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An instance of SCP-0000.

Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All collected SCP-0000 instances are to be stored in standard containment lockers at Site-48. Experimentation regarding SCP-0000 has been suspended at this time.

Currently, Mobile Task Force Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders") is responsible for locating potential SCP-0000 instances in civilian locations. During confiscation, Foundation personnel are permitted to attempt the reversal of SCP-0000's effects under their own discretion. Amnestics are to be administered as necessary.

SCP-0000-B-1 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, and fed on the standard meal regimen. To identify SCP-0000-B-1 to personnel, it is to wear unorthodox materials that are not considered clothing by SCP-0000 instances. Personnel are to communicate with SCP-0000-B-1 through written notes only.

Description: SCP-0000 is the designation for a collection of cylindrical mechanical objects resembling handheld laser pointers. All SCP-0000 instances recovered possess an engraving reading "Pouge Technologies", as well as a singular button at the midpoint of the device. No power source has been found in any SCP-0000 instance, and attempts at dismantling instances have failed.

When an SCP-0000 instance makes direct skin contact with an individual, designated SCP-0000-A, and points the instance towards another human, a white outline around that individual will become visible to SCP-0000-A only. Said individual will also perceive an option reading "Block This Person?" regarding the individual outlined.

When the button is pressed, SCP-0000-A will become unable to perceive the previously highlighted individual, designated SCP-0000-B. Likewise, SCP-0000-A will become imperceivable to SCP-0000-B1. The effect includes a lack of visual, auditory, or aromatic contact2. However, both will remain perceivable to bystanders. Physical contact can still be made between SCP-0000-A and SCP-0000-B, but will be perceived as contact with an invisible object.

The effect can be reversed by SCP-0000-A pointing an SCP-0000 instance3 at the location where SCP-0000-B would be4 and pressing the button again. In this case, both will revert to being perceivable to the other. Only SCP-0000-A will have this ability; SCP-0000-B will not be able to revert the effect initialized by SCP-0000-A.

Discovery: During a routine intervention at a suspected "Are We Cool Yet?" gathering in San Francisco, California, USA on 8/19/2014, Mobile Task Force Mu-18 ("No, You're Still Not Cool") happened upon a warehouse operated by Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP. Mobile Task Force Mu-3 was notified of this development, and a raid was conducted on 8/23/2014.

During the raid, certain MC&D employees utilized SCP-0000 instances on members of the task force, creating confusion at their "disappearance", with remarks regarding the "floating laser pointers". All but one employee escaped following this event, with the remaining individual, designated PoI-2920, successfully captured. During a standard inspection of the facility, a shipping container was located, containing 1,035 SCP-0000 instances. The container was transported to Site-48 for further study.

PoI-2920 was interrogated by Site-48 personnel on 8/24/2014, with the promise of permanent protection from MC&D operatives. However, as PoI-2920 was formerly a low-level maintenance employee, no additional information could be gathered regarding the origin or schematics of the SCP-0000 instances. In order to institute protection from MC&D, PoI-2920 was administered amnestics and transferred to Site-56 with the designation D-5712.

Addendum 01: The following is an incomplete list of experiments regarding SCP-0000 instances and their effects. All experiments took place within Test Chamber 07, with Foundation researchers behind one-way mirrors to avoid rouge SCP-0000-A instances.

Following Test 0000-11, D-5368 has been designated SCP-0000-B-1, and has been contained at Site-48 successfully.
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