Incident AO-3

Forward: The incident took place during a test being overseen and conducted by Dr. Jay and Dr. Finch. An information leak, concerning SCP-1128, took place wherein an individual who had viewed a photo of SCP-11128 form an unidentified outside source, went without receiving proper treatment. During the test, this individual was present in the testing room and got within range of SCP-XXXX.

<Begin Log,>

Dr. Jay: Let's see if certain infrared frequencies are capable of- HOLY [EXPLETIVE].

(SCP-XXXX was suddenly hostile as it broke through its cell and the observation area, seizing the individual before promptly killing him. It then quickly ran through the rest of the Site, not being able to be stopped with any of the security that was active at the time and outrunning those that could. Shortly after escaping its cell it broke out of the Site, doing so in less then two minutes. From there it rapidly move towards an unknown location. Dr. Finch contacted MTFs for assistance.)

Dr. Finch: Yes, we require assistance immediately. SCP-XXXX has broken containment, killed one of our personnel, and is currently headed towards an unknown location.

<End Log,>

After MTFs were notified, SCP-XXXX was picked up on satellite as it ran across the rural area surrounding the Site. It eventually came to a large body of water but instead of stopping, SCP-XXXX kept going, running on the surface of the water. It increased in speed as it got further away from land, reaching speeds of Mach two. Shortly afterward SCP-XXXX arrived in the patrol territory of Mobile Containment Force Kappa-12 but dived under water before it could be engaged. Radar tracked SCP-XXXX as it went further down and eventually, came across SCP-1128. Thirty minutes later SCP-XXXX resurfaced, unconscious and with a visible reduction in size. It was then re-contained by Kappa-12 and sent back to Site-██. SCP-1128 was monitored to dive deeper than usual.

After SCP-XXXX was re-contained, a debriefing was done with Kappa-12's Commander.

Interviewer: Dr. Finch

Interviewee: Kappa-12 Commander.

<Begin Log,>
Commander: Where'd ya want me to start Dr. Finch?

Dr. Finch: From the beginning Commander.

Commander: Alight then. It was a usual day on patrol for us, nothing, major hitting our scope. That was until we got a call from base telling us we got a rouge one booking it our way. I told the crew that we should be ready for a scrap cause it was about to hit the fan. Till the thing decided to just dip beneath the surface.

Dr. Finch: We're able to get a visual on SCP-XXXX before it dived underwater?

Commander: If you count a blur and splash as a visual then yeah, we saw it. It didn't bother with us at all though, instead just going straight for ol' fishy down there.

Dr. Finch: It says here in the report that through the use of sonar and frequency conversion you were able to pick up on audio coming from their location. What were you able to hear?

Commander: Buncha screaming from 1128 and not much else. However, we did pick up on some heavy bass, probably meant somebody was getting slammed around but its not like we'd know. I'm honestly surprised this debrief is happening in the first place. Other than just follow protocol of course.

Dr. Finch: Please refrain from deviating from the discussion at hand. Is there anything else you know about the encounter?

Commander: No.

Dr. Finch: Thank you for your time.

<End Log,>

Just hours after being contained SCP-XXXX woke up and began to violently spasm. This went on for two hours before SCP-XXXX went comatose and remained in this state for three years. When it awoke it sat up and appeared to be confused. Despite the long period of inactivity there was personnel still monitoring SCP-XXXX. A log was conducted when it spoke.

Forward: During the period it was unconscious, tests were done and it was concluded that another cube was necessary for its containment.

<Begin Log,>

Interviewer: Dr. Carrion

Interviewee: SCP-XXXX

SCP-XXXX: How…long has it been? What…happened?

Dr. Carrion: You're awake, good. It's been three years to answer your question.

SCP-XXXX: Three Years!? What the…wait where's the other man. The one who talked to me before? And what happened!?

Dr. Carrion: I understand you must be very confused, are you feeling alright?

SCP-XXXX: No! I…what happened!? Answer me please! Please!

Dr. Carrion: Calm down please. I'm-


Dr. Carrion: I'm not allowed to disclose that information to you.

SCP-XXXX: I did, didn't I? None of that was dream right? All that was real…wasn't it? Why am I here?

Dr. Carrion: I don't understand your line of questioning.

SCP-XXXX: Why do I exist? My first memories are filled with someone telling me that I'm trash, garbage, not even worth the dirt they dragged across the floor. Yet here I am, sitting in cell for whatever reason, talking about pointless questions that I don't even want to hear the answer to. I'm sorry that I failed, I'm sorry that didn't succeed in whatever you needed me to. I just want to be left alone. Please, just let me be.

<End Log,>

Closing statement: SCP-XXXX has refused any further attempts at communication.

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