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File Overview: The Foundation is not the only group with an interest and investment in the paranormal and metaphysical. There are many other groups in existence who possess, use, or attempt to create SCP objects, either for their own personal gain or for the protection of mankind. Some are rival organizations, some are splinter groups of the Foundation, and some are trusted associates of the Foundation. In any case, it has been deemed necessary to create and distribute a brief on what agencies the Foundation knows about, and our stance towards them.

Beyond Entropy (B.E)


Overview: The B.E is one of the groups of interest that try to overcome environmental crises by using anomalous items. In former days, a minor environment group ESC(Environmental Shelter Community)'s members agonized over the second law of thermodynamics, and learned informations of objects that are classed as "ectoentropic" from SCP foundation. They got some real ectoentropic SCP items, and visit an famous person "Bernard Engelbert" who once departed the ESC because they needed some aid of capital of him. After several hostile contacts with the Foundation, They made a new secret underground organization "Beyond Entropy" that headed by Bernard Engelbert, holdding the old organization for a surface party(now the group is called as Edible Scraps Community).

The B.E does its task based on the clandestine cell system, and each cells work with their own purpose. For this reason, The B.E makes various environmental works (which is associated with irregular elements) its tasks, as well as study of the ectoentropy, such as extortion of SCP items of the Foundation, development of new anomalous items, rescue of the beings which suffer from anomalous things, sabotage of a machine civilization, and eco-activity by application of SCP items. Although the Foundation already have punished several cellular point organization, the Foundation can not be in the least daunted the activity of B.E because they hide its leadership and core research facilities exhaustively. B.E members armed with firearms in the region where permit possession of arms, and they are at enmity with the Foundation.

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Noonday Oak Troupe (NOTE)


Overview: Originally this troupe was one of the bands which are made up of street musicians who performed in the ██████ City, Taiwan, 191█. The NOTE says that they can control the people's feeling (even natural phenomenons in some cases) by their music.

After the end of the Chinese-Japanese War, the whole country was devastated. This group and local people had been persecuted. So the troupe held the concerts to encourage people and take part in the philanthropy to help paupers, under the motto 'Be against dictatorship and communism, and help the people in need.' Thereafter, the troupe's second generation made an orchestra with comrades who agree with them, created some musicals, hosted the world tour concert, and finally formed the NOTE.

The NOTE make musical instruments with anomalous items and perform them. In some cases, performers and manufacturers seem to be humanoid SCP objects. The troupe only used anomalous objects for classical instruments in the early times, but now they use anomalous electronic instruments and equipments also, after the joining of Japanese electronic instrument specialist ███ ███ and Korean personal electronic device engineer ██.

Sometimes the NOTE donate anomalous items to public in good will, but most of them malfunction or even cause harm to people. In these cases, the Foundation cooperate with the NOTE to reduce the damage occured by the items and prevent the worst situation. The NOTE also know their circumstances and frequently ask for help from the Foundation. Despite these continual failures, the NOTE don't give up and resume the activity.

The relationship between the NOTE and the Foundation is amicable. The Foundation treat this group as the last place of the caution ranking.

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Overview: The PlugSoft is the video game company which produces anomalous 'video games.' They firstly detected by the Foundation in 20██, during the investigation into the case about SCP-185-KO. This company is known to sell their games on the online game mall '██,' but the Foundation has been failing in all attempts to access this shopping site by unknown causes.

Although the Foundation chased the PlugSoft through various means from the first contact, little is known about the PlugSoft. The only source of the information about them is the company's personnels who appear in the Foundation facility and SCPs for the activities called the 'bug fix.' Most arrested personnels rejected a statement and automatically vanished away, so the Foundation only figured out it from the personnels that the PlugSoft intend to influence a reality.

According to the research on the video games of the PlugSoft, there seem to be not a few gamers who are playing this games. But the attempt to find the game players is also resultless to date. Some of the games have significant dangerousness, so the Foundation presume that the PlugSoft do not pursue a positive way.

The PlugSoft create games belongs to various genres, such as PC games, console games, mobile games, and board games. The PlugSoft seems to have a space warping technology or more, but their technocal limitations are unknown.

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