Incident 6259-01

[Address/welcome audience
Introduce researcher Kale
Forshadow his own discovery doing evil]

During certain occasions
In Kale’s occupation
Tapping chaos was normal indeed
But what set this apart
From the times in the past
Was that chaos had tapped back, it seemed

While unravelling inventions
For traveling dimensions
He found creatures of void, yet with shape
He got glimpses and glances
At their swirls and their dances
Enchanting in form and in scape

The great findings he found
Did amaze and astound
Both colleagues and superiors alike
They observed over time
That the creatures would chime
On the glass between worlds when they liked

He did see great reward
Of Foundation's accord
For his great and ornate observation

But for all of its wonders
His gem lost its lustre
Fifteen minutes had bid him farewell
His fame lasted long
But his fans had moved on
Many of them now legends themselves

Now his crowning achievement
Taunts Kale when he sees it
By fame’s absence, made hollow and raw
Sorrow barely contained
And all that remained
Was a hunger to find it once more

[Kale continues his research privately
He successfully creates a way to enter the other place
This achievement is not enough though, as he steps through himself (with a dimensional hazard suit)]

And there in the ether
Lurked the creatures whom could neither
Be painted by brush nor by tongue
But he looked around slowly
And with a great woe he
Had realized just what he had done

The things rushed and they raced
Through the door he had placed
Into cities and districts and towns
Short work made of corrupting
By the beasts now erupting
All wrapped in his ambition’s gown

[Kale races back home to retrieve and activate a prototype weapon (XK-grade Shock Pillar) he had been assigned to upgrade.
“A mighty defense
A device that would end
The scourge he had wrought upon Earth.”]

[He opens a device where the creatures cannot see and drags the device to a nearby cave
He is able to activate it, but he must stay with it to make sure it does not overheat and fail.]

With his palms growing sore
He gazed at Earth once more
Feeling happy like he was a boy
Though he would miss it dear
That day made it quite clear
That it was not for him to enjoy

With calamitous cries
And ravenous eyes
The things dashed to their home under siege
But he was spared of their claws
When a blare and a pause
Signalled that it would all end with speed

I hope you have gathered
Through the themes and the matters
Now that we’ve reached the end of this tale
That the past is where it should be
Be content, lest you would see
The outcome of Researcher Kale

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