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Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Safe1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 is located and contained at Provisional Site 103-B, and is to be monitored remotely through closed circuit television cameras by Site-103 personnel. In the event that direct interaction with SCP-0000 is required, Class-D personnel are to be used.

The following Special Containment Procedures have been retired, but have been included for historical reference.

Description: SCP-0000 is a phenomenon involving a procession originating in the city of Gipyel, Montana, USA. SCP-0000 consists of motor vehicles of assorted make and model, following a set path with all vehicles maintaining a single file line in a set order. The procession will continue along its route indefinitely, effectively operating in a loop in a counter-clockwise fashion. No vehicles have been observed pulling over for fuel, and no individuals have been recorded entering or exiting any vehicle involved in SCP-0000.

The SCP-0000 procession will generally obey traffic laws when possible, but will prioritize maintaining the motorcade when events such as red lights would interrupt it. In such an event, the vehicles will disregard applicable traffic laws in an attempt to maintain the procession. In the event of an accident with a vehicle outside of the cavalcade, the SCP-0000 vehicle(s) involved will ignore any damage inflicted and continue driving. The damage will not be repaired, remaining on the vehicle indefinitely.

It is of note that humanoid figures can be seen through the vehicle windows, but cannot be contacted in any manner.

The vehicles involved, as of June 03, 2011, have been listed below.

Designation Vehicle Notes
SCP-0000-1 Jeep Cherokee Will always appear first in the procession.
SCP-0000-2 Ford Crown Victoria Possesses a taxi livery.
SCP-0000-3 BMW 328i
SCP-0000-4 Vauxhall Corsa This model of vehicle was never sold in the United States.
SCP-0000-5 "Toyota Denica" Mid-size MPV. No record of a "Denica" model ever being produced by the Toyota Motor Company exists.
SCP-0000-6 Chevrolet Express Possesses a "Freddy Sanchez Super Service Care Lawn" livery.
SCP-0000-7 GMC Topkick Crew Cab Unmarked yellow box truck. Possesses a pungent smell of asparagus emanating from its container, but has been observed to switch to an odor resembling spoiled milk.
SCP-0000-8 Toyota Corolla [REDACTED]
SCP-0000-9 Mitsubishi Galant Was outfitted with instances of SCP-4350. However, as the SCP-4350 phenomenon was neutralized prior to SCP-0000-9 joining the procession, no action was deemed necessary.
SCP-0000-10 Nissan Juke
SCP-0000-11 Toyota Corolla [REDACTED]

Addendum: The following is a historical timeline of Foundation interaction with SCP-0000.

Date: October 09, 2010

Event: The Foundation was notified of the existence of SCP-0000 following routine social media surveillance. The phenomenon was identified, and Site-103 was designated with the task of containment and study of SCP-0000.

Senior Researcher Smarduch was the first to suggest a "soft" containment, in which SCP-0000 would remain in Gipyel, rather than relocated to Site-103. The rational given was to minimize anomalous effects from an unfamiliar anomaly, preserve the phenomenon for research, and that SCP-0000 was not harmful to civilians. Although Researcher Pena and Dr. Bollack objected, Site Director Morrissey ultimately agreed with Senior Researcher Smarduch, and the original Special Containment Procedures were implemented.

At that time, SCP-0000 consisted of seven vehicles.

Date: October 13, 2010

Event: An experiment was conducted on SCP-0000 by the suggestion of Researcher Pena, involving a direct impact to the lead vehicle, a Honda Civic Hybrid designated SCP-0000-1. A Ford F-650 was successful in disabling SCP-0000-1, with the rest of the procession continuing without it. No individuals were found within the vehicle.

Analysis of SCP-0000-1 revealed it to be completely non-anomalous, suggesting that vehicles affected by SCP-0000 lose their anomalous status when disabled successfully.

The new lead vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee, was re-designated SCP-0000-1, with all other vehicles re-designated appropriately.

Date: October 15, 2010

Event: A civilian in a BMW 328i inserted themselves into the SCP-0000 procession following an illicit maneuver. After two days, it was confirmed that the vehicle was now part of SCP-0000, and was designated SCP-0000-3.

