Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-C-1 through to -5 are to be stored in a biological containment cell located in site-66, accessible only by level 4 and above personnel. In the event of a containment breach, affected personnel are to be terminated and their remains to be treated with sodium hydroxide. SPC-XXXX's containment cell is also to be treated.
Experimentation with SCP-XXXX is expressly forbidden unless select permission has been granted by level 5 personnel

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous prion that primarily affects kingdom Animalia, initially targeting proteins1 located in the cerebrum2 before disrupting the function of the medulla oblongata and finally altering all other proteins it encounters after the death of the affected , which results in the occurrence of three phenomena: the gradual loss of an affected individual's ability to recall and create long term memories, the death of the affected due primarily to organ failure and the rapid decomposition of the resulting cadaver into SCP-XXXX material.
The memory-impairing effects of SCP-XXXX results in subjects initially losing explicit memories3. This affects the subjects' ability to recall minor facts and the location of objects.
SCP-XXXX then affects implicit memories4, rendering the subject unable to recall or recognise their current location or perform complex skills. The subject is also unable to create new long-term memories. SCP-XXX can spread to other parts of the body but will have no effect until the stage of decomposition.
As SCP-XXXX progress and affects the medulla oblongata, subjects will be unable to subconsciously perform involuntary bodily function such as respiration, circulation and digestion, resulting in death. This whole process takes between 1-2 week and has no effect on organisms that lack a cerebrum.

Approximately 1-2 days after expiration the cadaver will begin to decompose as SCP-XXXX begins altering structural proteins at a rate of 1 cm3 per 34 minutes. SCP-XXXX created from the decomposition will remain active for 3-4 days, immediately affecting structural proteins. After said time the proteins will regress and only effect proteins located in the brain.
During the active period SCP-XXXX will affect all proteins, regardless of whether the organism has a cerebrum. If active SCP-XXXX were to exist in a natural environment it is hypothesized that it would result in total egophagy.
SCP-XXXX is extremely resistant to standard denaturing processes and can only be so using extremely powerful acids/bases or high levels of radiation (1000+ rad).

Addendum 1:

Due to the potentially disastrous effects of SCP-XXXX in normal environments it is currently hypothesized that it is of artificial origin. No evidence,however exists at this moment to support this hypothesis.

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