scp--5000--PT: the enchanted

Item #: SCP-5000pt


Object Class:cute yet
(requested by the original class keter foundation)

Special Containment Procedures:
scp-5000pt must be contained in a
area of ​​5 mx 5 m (16 ft x 16 ft)
this must have space for him
be moving every 10 minutes and required
some remedy for mate to scp liver

The scp power comes out of its containment room.
and runs the entire site accompanied by guards
at all times

Description: It looks like your a 5 year old little boy with curly hair and wears a robe underneath and a clothes stripe on top of him and able it speak and seems to be growing rapidly.the personality he looks like a happy boy and very difficult to he is sad about something he is happiest when he is playing or talking to someone

with some research of dr.foofycute to scp5000pt and able to command what is human and scp to which moment with more search it also
invulnerable to which effect of scp plus it suffers typical accidents with knife cutting car accidents (less connected to scp) etc.
with more search the scp-5000pt it will obey which quel
order of an adult human with a nomal child and after completing the requested task he can do the same thing with the scp of humans.

interview with scp

subject: scp-5000pt
dr.foofycute: So boy can you speak your name.
scp-5000 pt: daniel
dr.foofycute: good daniel you know where you were born
scp-5000pt: I do not remember
dr.foofycute: hmmm ok you know when I start your abilities
scp-5000pt: good I do not know when I start this all
dr.foofycute good let's end this interview
scp-5000pt: alright ah! I liked your pink top hat.

interview closed

after this interview dr.foofycute and dr … visor various test with the name scp operation of domination and will use another scp from other site for the test and all the tests will say the same thing … with the scp-166 ●●●|●●●●●|●●|● scp-106 scp-173 scp-049 scp-939 and scp-882 if this SCP the wrong hands the foundation will not be able to count all scp worse than every day more is getting more difficult to talk with scp5000pt…the foundation will always keep an eye on scp5000pt in any way all that the foundation speaks to the scp-5000pt that should not use its abilities to bad scp always speak that it will never use its ability to harm someone … the foundation is still doing test with another scp.

other scps that were tested

scp-o libro

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