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A drawing showing the appearance of SCP-104-DE.

Item #: SCP-104-DE

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-104-DE can not be properly contained, a team of computer specialists must always intercept possible reports on SCP-104-DE, manipulate them with misinformation, and a team consisting of at least one (1) D-Class personnel member and multiple members of the security personnel to protect the surroundings in which SCP-104-DE occurs. It must be checked how large the scope of SCP-104-DE is. Once this has been determined, the surrounding to immediately evacuate the area and treat possible witnesses with a Class-A-Amnestic.

If information reaches the public, the evacuation must be disguised as a bomb found. The evacuation must be maintained until SCP-104-DE has disappeared. All victims must be taken to the nearest Site by means of vehicles and disposed of. The family member must be told that the victim died of a heat stroke. Should it be winter or colder temperatures prevail, the cause of death must be disguised as a collapse of the victim. The airspace above the area must also be blocked and monitored until SCP-104-DE has disappeared. Should SCP-104-DE occur in a sparsely populated region, the matter should be kept secret.

Description: SCP-104-DE looks like a human woman who is about 50 years old and 1.75 meters tall. Previous contact attempts failed due to the impact of SCP-104-DE. Only since the interview-100-01, the researchers are sure that SCP-104-DE is capable of communication. There have been many attempts to detain SCP-104-DE but all failed. It was found out that SCP-104-DE can move through solid materials.

SCP-104-DE always shows up in a time zone, where there is noon and lingers for exactly one hour. If she was in a time zone, she disappears again and appears somewhere else where there is noon time. This means that it occurs around the clock and appears once every day in each time zone. She always moves to the west

SCP-104-DE creates a cylindrical range of action of 5 m height whose radius varies between 100 m and 1 km. Most people in this cylinder are killed by SCP-104-DE by their scythe. However, they are not beheaded, cut or the like, but suffer a heat stroke by the touch of SCP-104-DE-2.

There is only one way to escape SCP-104-DE. The victim has to tell SCP-104-DE about agriculture for a whole hour, especially about the previously widespread flax processing. Most people can not tell much about it or can not answer from shock. It is not possible to leave the sphere of influence. Anyone with a hair in the area can not escape from it. If someone comes into the area with only one part of the body, then the whole body is pulled in. The mid-point of the impact area is always where SCP-104-DE appears and does not change, even if it moves. If there are people in the area, SCP-104-DE will approach a victim and talk to them. What exactly she says is recorded in interview 104-01. If the person can not answer, she is killed and SCP-104-DE goes to the next person. If a person manages to employ SCP-104-DE for one hour or the remaining time that SCP-104-DE still spends at the site, all remaining persons in the area are spared.

Interview 104-1 from ██.██.20██ :

Foreword: The interviewed subject has survived the emergence of SCP-104-DE. He survived the attack 104-024. He is 45 years old, lives on his farm in ████, ███████████ and is a farmer.

Note: The interview was conducted immediately after the disappearance of SCP-104-DE, so Subject-104-01 was very confused. Survey carried out by Dr. ██████

<Start of the survey>

Dr. ██████: Hello Subject 104-01

Subject-104-01: How did you just call me? My name is █████ ████.

Dr. ██████: I'm sorry, but the protocol dictates that I have to call you that.

Subject-104-01: Ok, if you think so, but what was that and where am I?

Dr. ██████: That's not important for now. Can you answer a few questions?

Subject-104-01: No, only when you tell me what's going on.

Subject-104-01 rampages in space. Only after a doctor was able to give him a sedative and he was fixed in his chair, the conversation was continued.

Dr. ██████: So. Can you remember what happened?

Subject-104-01: Something like that, yes. So I was quite normal on my farm. I still wanted to finish the field, but it was very hot and I heard the church bell 12 from afar. Suddenly a figure appeared about 100 meters away from me. She looked around, saw me and then she came to me.

Dr. ██████: And then?

Subject-104-01: I could not move in shock. When she was with me, she said …

Dr. ██████: interrupts Subject-104-01 She?#

Subject-104-01: Yes, it was a woman. About 50 years old with black hair, a white cape and a scythe.

Dr. ██████: OK, please continue.

Subject-104-01: Alright. When she was with me, she said something to me. She said, she said … Oh, she said, "You farmer, your work is important, but do not overdo it." I do not know if she said anything else, but in the end she said, "Tell me something about the management of the field while I'm there or dying in the hot midday sun."

Dr. ██████: How long did it take you to say this text?

Subject-104-01: About 1 minute. And then I got all my knowledge about agriculture and revealed it to her. That went until 13 o'clock.

Dr. ██████: And then?

Subject-104-01: After the lesson, she said, "That's enough for me, farmer, you know your craft well, you're an asset to the community, and it would be a pity if she lost you." Then she disappeared and her people came. So where am I here now?

Dr. ██████: Thank you for your willingness.

Subject-104-01: Hey, what's this? I have told you everything and now you have to answer a few questions.

Security forces enter the room

Subject-104-01: Hey, keep your fingers off me. I will sue you, the last word …

<Protocol finished>

After the interview Subject-104-01 was administered with a Class-A-Amnestic.

Occurrence (Selection): This section contains some selected occurrences of SCP-104-DE.






Note: SCP-104-DE appeared in a Foundation facility. The first documented occurrence so far.


Location: Chabrits, Mende, Frankreich

Area: 350 meter

Victims: 7

Process: SCP-104-DE appears just outside Chabrits on a farm. All family members who were in the yard died. A team from the French Foundation arrived at 12.30. When they arrived, everyone had already died. The team stayed on-site to secure the wider environment and administer Class-A-Amnestic to all witnesses.


Location: Downtown of Wellington, New Zealand

Area: 250 meter

Victims: 50

Process: SCP-104-DE appeared in the middle of downtown. 12:11 clock the Foundation reached the first news through the television. 12:24 clock arrived a team at the scene. All witnesses were given a Class-A-Amnestic and in the media, the incident is declared as a bomb found, which, however, exploded in defusing.


Location: Manhattan, New York City, United States of America

Area: 750 meters

Victims: 60

Process: SCP-104-DE appeared at exactly 12:00. At 12:05, the Foundation received first reports. At 12:10 a team arrived. All witnesses were given a Class-A-Amnestic. Intercepting reports left the incident unknown in the rest of the world. New York was followed by a 3-month mission, in which the population was interviewed after the event and then all subjects were given a Class-A-Amnestic.

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