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Item #: SCP-006-INT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A maximum of 250 milligrams of the haemocrystalline substance derived from SCP-006-INT must be conserved at any time; incubated in a glycerol solution, contained inside an explosion-proof sterile container inside a safe biochemical laboratory refrigerator for cryopreservation, accessible only by the appointed leader researchers.

Additions and subtractions of samples must be recorded, and the collect thereof must be done whilst the subject is blindfolded, and physically restrained. After collection, the substance must not be exposed to SCP-006-INT's line of sight in any circumstances. Researchers engaged in the project must receive compulsive training for the safe operation of explosives.

Sophia is currently contained within a humanoid anomaly containment cell, with a modular access through double blast-reinforced doors, in the Site-DE4. The containment cell is adapted to the structural standards of a 13K Industrial Explosive-proof Enclosure1, equipped with coolant sprinklers, and insulated audio-visual surveillance equipment.

The chamber is equipped with a customized air-conditioning system2 kept at ~20 ºC at all occasions, capable of conditioning the temperature at sub-zero temperatures within seconds in order to immobilize Sophia in case of necessity. The systems for the maintenance of mediums, and supplies (such as water, oxygen, and sewage) are intrinsic to the cell's regulated pressure, suffering a lockdown in case of any relevant deviation of the pressure levels.

Sophia's cell is furnished with a bed, a desk, a dining table, three chairs, a running mill, a bookshelf, a computer, and a television; the type of content and media accessed through these means is moderated by KIRA. The specialized psychophysical accompaniment, as well as Sophia's chronogram, are conducted, and supervised by Dr. Simon's team; all activities performed must be documented in audiovisual formats. Requests by Sophia are to be provided at the discretion of the project managers.

Oktavia is cryogenically preserved, and contained in Site-DE4. Research is conducted by a team comprised of members from the departments of medicine, geology, and thaumaturgy, currently led by Dr. Torres.

[SCP for Oktavia]
[How the Foundation would conserve her body, and how they'd manage it.
I am wondering about where they'd keep Oktavia's body, since Sophia would be able to "sense" her presence somehow, and would keep asking several questions; perhaps it is not a given to Soph that Ok really died during the conflict. Maybe the corpse is in a PT site if Sophia can indeed feel it. Otherwise it is just a matter of safe-keeping the corpse.

slashannemooLast Wednesday at 21:01
Yeah. But I believe they'd be military instead of proper scientists per say. The PT team could stay there briefly, indeed. And return to Portugal with Oktavia's body (if it is indeed transferred to their care).
GromLast Wednesday at 21:05
Well, if the Foundation finds out that the Sophia-hag can sense her and her presence makes her raging, they could decide to transfer Oktavia somewhere else after an initial examination. Maybe PT has a physiologist who is a hobby geologist and would be more than happy to make an autopsy on a bio-chrystaline subject like Oktavia. And while she is there they may find out a relation to 004 so they decide to hold both SCPs on DE and PT]

Fredericka is currently considered a hostile PoI greenlit for capture, or given the circumstances, termination; the relevant civil identity, and references are available at INTERPOL's3 database.

[Engagement rules, and whatnot.]

Description: SCP-006-INT is the designation given to the collective of humanoid instances created through the extensive usage of anomalous thaumaturgical technology. It is speculated that they are connected to a historical organisation known as Die Kristallhexen4.

SCP-006-INT instances are invariably biologically female humans of varied phenotypes; the current instance under Foundation custody suffers from a condition similar to dissociative personality disorder, and it is theorized that it is commonplace amongst the three. Recurring investigations revealed that all instances invariably displayed relations with formal military occupations to varying degrees, and different operational employments, and that all of them were constated disappeared on official governmental records.

Autopsies and biopsies of the instances of SCP-006-INT revealed that their organs have been replaced or fused by a type of crystalline tissue5 through surgical interventions that haven't been recorded prior to their disappearance. These anomalous constructs appear to utilize fractions of their original tissues in order to retain their original functions, actuating in a verisimilar manner to ordinary organs6, durability typically demonstrated by the present minerals, and a lack of common cellular degeneration, in the form of a complete halt in the process. It is theorized that those organs are connected to SCP-006-INT's anomalous abilities.

SCP-006-INT possesses a haemocrystalline liquid that performs the bodily functions related to blood — and its associated substances. The liquid displays resilience against external physiological agents, and is highly volatile, solidifying below temperatures of 10ºC through an ordinary process. The solidification forces subjects into a state of suspended animation. Additionally, this substance is highly volatile, capable of producing up to ten times the energy content of a TNT-equivalent7. 006-INT instances can detonate it as long as the substance remains in their line of sight; it is also possible to utilize it as a plastic explosive, detonating the element through standard procedures. The substance may only be detonated when outside the subject's blood vessels.

[I would like to check what degree of eliteness women in germanophone armies usually reach. For some reason, there where very few in actual combat units when I was in the army, but that was 2004 so it may have changed.]


Codename Status Age
Sophia Alive — under custody 38 years old
Abilities: Military-grade knowledge in Medicine, and formal combat. Socially apt. Files indicate that the subject has been a sophomore in a Gymnasium, academical knowledge rated consistent with those that have completed grade 12 in the same conditions.
Thaumaturgy: Increased rate of the psychophysical regenerative proccess. Subject has survived cardiac arrest, and seems capable of reanimation after biological death in case of minor damage to crucial organs such as the heart or brain.
Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, 179cm of height, 79kg of weight. Several crystalline formations cover the majority of the subject's body, including torso, legs, and the leftmost facial side.
Behaviour: Generally happy, and assiduous. Takes on an active life-style, engaging in physical and mental activities whenever possible. Capable of engaging in social, and cordial interaction. Suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID); during these episodes, displays an actively aggressive, and rebellious personality.
Other: Subject is undergoing post-traumatic treatment.

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