God Complex

Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When SCP-XXXX materializes, all entrances to the area in which the entrance to SCP-XXXX materialized are to be closed off to the public until dematerialization . Two level one guards are to be placed around the area, posing as park rangers to watch for intruders and citizens. Access by staff level 2 or lower is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an event occurring on █/██, at exactly ██:██ AM, at the ███████ ████ Nature Park, in which a white staircase suddenly materializes at the top of a hill. When the staircase is climbed, it leads to what appears to be a complex concrete structure. The structures layout is random, and demonstrates spatial anomalies. With hallways displaying variable length, and stairways have differing amounts of time from ascent to descent each time. Attempts to reach the far ends of hallways have met with failure thus far. And rooms of to each side of the hallways are random each time a subject enters, although they mainly contain human remains. Attempts to recover any subjects who enter the complex are unsuccessful, and they are to be considered dead or lost. A strange room filled with unknown symbols can also be found within the structure, although chances of subjects discovering this room in an exploration are small. Subjects who enter it report hearing unintelligible whispering and screaming, should a subject remain in the room for more than 2 minutes, they appear to slowly descend into insanity, and attempt to mutilate themselves, while screaming "please forgive us" and "we have grown foolish and blind of your gracious presence" repeatedly.

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