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NASA Division of Anomalous Properties and Objects [DAPO]



NASA Division of Anomalous Properties and Objects, or DAPO, is currently a division of NASA that attempts to capture objects from outer space and planets within our Solar System. Founded in 1979 after NASA finding an anomalous object on the moon. The group current operates independently as of 2008, but still goes under the name of "NASA Division of Anomalous Properties and Objects".

In 2009, GOI-XXX went bankrupted and was forced to abandon many of their projects, including teleportation and [REDACTED]. Many of the members of the Group of Interest know of the presence of The SCP Foundation, The GOC, The Chaos Insurgency, and many other Groups of Interest, including "Nobody".

There are special individuals in DAPO that have anomalous properties similar to those in Are We Cool Yet? and Gamers Against Weed, but they do not use their properties in the same way as those GOIs. In 2012, the DAPO and The Serpent's Hand got into a conflict into the elusive Wanderer's Library. The conflict left DAPO into a state of emergency, and they were forced to enter into a "state of invisibility', meaning that they would not reveal themselves to any other groups.

Since DAPO is more successful then the UIU, they have gotten into many fights with GOI GRU Division "P". The most famous of these conflicts, titled "Operation Abolishment", was one of the first fights that happened outside of Earth's atmosphere. The weapons of DAPO and the extent of their technology is unknown, but is considered to be similar to Prometheus Labs, Inc.

The DAPO has a council only known as "The Nilkar Overwatch", inclusions into who is in The Nilkar Overwatch have proven unsuccessful due to The DAPO having an advance security technology.

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