Jekyllgrim's Draft: SCP-1172-RU
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[REDACTED] of an SCP-1172 carrier at x10 zoom

Item #: SCP-1172-RU

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1172-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, and -7 colonies contained by the Foundation must be kept in separate isolated holding cells suitable for the biological species their respective carriers. All cells must be sound-proofed and equipped with a standard remote-controlled alarm system. In addition, all utility apertures must be secured with sealing systems activated automatically in case SCP-1172 begins to swarm. Staff assigned to the object are obliged to carry flash bang grenades due to low efficiency of firearms against SCP-1172.

Any new colonies of SCP-1172 detected around the world, as well as swarms that are not being used in experiments, must be destroyed in accordance with 1172-Beta Protocol.

Staff involved in containment or study of SCP-1172 are required to undergo monthly psychological examination. If any member of staff is observed to display affection towards an SCP-1172 "carrier", they have to be immediately relocated to another object.

Description: SCP-1172 appears to be colonies of ants of Temnothorax species, signified by their small size, highly complex social behavior and certain physiological features (see Document 1172-1). Single specimen are harmless, however this species tends to concentrate is very large colonies with biomass around 20-30 kg (not counting the carrier). The size of a colony including the carrier is only limited by the durability of the carrier's skeletal structure.

An independent SCP-1172 colony appears as an amorphous yellow-brown mass of ants moving at an average speed of 5 km/h. In this state its main goal is to locate a group of creatures of a size comparable to the colony. Once the creatures are located, the colony will position itself on an elevation (such as a tree branch, a tall rock, a room's ceiling, etc.) and then become dormant while camouflaging itself as part of that object. The colony may stay there for several months (losing up to a third of its biomass) until a suitable subject (hereafter "the carrier") enters the colony's reach. At that moment the whole colony will fall down, enveloping the carrier, paralyze it with a powerful toxin produced by the soldier ants, and transport it to a dark an isolated place nearby. The ants will then form a firm cocoon around the carrier and begin consuming the subject's tissues. This process takes 2-7 days.

When all tissues, with the exception of bone, are consumed, SCP-1172 will begin to manifest its anomalous properties. With its mass approximately doubled, the swarm secures itself on the carrier's bones, imitating the original shape of their body. The object copies the carrier's original appearance, smell and behavioral patterns, including habits, skills and even memory. If the carrier is a human, any psychological tests will identify them as the original individual. The only differences observed in carriers are increased interest in sweet food and the tendency to avoid noisy places.

SCP-1172 does not copy the internal biology of its carrier. Even a quick medical examination reveals drastic differences from a normal organism, such as the lack of pulse, lowered body temperature and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Also, if the carrier suffers deep tissue damage, the wound will reveal a layer of worker ants inside its body; the carrier, however, will react as if having received a regular wound. Within ██ seconds the outer tissue regenerates and modifies itself in accordance with that event (see Document 1172-2). Noise over 90 dB is capable contuse SCP-1172's external layers which causes them to fall off revealing large portions of its internal structure. In such cases the carrier will deny having suffered any damage (even if they lost their nose, ears, eyes, or tongue), but loss of over 15% of its total mass will result in [DATA EXPUNGED]. It has been concluded that exposure to noise of 120 dB over the course of 5 minutes is enough to completely eliminate a colony with mass up to 50 kg (see Document 1172-3).

Over irregular period of times an SCP-1172 carrier begins to gain excessive body mass. It will then look for a dark, secluded location; having found one the carrier lies down and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The newly-created swarm possesses a mass around 5-7 kg and is structurally more similar to a bee swarm. Within █ hours the new swarm will try to move as far as possible away from the original colony, all the while consuming creatures below its mass. Within 2-4 hours after this process has concluded the carrier returns to its original appearance, retaining no memory of the previous 24 hours.


Addendum 1172-1: All eyesight, hearing and other sensory tests that have been conducted on the carriers, including a bloodhound (SCP-1172-1) and even a [REDACTED] (SCP-1172-3) produced results identical to the originals. All attempts to determine the methods of copying these complicated sensory organs proved unsuccessful.

Addendum 1172-2:

Document 1172-1: Entomological Research of SCP-1172

Addendum 1172-3:

Document 1172-2: Experiment Log #1

Incident 1172-а
Date: ██/██/2011
Location: Area 7+
Description: As a reward for good behavior SCP-1172-5 received the requested peanut-butter sandwiches for breakfast. After consuming the third sandwich he fell down, displaying symptoms of anaphylaxis. Breathing heavily, the carrier informed the guards of his previous peanut allergy, and after 1.5 minutes no vital signs could be observed. Another minute later the subject crumbled into two healthy and active colonies of SCP-1172. Further study yielded no significant results.
Note: In light of these events additional experiments with SCP-1172 must be carried out.

Addendum 1172-4:

Document 1172-3: Experiment Log #2

Addendum 1172-5:
Incident 1172-b
Date: ██/██/2012
Location: Area 7+
Description: On ██/██/2012 SCP-1172-4 began to rapidly accumulate mass, however, no swarming was observed. After 2 days the carrier ceased to produce any physical discharge and displayed signs of mental confusion. The day after that the subject began having seizures, similar to epileptic, as well as multiple hallucinations. In addition, large regions of the subject's skin layer changed texture and pigmentation. Nevertheless, the carrier's appetite grew; in fact the subject spent most of the time consuming food or demanding more of it. As their body mass more than doubled over the course of 4 days, a team was deployed to conduct medical examination. That was when the subject suddenly began [DATA EXPUNGED]. The resulting complicated structure then broke containment and, orienting by unknown means, headed towards containment cells of other SCP-1172 colonies. [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-1172-2, -5, and -6 were consumed, SCP-1172-1 and -3 were successfully destroyed using the alarm systems, and SCP-1172-7 strayed away and was later returned into containment. After that the object fought its way towards the exit from the Area, killing █ and injuring █ members of staff, as well as breaking containment of 5 SCP objects. [DATA EXPUNGED]. According to CCTV footage and eye-witness account, at least two carriers involved in the incident had been conscious. Further examination revealed that all SCP-1172 specimen were affected by fungus of Ophiocordyceps [REDACTED] genus.
Note: As a result of further investigation it has been concluded that similarities between this incident and the hypothetical scenario proposed by Dr. Vyrkov were coincidental. Nevertheless, work on the Athanatos Project is suspended until the final decision of O5 Council. source
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