Item #: SCP-3085

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Phase 1:

All instances of SCP-3085 are to have their host image permanently removed from its frame as soon as any components of SCP-3085 are noticed. Under no circumstances is the host image to be put back inside its ex-frame again. It is encouraged to repurpose SCP-3085’s ex-frame for another image as soon as possible, as the ex-frame itself does not show any anomalous properties. After an image is confirmed to be a host image of SCP-3085, no further visual contact is to be made with the image until the following Phase 2 containment procedures are met.

Phase 2:

All host images are to be placed with its entire back touching a stainless steel panel of minimum thickness 2 inches and its entire front is only to be viewed through a ██████████████████ panel of 85% transparency. Each image is to be thoroughly examined by Lv.4 or higher researchers specialising in congitohazardous properties on a daily basis.

While SCP-3085-3's effects are highly dangerous and borderline uncontainable, under no circumstances are either host images or ex-host image frames to be destroyed beyond repair by an organism. All direct attempts to destroy a host image or ex-host image frame have resulted in the designated destroyer's immediate death caused by bodily issues ranging from heart failure to abnormal toxisity levels in cerebrospinal fluid.

Destruction using machinery is only permitted after a host-image is confirmed to harbour an instance of SCP-3085-3. Otherwise, studying SCP-3085's anomalous properties is considered to be a higher foundation priority than preventing or avoiding SCP-3085-3's effects.

Description: SCP-3085 is a symbiotic relationship between two cognitohazardous entities known as SCP-3085-1 and SCP-3085-2. Early in life, SCP-3085 inhabits a host image in landscape orientation featuring humans in a FMSD family structure. Instances of SCP-3085 only occur on solid pictures and not on digital image files.

SCP-3085 is first visible through the presence of SCP-3085-1, which manifests as a change in the eye colours of the image's featured humans from originally-coloured pupils and a white sclera to yellow pupils and a black sclera. So far, SCP-3085-1 has not itself directly conducted any malicious actions besides occupying host images. For the next ████ minutes, SCP-3085-1 will 'ready' the host image for SCP-3085-2's arrival and development.

Once SCP-3085-2 too has occupied its host image, it's alterations are much more complex; most notably adding another child to the image's 'family'. This child appears to be a female brunette of African descent at 11 years of age. Notably, this child possesses hazel eyes and white sclera.

Observing manifestations of SCP-3085-1 and SCP-3085-2 simultaneously under non-Phase 2 conditions results in hallucinations of SCP-3085-2's 'extra child'. Now fully 3-dimensional and capable of basic human movement, the hallucination will follow the initial observer around wherever they go and sharing space with them regardless of location. During this time, victims of this hallucination request a member of security personnel to accompany them when travelling to different rooms. According to victims, it is capable of passing through solid objects. On occasion, victims have claimed that other SCPs look directly at the hallucination's location when it is theoretically 'in view'. No other indications of interest by other SCPs have been reported. SCP-3085-2's hallucination has not harmed any of its victims in this stage besides mental trauma occasionally resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

After between ██████ days, the initial victim will not suffer from SCP-3085-2's hallucination. However, ex-victims will still show anxiety when entering new rooms or being alone for fear of the hallucination returning. Once hallucinations have ceased, SCP-3085-3 will become visible. One family member on SCP-3085's host image will appear to have its eyes closed. The next day, the hallucination victim will be notified of the passing of a loved one. Which loved one has died is dependent on the family member who now has their eyes closed. The role of the deceased in the victim's life is identical to that of the family role of the shut-eyed family member in the host image (unless that family member is already deceased).

- Father = Grandfather, uncle, male over age 40 most often seen by the victim.

- Mother = Grandmother, aunt, female over age 40 most often seen by the victim.

- Son = Male best friend, male sexual partner, male cousin.

- Daughter = Female best friend, female sexual partner, female cousin.

This process will continue until all host image family members appear to have their eyes closed at an average rate of once every 2 1/2 days. The only known prevention of this process is to burn SCP-3085's host image until all that remains is ash. If the host image still has open-eyed family members, destruction of a host image does not result in the fatalities of any living victim family members.

SCP-3085-3 does not appear to be an individual entity. Instead, researchers believe it to be the by-product of the collaborative efforts of both SCP-3085-1 and SCP-3085-2.


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