High Middle Ages)

Position: Researcher of anomalous germanic texts, objects and locations

Reason to be at the Academy: He began studying in the academy on his own accord to further his expertise in dealing with cognito-, memetic- and infohazardous artifacts with germanic origins. Because of his rather eager interest in the research of the anomolous he wants to try his best to ensure full safety in his research and to guarantee the best results. He's also looking for experts from all over the world, from whom he can learn and start a partnership.

Functions: He's the spokesperson for anything that involves germanic religion, culture and tradition, especially in the occult department. His vast knowledge and experience in translating texts, excavating archeological sites and examining anomalous material, instruments and other objects makes him a valuable researcher inside the Foundation. Most projects regarding germanic anomalies at least uses his work as an accessory.

Career: Dr. Friedrich Liebrecht was born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1968. He lived most of his life at his birthplace, going to school and University there. His interest was always in the humanities, which caused him to learn social sciences, history and linguistics and attend cultural courses, especially about Germany. His perfectionist nature and his "German efficiency", as he calls his exhaustiveness, regarding his research, brought him general respect among his colleagues and students, which brought him the attention of the german branch of the Foundation. Under the recommendation of a Foundation agent, who worked on some of Liebrecht's excavation sites, he was recruited to the Foundation in 1999 and was transferred to Site-DE17, where he was instructed in basic info-, cognitohazardous and memetic training. He also conducted new educational courses in occult germanic traditions, with which he facilitated a better understanding of many germanic anomalies and SCPs.

Appearance: He has a height of 186 cm and a rather lean figure. His short blond hair is starting to fall out at the back, which he is trying to hide by combing his hair back. He's always clean-shaven and has green eyes. He doesn't really care about fashion and only wears clothes in which he's comfortable with. These clothes are mostly thin sweaters, dress pants and shirts in black and blue. His way of walking is rather stiff, his countenance mostly strict. His voice is rather deep and he's talking in a laconic and dry kind of manner.

Personality: His demeanor is best summed up as cold and calculated. He shows very little humor and warmth during conversations, with not much interest towards people he does not respect. A real talent and much effort is needed to earn his respect, he has a disdain for cowardice and laziness. He doesn't want to waste his time with small-talk and rather talks about his work and research. He dedicates his life to his work and takes it more seriously than most. Despite that he is not heartless and is still concerned about the well-being of others. He truly believes, he can help people with his work and shows a remarkable conviction of the Foundation's values and goals. He is not hesitant to take risks and would put his life on the line to solve a conflict. Still he has an overbearing attitude and shows little interest in the opinion of people he considers incompetent.

Traits and training:

  • Has advanced training in "Memetics, Info- and Cognitohazards" classes.
  • Has passed the basic combat-training for C-class personnel.
  • Has a talent for explaining his lecture topics shortly and informatively.
  • Has a slight aversion towards physicists because of bad experiences with some especially arrogant ones at his university.
  • Was never married but secretly regrets that fact.
  • He is strongly patriotic towards his homecountry Germany.
  • In his freetime he likes to read classic science fiction and fantasy novels.
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