I Had That Dream Again

I had it again, the weird dream. I'm not sure what it means. I'm just drifting in space, in a suit, then this giant fucking thing comes out of nowhere, sort of just "swims" toward me, and just eats me. Bloody fuckin hell. I must be losin it. I'm probably just paranoid. But if you work at where I do, of course you'd be a little loony. Constantly checking your back. Always vigilant. A single blink could mean a death sentence. So I get up. Make some coffee. Eat breakfast. Eggs and sausage. Freeze dried space bullshit. Henry's up to. He say's I was rambling in my sleep again. He say's I'm crazy. I respond with "Fuck you to" and get to work. Frank is up as well. Already working. We're working, when out of fucking nowhere the ship gives this horrible lurch. Frank reports that all of the engines have been heavily damaged. Shit. Henry has to go check them out, so he puts on a suit and leaves. A minute later he radios in with "Please, oh god help me, its fucking ate me, its so dark, I don't want to die. Stay in the ship, don't go out." and then reports back in later with "Oh god it hurts, I just want to die, make it stop.". I'm panicking, Frank is panicking, and Henry is either dead or fucking with us. Henry reports back in later, or I think it was, I'm not sure, it was just a garbled fucking mess. Then out of nowhere the ship gets cleaved in fucking half, and each half is sent in different directions. I'm in one, Frank is in the other. In the distance, I see it. This giant fucking thing. It just fucking eats him. Like a bite sized fucking Reese's cup. Him and the whole second half of the ship. It's coming at me, so I jump out of the other half and sort of "swim" for it. It eats the second half of the ship. For some reason, I went through all that without breathing, and just now start to suffocate. I'm alone in space, drifting along. I cant breath. The air feels as if it's being sucked out of me. Then the fucking space monster thing comes in front of me, and opens it's mouth. And then it goes dark.

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