Date: October 22, 2010

Event: A second experiment was conducted on SCP-0000 under the discretion of Dr. Bollack. D-3741 was tasked with breaking into SCP-0000-1 to obtain control over the vehicle, while the procession was stopped at an intersection.

D-3741 reported the doors as locked, and attempted to break the windows with the hammer provided to him. When contact was made with the windows, the driver's door opened, and D-3741 was pulled inside by an unknown force. The door was shut, and SCP-0000-1 continued to wait at the intersection.

D-3741 could not be recovered and is considered lost.

Date: October 24, 2010

Event: With the recommendation of Dr. Bollack, a third experiment was conducted. D-4244 was equipped with a handheld camera and GPS tracker, and was instructed to break into SCP-0000-1 as it waited at an intersection.

D-4244 was able to open the driver's door, and camera footage revealed SCP-0000-1 to be completely devoid of individuals, with its driver seat empty. However, the humanoid figures remained visible through the windows. D-4244 was pulled into SCP-0000-1 in the same manner as D-3741, with the door closing after him. Access to the camera footage was lost, however, its GPS signal continued to broadcast the location of SCP-0000-1.

Date: November 05, 2010

Event: A fourth experiment was conducted. Roadblocks were set up to prevent SCP-0000 from completing its route.

When the procession reached the first roadblock, the vehicles stopped in unison, and attempted to perform u-turns. The SCP-0000 convoy proceeded to drive around within the surrounding neighborhood in a confused manner, until it was able to discern a new route that circumvented the roadblock.

The procession continued to use the new route after the roadblocks were removed, changing its path permanently.

Date: November 16, 2010

Event: A fifth experiment was conducted, in order to attempt definite containment of SCP-0000. Roadblocks were set up along the new route, with new blocks set up directly behind the procession after the cessation of movement.

The SCP-0000 vehicles idled in place for a period of two hours before shutting off. Analysis of all vehicles revealed that their anomalous properties have ceased. As a precaution, the SCP-0000 procession was transported to Site-103 for containment.

No individuals were recovered from the interior of any SCP-0000 vehicle.

Date: May 11, 2011

Event: A new procession was discovered in Gipyel, Montana, USA, with mannerisms resembling SCP-0000. The vehicles involved appeared to have been chosen to reconstruct the previous procession as much as possible, as the vehicles resembled those from the neutralized convoy to an extent.

Differences included SCP-0000-2 being a Ford Crown Victoria taxi instead of a Chevrolet Caprice taxi, and a Mazda 5 minivan replacing the "Toyota Denica" as SCP-0000-5. A Nissan Juke, designated SCP-0000-9, was the only addition to the cavalcade that did not correspond to any previous vehicle.

The procession was designated as an occurrence of SCP-0000, and containment attempts were approved by Site Director Morrissey.

Date: May 15, 2011

Event: Roadblocks were constructed in the path of the SCP-0000 procession in a manner that would restrict their travel to within a few city blocks.

The vehicles navigated their confines in a confused manner, breaking formation in an apparent attempt at locating an exit. After a period of two hours, all vehicles ceased their anomalous properties. No individuals were recovered from any vehicle.

All vehicles were transported to Site-103 for containment.

Date: June 02, 2011

Event: At the suggestion of Junior Researcher Beiser, a sixth experiment was conducted at a decommissioned racetrack in Diplet, Montana, USA. All former SCP-0000 vehicles stored at Site-103 were transported to the location in order to determine if the SCP-0000 phenomenon would initialize, as well as to prevent additional SCP-0000 processions in civilian locations.

After a period of two hours after arrival, ten of the vehicles started their engines and began to form a procession along the racetrack, with SCP-0000-1 at the front. Of note was that certain vehicles, such as the Mazda 5 and Chevrolet Caprice, did not re-obtain their anomalous properties.

The racetrack was designated Provisional Site 103-B, and containment of SCP-0000 was deemed successful.

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