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Leonid Davydov while boarding a train from Moscow, Russia to Minsk, Belarus to check the FH.SECURE-mainframes of Site-██. Picture taken by an agent of the SCP Foundation, while surveilling Leonid Davydov.

Name: Leonid Davydov Krasnojarskovich (Леонид Давыдов Красноярскович)

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 02.05.1989

Marital Status: Single

Security Clearance: Level 2

Personnel Classification: B

Deployment: RU-Zone 7 (Зона 7)


  • Russian (native)
  • English

Position: Maintenance of artificial intelligences and the intranet of the SCP Foundation; assisstance in containment of numeric, binaric and information-based SCPs.

Reason to be at the Academy: Leonid Davydov Krasnojarskovich was sent to the SCP Foundation Academy to improve his teamwork-skills and gain experience in creating realistic event-simulations based on certain values. His reaction to this decision was rather negative, especially when mentioned that he has to improve his teamwork-skills.

Functions: Maintains and monitors the artificial intelligences used by the SCP Foundation either for containment of anomalies, or simple filing of articles, and the intranet of the Russian branch of the SCP Foundation. Oversees the mainframes and certain servers of said things and manages the FH.NET-framework. Holds access and security clearance to multiple numeric, binaric and information-based SCPs contained in FH.SECURE-servers. Researches and develops new ways of containment of anomalous code-structures and SCPs based on code. Because of Leonid Davydov's broad knowledge in programming, computer-science and especially handling of FH.NET- and FH.SECURE-networks and mainframes, he often is sent to investigate anomalies and abnormalities in said systems, working as an expert on his field. As such, Leonid Davydov often participates in meetings and events discussing the most effective way of containing SCPs in server-systems.

Career: Leonid Davydov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1989 and lived there with his parents until his 20th year. After he completed education in school and got accepted to a university of computer-science and -engineering, he moved out from his home into a small apartment in Moscow. Following his graduation from the university, he received his masters in computer-science and -engineering. Shortly after, he was invited to work in a personnel-seek-out company specialized in research of artificial intelligence and server-security owned by the SCP Foundation because of his excellent results in the university. While working at F&F Computer Enginnerings1 Leonid Davydov successfully developed a new technique of server-handler and mainframe-interaction, which lowers CPU-, and as such, energy-drain during server-side data-processing.

After a certain period of worktime, Leonid Davydov discovered a security-leak in the systems of F&F-server connections and continued to investigate it, without reporting to his superiors. Thereupon, he stumbled upon an incoming connection from the artificial intelligence of the German branch of the Foundation named "KIRA", successfully penetrated the 45th, 44th and 43rd firewall of KIRA, and as such, set off a security warning. A nearby MTF-unit was dispatched, only to find out that the cause of the security breach warning was Leonid Davydov himself. Leonid was arrested and questioned about his doings. After he revealed himself as a very competent computer-expert, capable of breaching a part of an A.I.-security-system of the SCP Foundation, he was recruited into the Foundation.

Appearance: Leonid Davydov Krasnojarskovich is an 28-year-old male, measuring about 176cm and holds a normal physical appearance. He has short dark-brown hair, while his eyes are colored in a bluish-gray tone. When not at work, he usually wears a dark-colored hoodie with likewise dark-colored jeans, otherwise he can be normally seen wearing a white shirt with a blue tie and blue jeans. He has a strong noticeable Russian accent and usually speaks at a somewhat higher pace than others.

Personality: Leonid Davydov likes to work alone and not being interrupted by doing so. His attitude to his colleagues can sometimes be rather harsh, especially to people that try to "invade his privacy and ruin his work". He often can be described as "anti-social" and not very friendly. Even though he respects his superiors outwards, a grim remark can be heard from time to time. Leonid Davydov is somewhat pessimistic and often sees the "bad" results of actions first. His facial expression is often seen as "grumpy" and unfriendly. Leonid Davydov himself stated, that he likes to concentrate on his work and work alone, as "it can often be very annoying to constantly tell people what you're currently doing". For Leonid, it's not a rare occurrence to be very annoyed, irritated or bothered by co-workers trying to talk about his "incompetence in teamwork". Upon questioning, he expressed his deep discontent about these co-workers. Even if he is not often exposed to danger of sorts in his line of work, when he is, he either doesn't really notice it, or ignores it all together. Nevertheless and somewhat surprisingly, Leonid can express pity to those in suffering.

Traits and training:

  • No allergies.
  • Has harpaxophobia, the phobia of being robbed.
  • No practice in firing weapons whatsoever.
  • Doesn't like people telling him about his Russian accent.
  • Holds exceptional skills in the fields of computer-science, -engineering, programming, software development and hardware.
  • Has completed the anti-Cognito- and Infohazards courses (class B4).
  • Hates manuals; is always trying to figure out how a certain component works at his own.
  • Has shown interest about mathematics, especially Chaos theorism, as well as physics.
  • Always takes a laptop, a honeypot rooter and other small-sized hardware and tech with him.
  • Has a weird relationship with his hardware, always tells people to "f███ off, not to touch his stuff and to leave his hard-drives alone".
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